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MV Agusta Rush 1000: Not Just a Styling Exercise

Okay, so maybe the new MV Agusta Rush 1000 is a styling exercise … but it is not just a styling exercise. Limited to 300 units, it is powered by MV’s 998cc inline-four. Top drawer features abound.

This version of the big four puts out 208 horsepower (212 hp with an optional Racing Kit). Traction control, launch control, wheelie control and quickshifter are also on the features list. Brembo Stylema calipers and electronically-adjustable Öhlins suspension are there, as well.

“Drag Race” styling is either odd, or interesting, depending on your perspective, as is the $37,200 asking price. Production is said to begin in June.


  1. newtonmeres says:

    I would keep my Bking even if offered the MV clean swap. Hell I would keep the Bandit 1200 i once owned, Geeze even The 1975 Honda 750 i had…..

  2. Jeremy says:

    Italian design seems to have lost its way over the recent years with respect to motorcycles There once was this visceral, liquid quality to Italian motorcycles and cars that somehow let you take it in visually and understand it instantly while at the same time encouraged you to study every little detail. The design language always changed with the times of course, but that particular element was almost always present. I’m not seeing it here though, and I see it less and less in general from Ducati, Aprilia and MV.

    I’m not saying I don’t like this design, because I do (though I’m not sold on that rear wheel just yet.) It’s just too busy to relate to what I’ve come to understand is “Italian.” It’s kind of like how a kaleidescope is pretty and interesting vs how a waterfall is pretty and interesting.

    • Kermit T Frog says:

      Jeremy, would you agree with the supposition that this particular bike and more than a few others, appear to have been designed by pure accident?

      Because to me, this looks as if the Italians magnetized a motor and frame weighing approximately 200 lbs and then dragged it through a Salvador Dali “inspired” parts bin.

      Melted crap. 😉

      • Jeremy says:

        Haha. Like I said, I actually do like the design, so I don’t judge it so harshly. But it is kind of like staring into the sun in the sense that I can’t just gaze at it and take it in. Something about the design just breaks itself up.

        I’m not sure these particular photos do it much justice. It might look a lot slicker in person.

    • Dino says:

      Really good analogy. If you look at the great designs, there is something seamless that ties the whole thing together.
      This bike, while it is visually interesting (like your kaleidoscope), it does not look like all those extra bits bolted on are supposed to be there.
      Probably a hoot to ride, though the price tag and limited numbers in production will almost guarantee that it won’t be ridden.

  3. TP says:

    Nobody does it like the Italians, do they? We’re so lucky to have them.

  4. Mick says:

    I wonder how much that rear wheel weighs. While it seems to me that most street bike buyers don’t really care that their bikes weigh 100 or more pounds than they really should, that wheel is just plain hubris.

    It looks like they got a really good deal on a bunch of them on alibaba and then built a bike around it for a few laughs.

    • mickey says:

      ” While it seems to me that most street bike buyers don’t really care that their bikes weigh 100 or more pounds than they really should”

      This is an interesting statement

      What SHOULD a street bike weigh?

  5. Butch says:

    How much for just the hubcap ?

  6. Mr.Mike says:

    Though not exactly for me, I am happy this exists.

  7. Mitch says:

    Looks of the bike.

    OK. Imagine if it had a full race fairing on it……… :):)

  8. Provologna says:

    Remind me not to buy this bike.

    I’ll wait for the dual sport version.

  9. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    If I ever wanted an Inline 4, I would rather have a 1970 Honda 750.

  10. Grover says:

    Seems that riders want a bike that is both beautiful AND fast. One or the other is not enough and this MV is a great example of that. Who cares if it’s the fastest thing on two wheels if you have to cover it with a tarp to hide its looks every time you get off it. Oh well, tarps are cheap at Harbor Freight (use a coupon – limit 5 per customer).

  11. Tom Shields says:

    Whenever I see a motorcycle that is as visually cluttered as this one, I try to imagine actually cleaning it. Were it ever to get dirty. Which it would not, since it is a MV Agusta.

    Sorry, short on coffee and not thinking clearly.

  12. Pedro says:

    The cologne and tasseled loafers of the MC world.

  13. Mitch says:

    Hey all,

    Its interesting (not an attack, merely an opinion and observation) how people are attacking this bike regarding looks (not performance):
    The KTM superduke – the latest model has poor styling and the front looks very much like the 1980’s tranformers cartoon
    The Ducati Monster – some similarities in looks but MV have done a better job (in my humble opinion)
    The Naked Ducati – hmmmmm – not sure about that one……. It just looks all wrong

    So, to my point, what I find interesting is this bike looks build for purpose (apart from that back wheel) and very much like superbikes of old – muscular, agressive and packs a stack of power…. Is it the price????

    Just curious.

    So, what exactly is there not to like (apart from possible reliability issues and that back wheel).

    • mickey says:

      Do you mean like the lack of a dealer network, the nearly 40 grand price tag, reliability questions, the general fugliness of it? Or were you wanting something more specific?

      Hard to complain about 208 horses(except maybe that it’s overkill with a national 80 mph speed limit (not in Ohio the max speed limit here is 70) but other than some really long straight sections out west where are you going to use it without seriously breaking the law?

      There are those that are going to like it as is (like you?). Just not the majority of folks.

      • Dave says:

        “ but other than some really long straight sections out west where are you going to use it without seriously breaking the law?”

        Haven’t we been asking and re-asking that question since the first 75hp bikes came out?

      • VLJ says:

        What Dave said.

        Motorcycles have been obscenely fast for a very long time now. It’s hardly a recent development, this notion that a bike can double any posted speed limit with the slightest flick of the wrist, and, therefore, serve no purpose in the real world.

        Yeah, well, great. Tell that to every owner of an R1, GSX-R, CBR1000, ZX-10, Hayabusa, ZX-14, CBR1100XX Super Blackbird, or even a ZX-11. All of these bikes will double the local speed limit in third gear, if not second gear. My bone-stock 2003 GSX-R1000—we’re talking seventeen years ago now—did 123 mph in second gear. Simply grabbing a small handful on a freeway onramp saw the speedo needle flashing past 100 mph without even trying.

        Point being, absolutely no one who is interested in owning such bikes gives a watery crap about staying within posted speed limits. Besides the fact that it’s nearly impossible to do so on such machinery, it’s simply not a priority. You just bought a Super Duke R, or a Tuono, or a BMW S1000RR. You’re riding a sporting motorcycle. You’re going to exceed the posted speed limits, on a regular basis. At times, you’re going to blow them away. It’s just a given, and no one cares.

        What matters is whether you can do so safely and responsibly, without risking the safety of others. After that, the issue becomes one of driver’s license preservation, and that’s on you. Know when and where to get your little jolts of adrenaline, and when and where to restrain yourself.

        • mickey says:

          I certainly understand that VLJ. When I bought my 77 Kawasaki 1000 new it would break the speed limit in the country in 1st gear (60 mph speed limit then), however there has to be a limit for usable horsepower in a public environment, realizing that a 16 year old rich kid can walk in and buy one with daddy’s permission and money.

          What is that limit? 200 hp? 300 hp 400 hp? 500 hp? How do you run 200 mph or more safely and responsibly on a public road?

          During the corona virus lock down an 18 year old kid in Canada was caught doing 302 Kph (191 mph) in his dad’s Mercedes and said he felt comfortable doing that.

          If this excessive speed and hp keeps up, legislators will eventually take it out of our hands and place limits like they did in Japan (181 kph 112 mph) or in Germany 100 HP a few years ago.

          It won’t affect me one way or the other, but do you wanna buy a Hyabusa that tops out at 112 mph?

          • VLJ says:

            We already have bone stock 300+-hp bikes that any moron with a driver’s license can purchase and legally operate on public roads. We also have 800+-hp Dodge Challengers, right off the showroom floor.

            It really doesn’t matter how powerful or fast something is. Going splat at 85 mph on your 85-hp CB1100, going splat at 125 mph on a 150-hp SDR, going splat at 150 mph on a 300-hp Kawi H2R, or going splat at 65 mph on a big ol’ 50-hp scooter? What difference does it make?

            The answer…not a whit. Splat is splat. Dead is dead. You can’t regulate away splat.

          • mickey says:

            Again understood..I’m not a moron you know. been around the block …. a few times.

            ” You can’t regulate away splat.”

            No but legislators can legislate away horsepower and spped. They have done it in other countries and they can do it here. Some Congressman’s son buys one of these bikes and goes out and runs 200 mph and hits a family in a sedan killing everyone and guess what legislation is going to be presented in the next session.

            Bam all new bikes in America limited to 100 hp and 125 mph..even IF 40 mph will get you splatted. There is splat and there is BIG SPLAT!

          • VLJ says:

            No need to worry. Never going to happen, not here. This is ‘Murica!

            If you haven’t noticed, the Horsepower Wars are escalating. Doesn’t matter whether it’s 305-hp Civics, 330-hp 4-banger Mustangs, Teslas that do 0-60 in two seconds, 205-hp naked standard Ducatis, Triumph heritage-model vertical Twins pushing 100 hp, or even those crazy 40-mph skateboards, everything hp-related in our market is trending upward.

            They won’t cut the HP. Nope, the power numbers will keep rising. Instead, they’ll simply continue to slather more and more electronic nannies on our ever-faster machines, until we are no longer operating them ourselves.

            That’s just where we’re headed, unfortunately.

            On a similarly disturbing note, did you see the news that Honda is going to add their old Hondamatic tranny to the CB1100? Not the DCT. Too heavy and complicated. Rather, they’re going with the simpler Hondamatic tranny from the ’70s.


          • mickey says:

            yea, I saw that. Maybe some more old guys will buy one. Mine has about the slickest trans I’ve ever shifted.Like butta..

          • VLJ says:

            No doubt.

            Talk about fixing something that ain’t broken, or answering a question no one ever asked…wow.

          • Grover says:

            I can easily get pick up tickets or kill myself on my 250 Dualsport. Engine size or HP does not dictate safety on a motorcycle, the rider does. I had a Bandit 1200 that I would regularly test the limits, put 55,000 miles on it and I’m still here to talk about it. Also, I’m more likely to get hurt on my Dualsport with 24 hp as I tend to ride it like a jackass around town and in the twisties. Even a 250 can do 75 mph in a 35 zone. See what I mean?
            As was mentioned, this is America, land of the free. You make your own destiny by being responsible, diligent and hard working. If you want a 200+ HP bike go for it. If you get killed on it by being stupid there is a nice shiny Darwin Award waiting for your family to pick up and display at your funeral.

        • Dirty Bob says:

          It’s easy to purchase a fast bike. However if one wants to be responsible, you must get a race license and wait for track day. It was common to run a bike on open tracks here in the West during the 60s and 70s. Some bikes topped out at 160mph. Example: A kawi 3 in 69 would go 130mph.

  14. TimC says:

    You know what they say about mopeds? I think I’d pick the moped

  15. J.Man says:

    I sold MV Augustas for 7 years, in the 7 years I sold probably 13 or so. They have a terrible market, because they are so limited they’re not in NADA value guides. They are the most unreliable bikes that I have ever experienced. Out of 13 sold, there was 2 that ran for the time that the customer owned them. the other 11 were nothing but trouble. Tank swells, bad sprague clutches, and just a weird shut off problems.
    I sold 2 that didn’t make it out of the parking lot. MVs are for douche bags that want attention and don’t intend to ride, for the majority.
    I did have a couple of customers that raced theirs, and those bike ran good. But the posers suffered. Anyways that is all. I just find it funny that they make these gaudy bikes and charge crazy money for a bike that has a reputation of constantly breaking, and people still buy them. I guess it’s like carrying a Gucci purse, some people need that status to feel important, or at least better than you.

    • Motoman says:

      Sounds like MVs are pretty crappy bikes. Strange though how the bikes that were raced were fine but the “posers” bikes weren’t. 😉

    • Marcus says:

      At least Gucci purses are reliable.

    • Hot Dog says:

      I wish you’d stop beating around and just get to the point.

      You’re right, people just want to be seen.

    • Sleeping Dog says:

      I sold BMW’s for several years and had a guy come in wanting to trade a 9 month old MV. While I don’t remember which model, it had an MSRP of ~$25K and he admitted he paid about $21K OTD. I called 5 MV dealers and a prominent used bike superstore, none wanted it, the superstore did offer $9K, as they promise that they will buy anything from another dealer. Nice bikes, but you need consider it will be worthless after you buy it.

  16. David M says:

    I thought somebody already built a BatBike…

    • Dirty Bob says:

      MV Agusta Rush 1000
      Wonderful concept including all the bells and whistles. Yet I’m still looking for a place to open-up that 212 HP.

  17. Anonymous says:

    This type of squidmobile is not usually my cuppa tea, but this is kinda cool. New Batmobile?

  18. Kermit T Frog says:

    In some ways it’s cool looking and in others it makes the KTM Super Duke R look attractive. This thing looks like something born of Picasso and Dali with a touch of Wyeth thrown in to make people with taste think about one.

    I don’t that kind of money for a motorcycle and if I did, I’d use it on a KTM 390 Adventure, Moto Guzzi’s Eldorado (in RED!) and V85TT (and I would get someone to make me a pair of tubeless spoke wheels!).

    For those that like it? Cool. Good for you. I hope someone that can afford it thinks they can’t afford not to own it.

    For the record, the FXDR™ 114 still holds the crown for fugliest bike on the planet of misfit toys.

  19. Steve M says:

    The Rear Wheel of Fortune

  20. Hot Dog says:

    Even if it’s got big balls, it still looks like it was smacked up before it even got off the showroom floor. 2 good things if you buy it though: 1- you’ve got money to burn and 2- you can’t see what’s up your bottom whilst in warp mode.

  21. Bubba Blue says:

    Looks about the same as a dozen others. Tiny things. Too small for me.

  22. Rennie says:

    Glad they don’t call it a styling exercise. It’s really ugly.
    Must be working with the Harley guys that put the weird headlight on the new adv bike.

  23. larlok says:


  24. My2cents says:

    It’s a thing of beauty. Absolutely gorgeous but definitely not for a stick in the mud kind of person. Price tag is beyond my means but I hope to see one in the flesh soon.

  25. JC says:

    I almost bought a Brutale in 2003, but it was physically too small for a daily bike. Fast forward 17 years and MV styling is Brutale on crack…..and not in a good way. I could probably fit in this 1000cc MV, but I would need a good helmet with a very dark face shield.

  26. frank says:

    Oh My….Monstrous! And I mean that in a good way.

  27. Tank says:

    I sure won’t be in a Rush to buy one.

  28. TimC says:

    It definitely looks like a visual representation of “La Villa Strangiato.”

    • JC says:

      Haha. I was listening to that today and it was the first thing that crossed my mind when I saw the bike. Good call.

  29. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    This thing is for little boys who grew up watching transformer cartoons, became wealthy, and believe anything lacking grace in design must belong to a professional grand prix hero race pilot. Hoo chi momma yuppie ugly.

  30. bmbktmracer says:

    I think it’s kind of cool. Love the lower triple clamp, wheels, and headlight. The price is fine because there are lots of really rich people in the world that need unique toys. I live in South Korea and you’d not believe the number of spoiled rich kids driving unmuffled Lamborghinis, Ferraris, Porsches… Wait’ll they lay eyes on this bad boy!

  31. Tom R says:

    Like Arnold said to Predator: “You are one ugly M-er F-er”.

  32. mickey says:

    Wow, that thing is just a visual mess.

  33. dt-175 says:

    the bike is fine. I wonder who aspires to be the delicate, manscaped fawn that’s not even ready to ride…

  34. VLJ says:

    I don’t mind the red bits, but (Jerry Seinfeld voice) what’s the deal with the cover on the rear wheel, and why on earth does this thing cost $37K? What crazy-expensive materials or tech does it feature to justify such a ridiculously high price?

  35. Marcus says:

    Me, I’m loving the black/red highlights paint scheme. 👍
    It’s new. Give it time and all the cool kids will be doing it.

    • Anonymous says:

      Love it. Blows the over plastic Ducati v4 street fighter to shame. Some of the color usage is unique but it shows off its heart and soul quite well.
      I’ll take one for 25k please.

      • marcus says:

        Wait awhile and pick one up barely used for way less. 👍
        Generally people who buy these polish them more than ride them.

  36. Anonymous says:

    Hell, I think it’s BAD ASS!

  37. joe b says:

    I dont get the red highlights. I sometime see this on cars where someone takes all the little brackets and clamps and paints them all bright red. Here, they had to put tape on the edges of the tank and radiator shrouds, it looks horrible. Like they gave a red marker to a kid, come’on. Underneath the hideous red highlights is a nice motorcycle. why ruin it?

  38. Pete Rowan says:

    Wow, MV really missed the mark with the styling of this one. That bulgy-bulb “thingy” behind the seat and the rear wheel are unbearable in my eyes…

  39. Provologna says:

    The Emperor HAS clothes. You wish he’d change them.

  40. badChad says:

    It looks tiny.

    • Ken Pickett says:

      Yep, if it’s anything like the Dragster, it will be very small. I rode the Dragster a few years ago at an MV ride day, and man, that thing was tiny.

  41. Tim says:

    This looks very Japanese. From the beautiful F4 and the original Brutale’s to this? Too bad they didn’t clone Massimo Tamburini before he passed.

  42. SausageCreature says:

    Thank you for telling us this is a motorcycle. I honestly wasn’t sure at first, because the handgrips and the tires are the only elements recognizable as such. Everything else is just a big heap of visual confusion.

    If this is a styling *exercise* then I hope they have some ice packs handy…I’m sure they must have sprained something.

  43. Bob says:

    An exemplary example of the “pre-crashed” aesthetic.

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