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Husqvarna Announces 2020 FS 450 Supermoto

A supermoto that is not street legal is certainly targeting a small, niche market, but Husqvarna is back for the 2020 model year with exactly that … the FS 450. It looks like minor changes are offered this year, as described in the following press release. Bikes will be in U.S. dealerships this September, but pricing has not been announced. Here is the press release from Husqvarna:

Husqvarna Motorcycles is pleased to announce the release of the MY20 FS 450 – the only OEM produced, single-cylinder competition supermoto machine available on the market.

Featuring a compact, powerful engine combined with a lightweight frame and modern bodywork, the FS 450 delivers confidence inspiring handling and incredible overall on-track performance, continuing Husqvarna Motorcycles’ long and successful involvement in the supermoto segment.

The perfect combination of power and agility, the FS 450’s SOHC engine features a newly-shaped, lightweight CP piston and electric start and gives riders a plentiful and responsive supply of power, delivered through a PANKL Racing Systems 5-speed gearbox.

Aiding the bike’s superior performance, a compact cylinder head design, which positions the engine’s camshaft closer to the bike’s center of gravity, ensures unmatched handling and high-speed maneuverability. Carefully engineered levels of frame flex ensure excellent rider feedback and straight-line stability.

The FS 450’s functional bodywork delivers ergonomics that allow for superior comfort and control, ensuring increased rider performance over longer periods of time. WP XACT 48 mm front forks with AER technology guarantee easy adjustment and confidence inspiring front-end grip and stability, together with a WP rear shock that offers 266 mm of travel.

Enabling balanced and powerful braking, a 4-piston radially mounted Brembo caliper and pump work in conjunction with a 310 mm disc to deliver exceptional front wheel stopping performance. A single piston caliper
and a 220 mm disc are mounted at the rear.

Finished with premium components, CNC machined triple clamps, Alpina wheels and Bridgestone tires, a carbon fiber composite subframe and a Magura hydraulic clutch ensure the FS 450 delivers unrivalled, top-level
supermoto performance.


  • Engine – class-leading power and only 60.2 lb (27.3 kg)
  • Frame – perfect flex characteristics, advanced rider feedback
  • Carbon composite subframe – lightweight and robust
  • Swingarm – optimal stiffness and reliability in a lightweight construction
  • WP XACT front fork – progressive and consistent damping
  • WP rear shock – 266 mm wheel travel
  • Black 16.5”/17” Alpina spoked wheels and Bridgestone slick tires – top-level performance
  • Bodywork – distinctive looks, modern design and graphics
  • Pro Taper handlebar – class-leading function and style
  • Launch control – maximum traction for perfect starts
  • 44 mm Keihin throttle body – injector positioned for optimal flow
  • Exhaust – lightweight, optimal performance
  • Integrated cooling – maximum efficiency in minimum space
  • High performance brakes – shorter stopping distance with greater control and confidence
  • Cylinder head – lightweight and compact

Husqvarna Motorcycles also offer a revamped line-up of clothing and
accessories, which meet the highest standards of quality and include functional garments and dedicated technical parts designed to further enhance the performance of the new supermoto machine.

The MY20 FS 450 will be available at an authorized Husqvarna Motorcycles dealer beginning September of 2019.

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  1. Bubba Blue says:

    I gather that if you have to ask the price, you can’t afford it.

  2. RD350 says:

    Ultimate short track, track day weapon. Sooo cool!

  3. Sam says:

    The picture fooled me too. The smell of 2 stroke oil in the morning is only surpassed by the smell of Napalm:)

  4. pete says:

    I “two” thougt two smoke when I saw the pipe.

  5. Ralph W. says:

    What is the thing that looks like a mini expansion chamber? A catalytic converter maybe? Do they have to have them on bikes that are not for road use?

    • Brinskee says:

      Wondered the exact same thing. What is that?

    • John A. Kuzmenko says:

      It’s an FMF-style resonance chamber.

    • GP says:

      This “resonance chamber” is basically a mini, pre-muffler. It is a chamber that has a perforated inner shell, with (non-replaceable) sound deadening material sandwiched between the inner and outer shells. It is basically for sound abatement, but they also seem to enhance low end power. Most competition 4-strokes have them now, and companies like FMF and Pro-Circuit offer them in most of their head pipes.

  6. Mick says:

    I wonder if this bike has unique parts that they could eventually be used on other race bikes once homologated. They mentioned the weight of the engine.

  7. Anonymous says:

    For a moment I thought they were releasing a 450cc 2-stroke. Oh the emotional rollercoaster!

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