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Phillip Island MotoGP Results

Marc Marquez (Honda) passed Mick Doohan to become the most successful Honda premier class rider in history by winning his 55th MotoGP race earlier today at Phillip Island.

After weather conditions scuttled qualifying yesterday, Maverick Viñales earned pole position earlier this morning, and then led most of the race with Marquez in tow as they gapped the field. Marquez made the pass on Viñales on the final lap with Vinales subsequently crashing out (unhurt). At the flag, Cal Crutchlow (Honda) and Jack Miller (Ducati) followed Marquez to fill out the podium. The riders now move to Sepang for the next round.

Follow this link to full race results. For additional details and points, visit the official MotoGP site.

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  1. Uffe says:

    Someone please make Provologna understand that glue is good for a lot of things. Sniffing not being one of them.

  2. RD350 says:

    Marquez’s almost complete domination, while impressive, is causing me to lose interest.

    • mickey says:

      It’s funny I dont remember this attitude when Agostini, or Doohan or Rossi or any other period superstar was dominating weekend and weekout year after year.

      It’s getting more difficult for Marquez every race. It’s his refusal to lose that makes him so entertaining. He already won the WC and could just cruise if he wanted to. He could have settled for second yesterday, or last race for that matter, but it’s simply not in his genetic make up and that is fun to watch.

      Never have understood people who hate people who strive and succeed. I loved watchi g Rossi in his heyday. Magnitudes of riding talent. A flash of it yesterday at the beginning of the race. It’s tough to see him fade, but that’s how it goes. Some pup is going to usurp Marquez some day too.

      • joe b says:

        I agree. For years, Rossi did his usual nasty riding, and his fans called him, clever, a fox, the master, the doctor, and criticized others who raced with him as ‘getting in Rossi’s way’, when obviously so many times Rossi was clearly at fault. when Rossi banged bars with someone, like Marq, “how dare they do that to the doctor”, “they should be banned”. Now Rossi isnt just in 10th or 12th, he is “struggling”. I like Rossi. just not the lop sided look some seem to have when watching Marq win races. how can anyone not watch the last race and thrilled by it all. did they not see MM drop to fifth, and how Maverick not work up from a bad start after being pole? Dovi was 4th, then 7th, when we all watched for MM to pass Maverick, I had to watch it again, so many things happening at once, what a great race. I and many others really wanted Mav to fight it out to the end, and not crash as he did, what a year.

        • mickey says:

          And the flash of brilliance by Iannone and Espargaro on the Apilias which were so out of their element at the front. It was great racing.

        • mickey says:

          not to mention the flash of brilliance from Iannone and Espargaro’s on the Aprilias battling way above their weight class, and as Jeremy noted the two Suzuki’s with Mir’s best ever finish

          • mickey says:

            Got to love how you make a post one day, then it dissapears, only to reappear a day later after you have reposted which didnt show up for hours either.

    • Provologna says:

      Ya think?

      I saw condensed version of the last two races prior to P. Island. In those two races, MM runs about #3 for the first 2/3rds, then he’s clearly #2 for the last third, except for the last lap where he “just squeaks by” to win.

      If you believe that wasn’t staged, I can offer you a fantastic land deal in Lancaster, CA. And a big red bridge for free spanning San Francisco Bay.

      MotoGP is now officially WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment), but minus the excitement of not knowing who is the champion for the next 15-20 years.

      Pathetic doesn’t even begin to describe it. Of further depressing interest: I presume MotoGP is at least partly financially supported by the Spanish government, with a personal interest in maintaining the competition façade till, well, forever. And I bet the Spanish King heartily approves of this MotoGP love fest no matter how many millions of dollars of other people’s money it might cost.

      Catalonia riots for independence from the financial tyranny of their Spanish overlords (IIRC separatists now face 100 year prison terms). I wonder how popular is MotoGP in Catalonia vs. the rest of Spain.

      • bmbktmracer says:

        Have you ever looked in the mirror and said to yourself, “I might be an idiot”?

      • joe b says:

        “staged”, yeah right. tell me how the next one is going to end, dont forget to look in the mirror, as suggested above.

      • ostion says:

        What a display of ignorance, about motorcycle racing, Monarchy, and world events in general. You are a moron, even if a global one.

      • Holygeezer says:

        Please take some deep breaths and rejoin some reality. Your paranoia is unbecoming.

      • Chris B says:

        Although I don’t believe any of the races are staged I personally think, (and I would probably do the same thing) that in the previous two races 93 and 20 were so far out in front and with zero pressure on 93, he took the opportunity to do his 2020 research by following and studying #20 in a racing environment for most of the race before nipping easily past him at the end to win. #20 is more than likely to be #93s biggest challenge next year so all 93 can learn about his style, strengths and weaknesses while on the pace is invaluable. “Time spent on reconnaissance is seldom wasted”

  3. Jeremy says:

    Heck of a race. Too bad Vinales crashed out on the last lap trying to retake Marquez, but I appreciate his do or die mentality to win that race. And hat’s off to Marquez. Love him or hate him, the guy’s an animal. It was quite the treat to watch how hard he had to push through the first three sectors lap after lap just to keep Vinales from stretching away.

    The race for fourth, which would later become the race for third with Maverick out, was also pretty intense. Congrats to Miller. I was also glad to see Bagnaia come to life. I don’t know if this race was just a fluke or if he and his team are starting to put something together, but I expected way more performances like this from him this year.

    And I have to agree with you Mickey… Lorenzo is just pathetic at this point. Regardless of all of Honda’s public assurances that Jorge is still in and they will do everything they can to deliver him a bike he can ride, I just can’t believe they can stand to risk having yet another year of a Repsol Honda rider having slap fights with Karel Abraham every Sunday. If Zarco does have a part to play, I’d like to think they’d pull Crutchlow into the 2020 Repsol team for perhaps his last season in MotoGP while Zarco takes the LCR seat. That at least gives Honda a little evaluation time to decide what to do for 2021.

    • Dave says:

      Lorenzo was 21sec. + too far back to engage Karel in a slap fight this week. I’m still a believer in him, but from here, I think it’ll never happen on the Honda. They’d do well to let him out of his contract next year and give him the rest of this year off to arrange his next move. Nothing is better than what Repsol/Lorenzo are delivering now.

  4. mickey says:

    Great race all the way around. Glad Mav, Petrucci, and Quatararo were not hurt in their mishaps. The speeds these guys run at is amazing. I said Zarco couldnt do any worse than Lorenzo, and I was right lol. No way Honda keeps Lorenzo in 2020, but not sure Zarco is the answer.

  5. dt-175 says:

    how does mav not have an a-c separation?

  6. Anonymous says:

    …Queue lame responses from unimpressed Rossi nut-huggers.

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