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Ducati Unveils Powerful Streetfighter V4

Long rumored, and teased, the big Streetfighter V4 super naked has been unveiled by Ducati. With a claimed weight under 400 pounds, 208 horsepower from a 1,103cc v-4 engine and all the latest electronic rider aides, this is clearly an “over-the-top naked” Ducati as boasted in the following press material. We do not have U.S. pricing or availability information at this point. Here is the press release from Ducati:

The foundation of the Steetfighter V4 is a Panigale V4 stripped of its fairings and equipped with high, wide handlebars. Weighing 178 kg, it is powered by a 1103 cc Desmosedici Stradale engine, its 208 hp kept under control by biplane aerofoils and a latest-generation electronics package: a combination of factors and modifications that Ducati calls the “Fight Formula”. The result is an over-the-top naked Ducati, modern and technological, with an assertively eye-catching design. A bike that does nothing to hide its segment-leading performance, but which also ensures practicality and full-on fun during everyday rides.

The minimalist full-LED headlight with its V-shaped DRL captures the spirit of the Streetfighter V4 perfectly. On the one hand, it recalls the front of the Panigale V4 and, on the other, evokes the crazy grin of the Joker (the comic strip character from which the Ducati Style Center drew inspiration for this new Bologna-built naked).

On the Streetfighter V4, the Front Frame and Desmosedici Stradale engine take centre-stage. Only partially screened by superstructures that have been cut to a bare minimum, their sharp lines create a clean, essential whole.

Such powerful design demands a powerful engine, and the 1103 cc 208 hp Desmosedici Stradale fits the bill: for a naked, it packs an impressive punch, yet dedicated engine mapping lets the rider control the power with confidence. The engine – combined with a kerb weight of 178 kg (“S” version) – boosts the power/weight ratio to an impressive 1.17. Performance can be further improved by mounting the full-racing Ducati Performance exhaust by Akrapovič, which raises power to 220 hp and reduces weight by 6 kg.

The feisty performance of this bike is stabilised by sophisticated electronics lifted directly from the Panigale V4 and the ‘biplane’ aerofoils developed by Ducati Corse aerodynamicists. Brought forward to maximise their effect, the aerofoils generate 28 kg of downforce at 270 kph, attenuating front wheel ‘floating’ at high speed and the tendency to wheel-up. They also boost stability during braking at the turn-in point and through the corner. On the road, this dynamic behaviour instils confidence. On the track, instead, it boosts performance by limiting electronic control intervention and allowing delayed braking.

The latest-generation electronics package on the Streetfighter V4 is based on a 6-axis inertial measurement platform which instantly detects the bike’s roll, yaw and pitch angles. The electronics oversee every part of the ride: some controls manage start, acceleration and braking, others handle traction, while some lend a helping hand on corners and out-of-the-corner stretches. Safety, performance, and bags of personality: the new Ducati Streetfighter V4 has arrived!

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  1. ABQ says:

    It is beautiful. If my wallet were not as short as my inseam, I would be all over it.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Next to last pic. That guy looks comfortable.

  3. Richeffect says:

    Ugly? It’s beautiful and looks fast just standing still! That’s all I have to say, and I will now get off your lawn.

  4. Kent says:

    I bet it would be an absolute blast to ride, if I had anywhere near enough skill to use much of that power.

  5. Mick says:

    Oh goody. Another ugly front end craze. I wish they would have at least waited a few more years from the last one. I feel like I just got rehydrated from all the puking.

    This bike has a pretty cool package under the skin. But they sure pull out all the stops to keep you from buying it. Ridiculous looking chopped tail? Check. Hideous/Ridiculous headlight? In spades! And what’s this? Wings? Really?

    I’ll take what’s so stupid that your mom will make a huge batch of cookies just to pointedly not let you have any for $1000 Alex.

  6. Superbiker600 says:

    Sure are a lot of unemployed designers on here. Bike is a naked Panigale….it looks like a naked Panigale…not sure what there is to bitch about but whatever. Think looks awesome in performance and looks dept. Well done Ducati, well done.

  7. MacSpoone says:

    Good christ, this thing is effin’ ugly.

  8. Gene says:

    I think it looks good.
    Now how can I talk my wife into me buying one? 🙂

  9. Pete says:

    Old multis are fugly but great bikes. And cheap. Got my 2005 1000S for $4k with 13K miles. Great REAL street bike.

  10. Steve M says:

    Some would say deadly.

  11. Dino says:

    Ok, I must be old. I just want to slap off that droopy piece of crap “headlight” and mount a round one from an old truck.

  12. mickey says:

    Have to agree with those that say this is the ugliest Ducati ever. Still with 208 hp and a maybe 450 lb wet weight, you wont have much time to be looking at it when you grab a handful of throttle.

    • VLJ says:

      Has everyone already forgotten about those early, Pierre Terblanche-designed Multistradas?×260/934257735767.jpg?quality=50

      Compared to those things, this one might as well be the original 916.

      • mickey says:

        Yea the multistradas were ugly but given their also dirt mission you have to cut them some slack. They were never designed to be sleek looking Street bikes. Same with the Scramblers.

        Putting this side by side with a 916 would only make it look worse

        • VLJ says:

          Nope, having a bit of dirt capability does not explain the upper fairing and Nerd Robot headlight assembly of those Terblanche Multis. Those things were all form, not function. They were extremely homely, and unnecessarily so.

      • mickey says:

        Those old Multistradas resemble the new Harley ADV lol

      • Mick says:

        I took the wife to several dealers to find a new two up bike and that is what she picked out. For five years I had one in Europe to.

        They are ugly. But they are good bikes. Still lighter that all the so called ADV bikes with anything like 1000cc displacement.

        • Austin ZZR1200 says:

          I like those older MS because they have an ugly-cute look of a deformed robot. Plus, you can buy ’em cheap now because of it.

    • Dave says:

      “450 lb wet weight”

      The article is claiming “kerb” weight of 178kg, or 391.6lb. in the new money. That weight must include at least the oil and coolant and a gallon of gas.

      • Jeremy says:

        Gas, oil, and coolant weigh a lot less in the Bologna factory than they do in the rest of the world. Once the bike gets to US dealerships and is subject to the full effect of North American gravity, I expect the bike will indeed be approaching the 450-lb mark.

        • mickey says:

          “Gas, oil, and coolant weigh a lot less in the Bologna factory than they do in the rest of the world.”


          Like Spanish horsepower on motocross bikes from the 70’s

  13. Fred N says:

    Boy, there’s a lot of radiator there. Great target for thrown up stones to puncture.

  14. Anonymous says:

    Hmmm. I’m not quite sure how I feel about the design yet. I might love it. I might not like it all. In any case, it is a very impressive machine.

  15. Tommy D says:

    The bane of all Ducati’s of late is twitchy mid corner maintenance throttle. At least the Hyper 939, Pani 959 and the Scrambler 800 I have ridden. Great looking bikes but herky/jerky throttle. I ended up with an Aprilia Tuono Factory 1100 and that thing was smooooth like butter at fuel delivery and no complaints on the power either.

  16. Stuki Moi says:

    I kind of like the look. But 200 (theoretical…) hp in a naked, is just silly. By the time the bike is moving fast enough for the electronics to unleash all 200+, the rider has long since blown off the back…. The longer, heavier Kawi, at least provides a slightly greater probability of letting you actually experience the power you are paying for, even if that one, too, is pretty much just silly.

  17. Tom R says:

    So with this thing available, what is the point of the much heavier supercharged Kawasaki? Why bother with all the mass and plumbing if it just bloats it up while making similar power and torque?

  18. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Disappointed by lack of place to bungie on my milk crate, for commute to Jr. College.

  19. VLJ says:

    Hate the look of the oversized stock exhaust. Well, the heat cover, anyway. Love the rest of the bike. Give this thing the undoubtedly better-looking Akrapovic exhaust, bam, done.

    Crazy machine.

  20. Ken House says:

    Kudos to Duc for innovation. Sub-400lb dry weight is nice. Winglets and Ohlins dynamic suspension. The riding position looks a bit cramped in the one photo. Some of the other photos show the passenger pegs removed. The rake of the fork seems reasonable, fortunately. What won’t be reasonable will be the unmentioned price. More than $20K? Gotta be.

  21. Dave says:

    Is that a… beak?

  22. Austin ZZR 1200 says:

    The ugliest Ducati ever?

  23. Bill says:

    Wow! 208 horsepower and a high performance exhaust option.

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