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Aprilia Wins at Pikes Peak and Announces “Summit Attack” Tuono

Aprilia has been cautious and reserved in acknowledging its victory at the Pikes Peak Hill Climb last Sunday in light of the death of four-time winner Carlin Dunne. Aprilia set a new record beneath rider Rennie Scaysbrook, and will produce a limited run (25 units) of a “Summit Attack” Tuono in honor of the event which will be available only in the U.S. market this July.

Here is a press release from Aprilia followed by a video interview of Scaysbrook with on-board footage of his winning ride.

NEW YORK, NY – 1 July 2019 – Following the historic run on America’s Mountain, the 97th Pikes Peak International Hill Climb, held annually in Colorado Springs, the Aprilia Tuono Factory finished the 2019 run with the fastest time in the heavyweight category. With Rennie Scaysbrook riding to a 09:44:963 finish time, he broke the previous record held by Chris Fillmore of 09:49:625. Scaysbrook, in his first effort with Aprilia, raced in the heavyweight category, designated to production motorcycles that come stock with a single piece handlebar, and further confirmed the capability of the Aprilia V4 platform in the naked sportbike. Besting his own time by over 14 seconds, Scaysbrook aboard the Aprilia now holds the heavyweight record to top the enigmatic summit of Pikes Peak, in an event that had an emotional conclusion

“The event was spectacular, until we heard of Carlin Dunne’s accident,” said Scaysbrook following his triumphant run, “Carlin was a huge part of my Pikes Peak experience, helping me as a rookie in 2016 as a mentor, then going head to head with me in 2018—a race he came out the winner. Carlin was a gentleman. As the final two competitors to to take the start the race this year, Carlin shook my hand and wished me luck, as we both told each other we’d see each other at the top. The world has lost a true champion.”

Regarding the race itself, and the preparation for the week Scaysbrook expanded, “The race was one of those occasions where my motorcycle and I just gelled. The work we did throughout the week was calculated and systematic, making the bike better and better, and I’m so grateful to have such an incredible team behind me to help achieve this result.”

The Aprilia Tuono V4 1100 represents the state-of-the-art in technology: the sophisticated electronic management includes the advanced dynamic controls package with APRC, cornering ABS, quick shift active even in downshifting, pit limiter and cruise control. The unique 175 hp 65° V4 engine and the racing frame provide unparalleled performance. Simply unrivalled, Aprilia Tuono has been voted over time as one of the most adrenaline pumping and efficient bikes ever.

For 2019, in honor of the Pikes Peak project, Aprilia has released a limited edition “Summit Attack” version of the Tuono, which will arrive in July, and will be limited to just 25 units, reserved for the US market only:

Race winner Rennie Scaysbrook (L) and Aprilia team consultant Jeremy Toye
Scaysbrook shakes hands with his good friend Carlin Dunne before the race.

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  1. Mikey says:

    Good on Aprilla for their sensitivity and respect but I’m sure Carlin Dunne wouldn’t want them to remain silent about their victory.
    Life goes on.

  2. Rhinestone Kawboy says:

    While I’m happy to see Aprilia come out on top of this event, something I think doesn’t happen enough for this marque that seems to work so hard at anything it does, it is a bitter pill to swallow due to the death of Carlin Dunne. Carlin sounds like he was a nice sincere competitor and of course friend to Rennie and I’m sure many, many others. God speed Carlin, my sympathies are extended to your family and all those who were privileged to know you. RIP

  3. William Robinson says:

    I had a career in communications, and I realize that a news release like that is hard to write. Aprilia did a really nice job of honoring both their champion and Dunne. Truly the best of a bad situation.

    • Dino says:

      Agree.. With no career in communications, I wouldn’t even know where to begin with this. the photo of the handshake is worth more than a thousand words…
      Godspeed, Carlin.

  4. Montana says:


  5. mickey says:

    Wow that last photo is …. Gee, hard to come up with the right word.

    • ApriliaRST says:

      I have two words: Sad and ironic. They were friends. Both knew the risks. Life doesn’t always work out the way we’d like. RIP Carlin Dunne.

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