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Erik Buell’s Fuell Fluid eBike Close to Customer Deliveries

We informed you a few months ago that one of the most talented, and innovative, engineers/designers in the history of the motorcycle industry, Erik Buell, is involved with a new electric two-wheeler manufacturer known as Fuell. Fuell is building an electric motorcycle, but its first product to reach customers is a bicycle known as the Fluid (pictured).

The Fluid is on IndieGoGo, and is ultimately priced at $3,999. It will have tremendous range with two separate 504 watt-hour batteries, and the U.S. model (the Fluid 1S) will have a top speed of 28 mph. The Fluid should be a fast eBike in terms of acceleration with its 100nm torque figure. The bike is 69 pounds and includes disc brakes and a color instrument screen, all as detailed in the video below.

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  1. slipjoint says:

    You just aren’t in the market for what e-bikes offer. Power assist whether it is for bicycles or power tools is about paying money to make the task easier. Hand saws can get the job done when cutting wood or metal but a real market exists for motor operated tools that perform the same job with less time and effort. The electric bicycle is about low speed commuting or light exercise not max acceleration or power production. It allows people to go to work without a shower and a change of clothes when they get there, or a longer riding experience when riding for pleasure.

  2. Ken says:

    E-bikes are the future of commuting. Get used to it.

    Just because it’s a Suntour does not necessarily mean that it’s a POS fork.

    I just hope that the Fuell bike has a springer seat. Hitting potholes at speed would be a literal PIA.

    People love to hate Buell, as if he insulted their mama. Try to evaluate his work based on specifics.

  3. Provologna says:

    Just a note about a recent e-bike experience. Me walks into the bike shop, where me strikes up a brief conversation with a guy a little younger than me (I’m old). He’s buying a really nice looking Specialized e-bike. He ‘splains that he bought one for his wife. They’d ride together, he on his regular bike, she on her e-bike. He’s grown tired of her always being in front of him, so he’s given up and decided just to get an e-bike for himself.

  4. Cadman96 says:

    Pretty cool to see EB still refusing to give up with as many times he’s been knocked down. E-Bikes are pretty darn cool, and will have one in my garage eventually. Everyone who thinks this e-bike is to this or too that, i recommend you get to your local bike shop & ride one. They are FUN!, and I bet you’ll have a different opinion afterwards.

  5. Dan says:

    These will be great for getting around cities

  6. Mike says:

    I can’t believe all the negative bull that people spew here about a bike they know nothing about.
    People mentioned the Yamaha, Giant, Trek and Specialised e-bikes. Have you looked at their specs? They all still sport a bloody metallic chain and a derailleur instead of a carbon belt with internal gearing. You seriously think that the old greasy, clunky chain system is a better tech?
    Another comments on the fork being entry level for a mountain bike. Duh! This is NOT a mountain bike so the fork is more than enough.

    Others mention preferring a moped. Seriously dudes, this is a bicycle we’re talking about. If you want cheaper, buy a friggin low speed electric scooter, those two wheels bone breaking toys. Aren’t you aware that some people will spend upwards of $10k on a carbon push-bike, let alone an e-bike? What will you tell those people: You can get a powerful motorcycle for that price? They want a bicycle, not a motorcycle.

    And what’s this about a “hard working american” finding an e-bike stupid. Wow, need I comment on that? Go and spend your hard earned money on a pickup truck like any “hard working american” would do. Yeah sure.

    Concerning the 500w statement in the video, if you listen carefully a few seconds later he says that they add up to “over a kilowatt-hour”. So he obviously know what he is talking about.

    As for stating that this e-bike is not innovative, I defy you to find one, especially in that price range, with ALL of these in a package:
    A range of 125 miles, carbon belt, PIN entry protection, phone charging, smart color screen and fast charging batteries to name a few.

    • Provologna says:

      “…know nothing about…”? We “know” about as much as you. And what’s with all the hostility?

      I have experience with the fork brand, which was the worst of about ten MTBs I’ve owned.

      Belt drive and internal hub transmission seems nice, but I suspect repairs (everything breaks) and/or replacement are going to have some persons wishing it was a chain and derailleur (which are very reliable after about a C of evolution.)

      If you think a bike with 2 frame sizes is not inane, please ‘splain to the audience why most bike makers have been wasting time and money on 4 to 6 sizes for the past 150 years?

      On a separate note, possibly unrelated to your post, I don’t get the Buel-as-victim meme. I suspect H-D actually gave Buel something of value (cash, stock, both) for control of Buel, not real or perceived threat of bodily harm. That was Buel’s free choice. I’m reminded of Paul McCartney, who sold his music rights to the late Michael Jackson, who promptly sold a song to (IIRC) a sneakers company, followed by McCartney crying crocodile tears about Jackson “commercializing” Paul’s precious music! WHAT! Paul, you TRADED MONEY FOR YOUR SONGS, BUT THE NEW OWNER ISN’T ALLOWED TO? Ditto Buel: he sells his brand for money to H-D, then posters here cry foul when H-D does X with their property? Blame the first culprit, Buel!

      As a former Ulysses owner, Buel’s engineering prowess is grotesquely over rated.

      I view Buel as a mediocre engineer with terrible business sense.

      • Mike says:

        “…We know about as much as you do..” My point exactly. That’s why I don’t criticize a new product based on speculation.

        Hostility? If you think that voicing an opinion contrary to yours is hostile, don’t participate in forums.

        Regarding the internal hub, again the “I suspect”. You don’t know. I am sure that back in the days, a lot of scared people thought that horses were more reliable than this new invention, the automobile.

    • RANDYBOBANDY says:

      Thanks for the rant. You may need to seek some help. Everyone has an opinion and is valid. That is all-Have a nice day.

  7. arrowrod says:

    Nice. Or as EMBN (Electric Mountain Bike News) says on Youtube, Super nice. Made in the U.S. Did I say parts availability. I have a Frey EMTB (electric mountain bike). It has full suspension, weighs about 65 lbs. Cost $3120 from China. 60 days delivery. No Parts.
    Most of you don’t ride an EMTB. I’m in Melbourne Florida, riding a yellow EMTB at about 25 mph, everywhere I go. I gutter sneak, sidewalk, center lane, bicycle lane travel.
    I prefer the EMTB to my Honda 919 or Suzuki Burgman 650.
    As someone mentioned, no license, registration, drivers license required.
    A downside. In 2500 miles, I’ve had 5 flat tires. As time goes on, I’m getting pretty quick fixing them, but it’s amazing how your front tire pops a nail in the air, and the rear tire rolls over it.

  8. Advrider says:

    For 4K you would be much better off with a Motoped which can be had for under 4K and much more versatile to boot or like another commenter said go for a Honda Monkey, Grom, or Supercub..

  9. Artem says:

    Tom Cruise will be on Kawasaki H2.
    Even if just on F-18. Not in F-22 or F35.
    In “Top Gun 2”.

  10. JR says:

    4 Grand for a cordless drill on wheels.. really. Sounds like more of the “Green New Deal”. I think this whole idea with high price electrical transportation may sound good to some, but to the average hard working american it’s just plain stupid. Lets see how many fools buy one.

  11. Tom R says:

    Perhaps there is greater acceptance for this item at

  12. Michael Haz says:

    I’d like to see a side-by-side review of Buell’s e-bikes with those offered by Yahama.

  13. Grover says:

    But can it do a wheelie under power?

  14. Bubba Blue says:

    I always thought that Buell was great, but should have started with something smaller with broader appeal than full on liter race bikes in order to succeed commercially. Frankly, I thought that was Victory’s problem to, in competing with major cruisers right off the bat.

    I hope this works for Buell.

  15. tom says:

    I would much rather have a Honda Monkey for the same price. Much faster and greater range. Only disadvantage is it weighs 234 lbs. Otherwise give me the monkey.

  16. Kurt says:

    I like Eric Buell and respect all he has accomplished. However, to appoint him one of the MOST talented, innovative, engineers/designers in the HISTORY of the motorcycle industry is a bit of a stretch. A few innovators/designers comes to mind, like Britten, Massimo Tamburini, Phil Vincent ….

  17. Trent says:

    I guess I disagree with most of you. I think this would be an awesome commuter bike for urban/suburban areas with lots of range. The price isn’t bad either, and the IndieGoGo site has some two-battery bikes available for $3300.

  18. bmbktmracer says:

    A Fuell Fluid that has no fuel in fluid form.

  19. azicat says:

    I’m not sure what this adds to existing e-bike products from mainstream brands. Giant, Trek, and Specialized (amongst others) have a lot of mature designs using replaceable batteries, and have established after-sales support networks.

  20. todd says:

    To put it in a way that most people can understand; you might accelerate roughly 50% harder than by pedaling alone. The average cyclist can crank around 200Nm on a bike or around 150 ft-lb. the extra torque the motor produces may have a net-benefit, considering there is substantially more mass to accelerate.

    Still, this is no slouch. Assuming you can crank your hardest at 100 rpm and the motor is at max assist, there’s around a combined 4hp.

  21. gpokluda says:

    Love the idea. Glad Erik is headed down this road, but this bike just doesn’t measure up to the Buell heritage. What a missed opportunity.

  22. CrazyJoe says:

    Walmart sells a Schwinn electric bicycle for under 900. It’s more my style. $4000 with a SUNTOUR fork, what. Nice it has belt drive though.

    Visited Austin last weekend and the sidewalks were rife with electric kick scooters and a handful of brightly painted orange electric bikes going top speed. There ought to be a law. On a good note, compared to Houston I don’t think I ever saw as many motorcycles and real scooters being driven around as I did there. Mostly scooters but it was so cool. Damn that downtown area is changing fast.

  23. bmbktmracer says:

    There are many drool-worthy e-bikes out there. This isn’t one of them. It’s downright ugly and looks cheap.

  24. Elam Blacktree says:

    I would never commute with a regular bike, since it seems no security system of locks and alarms is enough these days. An e-bike that costs four thousand bucks? Just about any adult can lift it and put it into an automobile. I’ve had bikes stolen from locked containers. No thanks, Mr. Buell. This will flop.

  25. Paige says:

    Those forks are considered entry level for MTB’s. I expected better from EB.

    • Provologna says:

      Seriously, my Suntour fork was garbage. This e-bike fork looks maybe one step above that, if buyers are lucky.

      Alloy frame, mediocre, harsh ride. Two frame sizes is utter, unequivocal fail.

      First I’ve heard of 8 speed in-hub gear box, nice. Also like the belt drive.

      180mm front brake rotor is simply too small IMO, especially for the weight (more than double a MTN bike) and acceleration.

      Sorry, I generally view Buel as a huckster. I sold my Ulysses after 3 weeks, thank God I didn’t take a loss.

      If I go e-bike, I’d buy the carbon frame/motor direct from China. For about the same money you’d have a much better ride. For a little more, and careful shopping, you’d get a really good fork and carbon wheels, for a ride that would make this Fuell seem like an antique.

      I suggest that you could buy a nice Specialized e-bike at least as good as this, for similar money (maybe a better bike).

      • Paige says:

        Yeah, good points made. I want to like it..but give me a reason. While I can’t support buying from China, I understand you statement. BTW, love your name!

      • Grover says:

        But can it wheelie under it’s own power?

  26. mkviz says:

    Aaaaaannd ITS GONE!!!!!!

  27. BOB says:

    Well, his bikes sure were innovative, but this shows none of that. I find it disappointing coming from him. I really expected something different than what’s out there already.

  28. dman says:

    Is that Erik Buell doing the narration in the video? “500 Watt batteries”?? That’s watt-hour, dude! Isn’t he an engineer?

  29. Michael says:

    I have a trek e-assist mtn bike and it’s pretty darn cool, I’ve ridden a e assist road bike that will assist up to 28 mph, it’s fun too, Eric has something with the extra battery capacity (most are 500 wh), the bike is still about 10-12 lbs too heavy but at $3,999 it ain’t bad. If you get a chance to ride one, do it, you might be surprised how fun they are. Specialized has some e assist bikes (28mph) coming this fall that are under 30 lbs!!

  30. Bill N says:

    These electric bicycles seem expensive to me. For the money why not buy a Grom?

    • Dave says:

      Licensing, insurance, gasoline, inability to use off street trails, though in some places, high-speed/28mph bikes aren’t allowed on bike trails either.

    • fred says:

      It’s all those DUI’s. LOL

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