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Oberdan Bezzi Sketches Fantasy Suzuki Rally Weapon

We used to feature Oberdan Bezzi motorcycle designs with some frequency, but that was quite a while ago. We always thought his concepts were logical extensions of existing production machines, and this drawing of a Suzuki SV650 Rally based on a bike known, loved and frequently tested by MD, is a good example.

Take a look at Oberdan’s web site, and give us your thoughts on this SV650 Rally concept below.

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  1. Lawrence says:

    If you can’t wait for this there’s the other 90 degree dual sport with longer suspension ready to go, the Ducati Desert Sled. And no radiator.

  2. Fred N says:

    The deep blue or black sash with the Suzuki word nameplate is close enough to what Suzuki had on my 1972 TS125.Well researched.
    It brought a smile to this old Man’s face.

  3. Grover says:

    Take a look at the Indian FTR1200 to see how much the concept bike changes into a grotesque rendition for the actual bike you can buy. This SUZUKI would be no different if SUZUKI decided to offer a production model for sale. Unfortunately, sad but true.

  4. Jeremy says:

    Wow. Exceptionally well done.

  5. Anonymous says:

    I love it

  6. RonH says:

    Definitely right on the mark. That engine is awesome and no monster fairing. Build it Suzuki.

  7. Gary says:

    I’m really surprised how many people are picking this bike apart. Minute details are being completely panned. It’s just a drawing – no one is bringing it to market.

    I love it…even though the artist selected the wrong tire valve caps.

  8. Dave says:

    That looks great!!! One of the best concepts I’ve seen in a long time.
    If Suzuki builds this, I will be very tempted. Ticks all the right boxes for me.

  9. SmokinRZ says:

    The stripes should be green not black. Otherwise I like it.

  10. Kevin P says:

    Nice artist rendition. But just give V-Strom owners an option to upgrade the existing XT to an R-version with forks and brakes from the 1000 and maybe a high fender like the KTM 790 Adventure R. The 2-piston front calipers on the existing DL650 are the weakest link. The current DL650XT already has tubeless spoked wheels, the SV650 motor, and plenty of range and loads of after market support. With an Akrapovic exhaust the sweet little 650 sounds nice and has most of the power that most riders would use.

  11. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    This really looks right as an open desert sled. Great function as a v twin in the dirt. Normally I’d want a skinny-fat tank but the 650 has great fuel range even with a smaller tank. Front end looks a little heavy with brake, but feels like a sit down go fast runner to me.

  12. Kermit says:

    I like it! Did ya’ll miss the non tubeless tires?

  13. Tommy See says:

    This is mmmm 4 years late. Loved my v stroms but went to a nc750 x DCT. Age thing yes. So easy. Competition is tough price low youwin Suke.

  14. Mr Haney says:

    Build it and they will come . . . . .

  15. Kent says:

    This looks a lot like a 650 V Strom with the fairing removed. I’m not really sure why you’d start with an SV. Love my Strom, and this makes it look good too.

  16. Tom R says:

    So, vaporware for motorcycles?

    • Neal says:

      Not even vaporware, just a notebook sketch by a guy with no connection to any OEM. Mr. Bezzi makes pretty pictures, but I don’t understand how he has managed to make a career out of photoshopping companys’ IP.

  17. Bryan says:

    Very interesting. I’m looking at a photo of a V-Strom 650XT and they are not too far from this cool concept. A little fat trimming and minor style changes would get the XT to a scrambler. Off road saddle, off road front fender, knobby tires, smaller tank, enduro style headlight, and that cool yellow paint would do the job I think. I sure loved my 2000 gen I SV650. That was a real sweetheart.

  18. dt-175 says:

    is this aldeberan betsy guy the one who did progressive’s motaur? if so, i’d like him to put me on an it 465 w/ a disc brake or a tz 350…

    • HalfBaked says:

      Good call there D-Load ’cause it’s always funny to mock someones name. Well done.

  19. Dave says:

    It sure is pretty, but that’s the opportunity of artist’s renditions. If the realities of airbox size and fuel capacity are addressed, this bike will take on a whole different look

    • Dave says:

      Meh.. Once the tank seam, beak, big front wheel, and horsepower police come in, you’ll forget all about me. lol

  20. Apexologist says:

    Ok – gotta say… after owning an SV1000, an SV650 (pointy), currently 1090R Adv, I would like to place an order for this bike. It has the reliable motor I need, the lighter weight I desire, and… well, I just love V-twins. This bike has personality and if it doesn’t already have top drawer bits, it has enormous potential as my Adventure Lite ride. A windshield with some GPS room, bigger tank, racks for luggage, I’m there. Canada to Chiapas, Mexico last year on the 1090R was amazing but now ready for a more off-road focused ride. Patagonia trip coming up soon (before my ’60th’). Please Mr. Suzuki… I beg of you. Make this bike already.

    • Apexologist says:

      Oh… and Mr. Suzuki… in case all this fluffy cajoling doesn’t convince you, my frequent flyer creds might help – past purchases also include a GSXR-750 & GSXR-1000, a DL650 (wife’s) and a DL1000. With all those profits, surely there must be some left in the kitty to R&D this bike.

      ***Now I lay me down to sleep… Dear God – please make Mr. Suzuki produce this bike. Amen*** 😉

    • Kent says:

      Buy an DL-650 V Strom? Really, it’s a lifted SV with a 19″ front wheel.

      Which is pretty much what I see here. I rode the IBDR on it, and although it’s great bike, it’s too damn heavy for real offroad stuff.

      Just go but a ‘strom; you’ll love it.

  21. Anonymous says:

    Sweet, he should be working for Suzuki.

  22. Anonymous says:


  23. Gus says:

    Its a good-looking sketch fantasy. Too bad it needs a radiator. There is no way he fits one in that upper triangle.

    • Matthew says:

      Nice observation, and I agree!!

    • Tim says:

      Looks like there may be dual radiators, upper and lower. Still not sure if that results in enough capacity in the real world. Although the radiator on my DL650 was not huge and that bike never ran hot. I can’t even remember the fan coming on once.

    • todd says:

      The stock SV has a radiator there.

      • RyYYZ says:

        And a fender protecting it. If you were ever to take this off-road in the mud it would soon accumulate on the radiator.

        I’m not sure there’s enough room there for the fork to travel through its full stroke without the front wheel contacting something.

  24. DRZ says:

    Only this morning I was thinking that my broken DRZ would be better off with a SV650 transplant as I have a big bore kit, E cams, and a FCR and this just seems to stress the only great thing about a stock DRZ400sm the reliability.

  25. todd says:

    Suzuki could probably throw a whole year’s production together before Yamaha ever gets the T7 started. I’ve been holding my breath for way too long.

    • ApriliaRST says:

      > before Yamaha ever gets the T7 started

      Give Yamaha a break. They gave you the Nikken.

  26. Groot says:

    As a longtime DR650 owner who once had a 1st-Gen SV650, this is like someone has been reading my mind. Growing up racing motocross (still do), I like road bikes that feel like dirt bikes. My DR has been nearly perfect and the most dead-reliable ANYTHING I’ve ever owned. A great everyday bike, but the highway can be tiresome and long trips for me aren’t happening. Getting beat across the intersection by old ladies in Buicks isn’t fun either. I’ve always thought the bulletproof, high-MPG and character-filled SV engine in a DR-like chassis would be nirvana. Some people say it exists in the v-Strom, but I disagree…too heavy, too streety, too ugly…just too much. If Suzuki were to build a bike very close to this and avoid the temptation to weight it down and clutter it up with gadgets, I’d finally retire my DR and be the first in line to buy one.

  27. Yes says:

    As a former SV650 owner (1st gen) and a current GS owner, I would buy this machine immediately… hesitation!!!

    • Yes says:

      Addendum: I also owned a DRZ400sm modified with a 19 inch front wheel and converted for adventure duty but I ultimately gave it up wishing for more power. This concept would check ALL the boxes for me and the riding I like to do.

  28. mickey says:

    That guy and his team pens some of the best looking bikes, and has for years. A bright mfg would hire him as a consultant.

  29. Neal says:

    It would be nice if Suzuki put decent forks and brakes on the 650, but I don’t ever see that happening.

    • azicat says:

      Yes! Suzuki, it’s not hard – take some DRZ400 cartridge forks that are rolling around on the warehouse floor, put on your V-Strom 650 with some basic Nissin 4-pots, and you will have many happy customers.

  30. southbound says:

    What an awesome tribute look. I fondly remember the early TM’s and thought they were some of the best looking dirtbikes. This is SOOO do-able by the factory. Suzuki really needs an out of the park hit and I think they should take a serious look at this. I’ve been looking at the new Honda 500x and would be stopped dead in my tracks for this 650 ADV. I have no desire for a 550 lb, 1000cc thing with barkbusters. This is the sweetest sweet spot.

  31. gpokluda says:

    That is one sweet looking ride. The SV650 V-twin motor will probably go down in the history books as one of the most versatile and dependable motors in motorcycledom. I would say that if that bike ever saw production, it would have me stepping up to the plate, cash in hand. Nicely done.

  32. Anonymous says:

    Ok. I’ll be first. I think that looks awesome! Long distance, back-road adventures on this would be perfect. Very cool.