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Coronavirus Concerns Prompt Rescheduling of COTA MotoGP Round to November

Not unexpectedly, the governing bodies in charge of the MotoGP series have delayed the Austin round from its originally scheduled date of April 5. The race is now scheduled to occur on November 15, 2020. Below is a statement posted on the website of the Circuit of The Americas (also appearing on its Instagram). Note that MD does not endorse the statement “the risks of getting sick are very low.”

With the disruption in international flights serving areas that are home to many teams, fans, freight and competitors, the MotoGP Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas has been postponed until November 15, 2020.

We are glad that there are no cases of the virus in Austin and recognize that the risks of getting sick are very low, however, an international event of this sort presents logistics concerns, travel commitments, and significant advance planning.

All tickets purchased will be valid for the November event. While we greatly appreciate the ongoing support and patronage of the fans, we recognize that some ticket holders may need a refund. COTA will honor any such request.


  1. Fred N says:

    Of course, everyone should automatically get a refund now.
    Fancy willingly giving this sort of money to a Company for 8 months interest free.
    Especially wrong if you are paying interest on a credit card ticket purchase yourself.

    • Nomadak says:

      I made plans month’s ago for myself and a buddy to attend the Austin MotoGP event. It would have been his first time, my 4th. I just wanted to see the glow on his face when he was immersed in the whole experience.

      When the cancellation was announced, we were bummed. Won’t be able to attend in November, my son is in football season then.

      I had not purchased travel insurance (that will be my last time EVER doing that) so I was expecting to be out probably $1500. To my satisfaction, I was refunded flights by a small carrier, as well as my rental car by Hertz, my hotel room by La Quinta, and even Expedia waved all charges. They only problem I had was with Moto CP for the already purchased tickets and parking. Still awaiting resolution.

    • Dave says:

      They’re in a tough spot. I doubt their income goes into an interest earning savings account, it more likely is spent on event operations (or at least most of it). While would-be attendees should be able get refunds if they can’t or don’t want to attend the alternate date, I don’t think anyone wants to bankrupt the facility and lose the race for the future, either.

  2. Bob S. says:

    I’m to the point where I’d prefer reading about electric motorcycles rather than another story about Coronavirus.

    • Provologna says:

      I totally get your emotion, but unfortunately CV is here to stay as the world’s primary news subject, at least till we have a vaccine.

  3. Mike says:

    Stuffs getting real. NBA cancelled basketball. Hockey too, I think. No discussion on baseball but it’s coming. US closing borders to all but citizens for 30 days. Why 30 days and not until the virus is gone?

    • Statler says:

      It’s going to be 30 days… at a time! We are in for the long haul, this pandemic just started and even when the rate of infection will be in clear decline, who is going to take responsibility to say “we are all good now, resume all activities”
      It sucks!

  4. TimC says:

    This hysteria is totally out of control at this point. Ridiculous.

    That said, almost Thanksgiving in Austin? It will probably be reasonably nice, could be a bit cool though. OR, it could be frigid and terrible.

    • Ken says:

      Hysteria? Really? I seriously doubt that anyone in Italy, China, Iran or the relatives of the 4000+ dead people (so far) are calling it that.

        • mickey says:

          when I posted that link on March 12, there were 4,000 deaths. Now on March 21 there are 12,000 deaths.

      • Valentino says:

        “only” 12,000+ so far from seasonal flu since Oct; but hey, nothing compared to the Chinese virus right?

        • Provologna says:

          Contagion while victim tests positive for virus:
          Prior normal flu: contagion approximately equals severity of symptoms, till peak symptoms, then contagion quickly decreases. Normally no permanent nor long term lung scarring. Symptom onset normally quite rapid. NEVER caused potential wide spread lack of hospital beds and/or lack of respirators to save lives.

          CV: virtually maximum contagion entire time victim tests positive, even without symptoms, and even post-symptoms. Potential permanent lung scarring. Up to 10x higher mortality rate. Normally 3-5 days symptom free post exposure, but one source claiming up to 27 (twenty seven) days symptom free post-exposure, during which time carrier spreads the virus far and wide, each of these carriers also spreading the virus, etc., etc. Huge influx of victims in short time frame shall positively cause lack of hospital beds and/or respirators, resulting in deaths that would otherwise not occur. Transmits via finer droplets and hangs in the air longer than normal flu.

          Unless you are severely math averse and/or math impaired, you hopefully see the error in your post.

        • Ken says:

          9000 deaths now, so it’s currently doubling every 7 days.
          18,000 by this time next week, 36,000 the week after. By October it will be worse than the flu by orders of magnitude.
          So yes, it’s far worse than the common flu.
          Simple math, but I guess some people still don’t get it.

          • Dave says:

            Not to mention all of the 2nd degree catastrophe it will cause if the hospital system becomes overwhelmed. That’ll make the seasonal flu numbers increase, too.

  5. mickey says:

    Officially a pandemic now. Going to get worse, before it gets better… but it will get better. Matter of time.

  6. Ricardo says:

    As expected, hopefully this madness will be over soon, not only for this event but others as well. Here in Indianapolis and surrounding areas schools are closing for 4 weeks to avoid any exposure from people coming back from spring break travel…

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