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Regent Motorcycles Releasing Retro-Style Electric for 2020

Another small, electric motorcycle manufacturer has come on the scene. Sweden’s Regent Motorcycles is planning to introduce its first model, the Regent No. 1, in May of next year.

The interesting thing about the Regent No. 1 (pictured) is its classic style that looks a bit like a 1970s Japanese Scrambler.

Weighing just 286 pounds, the Regent No. 1 should offer modern performance along with its retro style. Here are some specifications published by Regent:

Range: 150 km, Battery: 72V – 80Ah, Power: 11–20 hp, Top speed: 120 km/h, Dry weight: 130 kg, Steel chassis, Telescope Forks, Dual Shocks, Disc brakes with ABS, 18′′ spoke wheels, LED lights, Alarm (GPS pos.), Maintenance-free hub motor, Accident alarm from Detecht, Digital Touch Infotainment, Regenerating brakes, Active Safety System, Built in GPS.  

The expected final price is in the neighborhood of $11,000 U.S., but a 10% discount is available for pre-orders for the first 100 bikes. This will net you not only the retro style, but some pretty modern performance and features – including the claimed top speed of 75 mph and a range just under 100 miles. Let us know what you think of the Regent No. 1 in the comments section below:

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  1. Don says:

    And it’s nice and quiet, so you can hear all the taunts and spontaneous gagging.

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  3. Peter says:

    Someone had to do it – just shoot me….

  4. Dirty Bob says:

    Since 1963 I’ve own most of the Japanese bikes, some Brit bikes and a bunch of Harley’s paid for new out of my pocket but never have I bought a bike on logic. Japanese bike were dangerous, Brit bikes unreliable, Harley’s too frigging expensive.

  5. Dirty Bob says:

    This would be the last bike I would buy!

  6. Dirty Bob says:

    This would be the second to the last bike I would buy! Convince me that it’s worth anything!

  7. fred says:

    I remain unconvinced that 80mph top speed and 100 mile range represent modern performance, even after being told twice. The speed and range specs match the TW200, which has been in production for over 30 years.

    The bike is not in production, and the company is apparently still in the fund-raising stage. They do have a picture/rendition of a more engine-looking battery box on their website. (

    I wish them well, but eBikes are a hard sell when you consider how nice of a real motorcycle you can get new for under half the money.

  8. VtBob says:

    I like the idea of retro styling and the associated more relaxed riding position. All the other e bikes seems to be styled like gas powered naked street racers. Note appropriate for much of the market.

    I like the regeneratiion, and the other newer technology. The only thing I do not like is the price. Like to be much higher here in the US.

    Still a good idea…

  9. Auphliam says:

    If it’s a retro electric, shouldn’t it run on coal?

  10. Artem says:


  11. cuyler murphy says:

    Nice color- for a 1920 Art Deco toaster hauling vehicle.
    In 10 years it’ll be considered so datedly abhorrent someone will think it’s cool.

  12. Cbr600 says:

    Just the ticket for the hipster/snowflake generation!

    • Jonnie says:

      Spoken like a true ignorant Trumpster. Don’t like the bike don’t buy one grandpa.

      • Anonymous says:

        Jonnie, you’re a regular Grand Funk Railroad song title in reverse. I suspect you’re bitter because you can’t buy crap. Run along or I shall taunt you further.

    • gpokluda says:

      Does that mean it can be ridden to a vegan dinner party?

  13. Anonymous says:

    They built a new bike and made it look like it is 50 years old. Their market research must have been limited to reading the comments on Motorcycle Daily. Harley is in decline because the generation that liked them is dying out. Hopefully the same will happen to retros. No, they don’t look good. They just look like something you liked many years ago. Your response is emotional, not logical.

    With its spindly forks, swing arm and frame, this thing will handle like crap – like a Japanese bike from the 70s. And making it even worse is the unsprung weight of a hub motor. This thing is an overpriced pile of junk.

    • Dirck Edge says:

      “Their market research must have been limited to reading the comments on Motorcycle Daily”. LOL …good one.

    • Dave says:

      “Your response is emotional, not logical.”

      And when it comes to motorcycles, that’s all there is. Who chooses to ride a motorcycle because of “logic”, right?

      The retro triumph stuff is both beautiful and technologically sound. I’d love to own a Speed Twin.

      I agree that this falls well short. This smacks of a mass-market, e-scooter, not an $11,000 quality motorcycle.

      • Anonymous says:

        “Who chooses to ride a motorcycle because of “logic”, right?”

        People ride motorcycles for many reasons. Some people buy them to use as transport because they can be cheap and economical, are a quick and easy means of getting through traffic, and can be parked in small spaces. Some of these people aren’t even motorcycle enthusiasts. Pure logic, right.

        My choices of bikes is very much based on logic. Performance and capability is very important to me. Looks are only a minor issue. However, I do hate bikes being made to look old. I don’t want to lay out a lot of money for the latest bike and have people think I’m a relic from the past who rides relics from the past. But if a retro styled bike is the one that best suits my needs I’d buy it.

        • Dave says:

          Your first paragraph describes a logical purchase, usually driven by the financial realities of urban living.

          Your second is all emotion, starting with choosing to ride over driving a car. Like me, you do not “need” a motorcycle. It is a recreational luxury for us, even if we build utility into the experience. There is nothing we do on our motorcycles that we could not do more safely or practically with our cars, except for have fun.

          • Anonymous says:

            Pure logic? Pure emotion? Now you, Dave, are talking pure rubbish! Forget about all of the other reasons for people choosing to ride, my comment was about looks. I said, “and made it look like it is 50 years old.” They do this to arouse emotions in emotional people because it reminds them of bikes they owned or desired years ago, but to everybody else, including the non-motorcycling public, the bikes just look old and decades behind the times.

            One of my bikes was chosen because of its big luggage capacity and long fuel range. I considered a similar model which looked a lot better (and actually handled better) but had a little less range and a lot less luggage capacity. So that decision was based on logic, not emotion. Another of my bikes was chosen for its high performance and excellent handling. That decision was probably a combination of emotion and logic. Emotion made me choose a bike with more power than anyone needs on the road, but by comparing the specifications of different models I logically chose the bike that is best at doing what I wanted. I didn’t even consider the looks of the models I was comparing. I was very focused on their maximum power and torque including where in the rev range they occurred, and on the weight.

            My comment was about looks, which affect you emotionally because you are an emotional person, and don’t understand how logical people think.

    • gpokluda says:

      Well, Mr. Spock. Almost anything anyone buys has an emotional component to it. So that point is moot. Also, weighing in at under 300lbs, you don’t need beefy suspension components other than for looks. I will say the price is kinda high.

      • Anonymous says:

        No, the emotional point is not moot. Some people are highly emotional and others are much more logical. Highly emotional people make poorer decisions, overreact, are easily upset and cling to the past.

  14. Ken House says:

    That TFT plate up front ruins the retro feel, the No. 1 business is overdone, and yeah. did they have to hang the horn out front just to further the “deliberately ugly” theme? The 1950s frame, forks, shocks, and swingarm would not inspire confidence on the highway. Too expensive to replace a decent scooter for urban commuting.

  15. Grover says:

    But how does it compare to a Kawasaki Z400 at half the price?

  16. Denis says:


  17. Darwin Holmstrom says:

    Cool, still overpriced, but much less so than the ridiculous Harley, and attractive, but why does it have a gas tank? I imagine it’s just a stylized storage space, but definitely seems a bit out o place.

  18. bob says:

    This is clearly a bunch of cheap Chinese junk poorly assembled to confuse those who don’t know better. Even electric bicycles use mid-mounted bottom bracket motors to centralize the mass.The only thing interesting here is the well-proportioned and quite buff chick getting ready to “kick-start” this piece of garbage.

  19. Allworld says:

    Here come the electrics…………….

  20. todd says:

    Performance comparable to a 125 would be really hard to justify the price. Heck, a Yamaha SR400 has nearly twice the power for half the price and there would be a better reason to pose as if you were kick starting it.

    I’m more interested in what these guys are doing with an Energica but I’m sure pricing would match it’s styling.

  21. Neal says:

    I enjoy that this website consistently shows the terrible products put out by microbrands on the fringes of the industry. This looks like a couple of Swedish guys took a trip to the industrial section of Beijing and put in a order for cheap generic components that was too small to get any kind of volume discount which they then assembled in their garage. I have zero faith this thing has any engineering work done to support safe use at 75mph or that will work better than a cheap chinese scooter that you’re lucky if you get more than one season out of.

    Doesn’t Sweden have huge incentives to support electric vehicles? This could be intended to generate subsidy dollars.

    • gpokluda says:

      Sure there’s been crap from smaller brands to hit the market, but there’s also been some great stuff to come out of “microbrands”; the amazing Britten V1000 to name an example.

      • Neal says:

        There’s definitely stuff that’s interesting and not obviously terrible being made also, the French (i think) upside down triple sportbike and longitudinal boxer GT bike come to mind.

    • azicat says:

      Yes, it looks like a generic Chinese ICE commuter with the engine removed, and a generic electric rear hub wheel system installed. Aliexpress has the electric parts available for a few hundred dollars.

  22. Sparky says:

    Nice try, but just doesn’t work for me. Especially at that price.

    And is that the rear brake line hanging out in the wind? WTH?

  23. Magnus says:

    This bike looks like my planned electric conversion until I saw what a real electric bike could look like. I’ll keep my Zero FX3.6. Goes just as fast, costs the same or less, looks less like it was made in India, and has WAY less awkward handling rear wheel mass. Might as well just put on a sprung saddle and make it a hard tail. At least then it would look cooler IMHO.

  24. Venator says:

    Yeah, reminds me of a DT-1 too. While there is no telling what it ultimately will be like, you have to love the look. If you’re old enough.

  25. skif says:

    For a better scrambler look, I’d put a pair of upswept pipes on one side. No baffles. The silence will be deafening.

  26. gpokluda says:

    If a Yamaha XS650 and a BMW K100 had a baby, that’s what it would look like. Of course this bike is electric and less than 300lbs which makes it much better.

  27. Kermit says:

    It reminds of a Yamaha DT-1. I’d rather have the Yamaha. And I don’t even like Yamahas!🤪

  28. Rapier says:

    Ah, they put the motor in a hub like a common bicycle design. I think the philosophy of lower power, lighter, and cheaper, makes tons of sense.

  29. Fred N says:

    That rear round pipe swingarm sure looks small.

    • Lawrence says:

      Had to match the fork.

    • todd says:

      That’s not as much of a problem with the twin shocks. None of the swing arm is cantilevered as it would be if there was a single shock way in front of the rear axle. Bending loads are really small in this case.

  30. My2cents says:

    286 pounds is light, but that’s dry weight probably a lot heavier with a full charge.

  31. Pushrod Pete says:

    Easy mnemonic device for converting:

    “In fourteen-hundred and ninety two
    Columbus sailed the ocean blue
    Divide that sonofabitch by two
    And that’s how many watts in a horsepower”

  32. Don says:

    For another bike choice focused on aesthetics, although a different style, I think I could get a Svartpilen 401 for $6300 with much better components and more enjoyable and comfortable ride. I could probably ride it for 10 years, and the cost of bike + gas would still be less than this $11,000. I’d like to like it, but it looks like some cheapy parts for a price that would get you premium parts on an ICE bike.

    • gpokluda says:

      But people will laugh at you on the 401.

    • mickey says:

      I spend about $2500 a year on gas and tires X 10 years would be $25,000. Im guessing with the electric I would save substantially over a 10 year period on gas and oil. Of course with an 80 mile range I probably couldn’t ride the 25,000 miles a year I currently ride. NO more trips from Ohio to the east or west coasts, no more trips to the Florida Keys, heck at 80 miles round trip I’m not sure I could even get out of Ohio to Kentucky or Indiana and back, so maybe the tires would last a long time too. Of course this electric is not made for riding long distances. It would be more comparable to a 150cc scooter I would think.

      • Don says:

        Well yeah, I was thinking compared to other small engine city bikes, with good mileage, and not high use. Even with 6k/year, which is probably more than most people would put on a small urban commuter bike, at 50mpg, and $3.30/gal, that’s less than $400/year in gas. Anyway, not a lot of bike for the money, considering nicer small bikes tend to get really good mpg.

        • mickey says:

          Yea you’re right Don. It would be even more dramatic with a comparable 150cc scooter getting 70 mpg and only riding 3000 miles a year

          However if they ever get these down to the $5-$6K bracket new, they would be playing ball for a commuter.At $11-$20K it’s hard to justify.

          Wonder how this would compare to the new Honda Supercub 125.

  33. Tank says:

    It just doesn’t look right to me. Looks like something made in China.

  34. mickey says:

    Well of course I like the look, but I’m not opposed to the look of other E bikes we’ve seen. Some of the Zero’s look pretty good actually and the LS218 or whatever, looks really good for a sport bike

    What does the second pic demonstrate? That even a girl can kick start one of these electrics? lol

  35. Max says:

    Love it. Get rid of the fish finder and give it an analog speedo and I’m in.

    • Anonymous says:

      And a nice 400cc air cooled SOHC kick start single instead of electric propulsion and I’m in, or I could just by an SR400.

  36. gpokluda says:

    Best looking electric bike I have seen to date. Hopefully the tank is a storage compartment. The light weight is certainly a plus.

  37. don says:

    What’s in the tank?

  38. Tom K. says:

    The looks of this bike are much more compelling to me than the monstrosity BMW just released (not meaning to preempt Dirck). Yeah, too bad they can’t do something with the giant breadbox located where an IC engine would “normally” reside, but the rest of it looks like what I think of when someone says “motorcycle”.

    But So far, I’m becoming convinced that electrification translates much better to automobiles than it does motorcycles. Until we are shoehorned into having no other choice, I see Dino Power holding its own.

  39. sands says:

    Big rectangular box sitting in the middle of a retro bike…looks horrible and cheap.

  40. Anonymous says:

    A disappointment just sitting still, let alone moving. A pointless “lets pretend time” bike.

  41. falcodoug says:

    Lame to me.

  42. pistoldave says:

    Good looking bike, however as with all current electrics, still kinda pricey. The big negative for me is the square peg in a round hole look of the battery case. Looks like they should have spent a little more time making the case fit the lines of the frame. I realize there are limitations when trying to cram a bunch of batteries and electronics into something that looks appealing, but this looks almost like they took an existing piece of gear and said “hey, I think we can fit that clunky box into a scrambler frame.” Still, other than the boxy box, not a bad looking scooter. If it was more like 6k$, I would seriously consider buying one of these. The rear brake hose also needs some attention.

  43. pistoldave says:

    Good looking bike, however as with all current electrics, still kinda pricey. The big negative for me is the square peg in a round hole look of the battery case. Looks like they should have spent a little more time making the case fit the lines of the frame. I realize there are limitations when trying to cram a bunch of batteries and electronics into something that looks appealing, but this looks almost like they took an existing piece of gear and said “hey, I think we can fit that clunky box into a scrambler frame.” Still, other than the boxy box, not a bad looking scooter. If it was more like 6k$, I would seriously consider buying one of these.

    Oh yeah, the routing of the rear brake hose could use some serious attention, yikes!

  44. Momo says:

    Why bother with old design that limit performance on these electric bikes?

    Zero underseat luggage capacity bikes are simply not practical for electric bikes.

    External luggage just adds to the bulk and widen the overall vehicle.

    I wonder what’s the wattage for that hub-motor?

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