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Aprilia Introduces the Tuono V4 X – a Naked Track Weapon

You probably know that naked bikes are available with insane levels of performance these days. Ducati, Kawasaki (including their supercharged models), and KTM are building bikes with far more performance than you can realistically use on the street. Aprilia continues to step up as well, today announcing the new, track-focused Tuono V4 X pictured.

Calling it “the most powerful and lightest hypernaked in the world”, Aprilia is quoting 221 horsepower and 166 kg (365 pounds) of dry weight, thanks to the liberal use of carbon fiber. Aerodynamic wings that you can see near the front of the bike are claimed to increase stability at high speeds.

Here are the details received from Aprilia. Pricing is quoted as 34,900 (roughly $42,000 U.S. dollars).





After the success achieved by Aprilia RSV4 X, the special version of the supersport bike from Noale, one of the most powerful and lightest ever, of which 10 available units were assigned in just a few hours, Aprilia is back to advancing the extraordinary V4 project, presenting a truly unique version of the Tuono V4, the hypernaked par excellence.

Introducing Aprilia Tuono V4 X, the exclusive “super Tuono” produced in a numbered and limited edition, developed and assembled directly by Aprilia Racing, the factory with 54 world titles, seven of which were won in the World SBK championship specifically with the narrow V4 engine.

Thanks to the painstaking care of Aprilia Racing, the most advanced Piaggio Group platform for motorcycle technology development, Tuono V4 X is now a true high-handlebar racing bike, capable of providing an exclusive riding experience and great thrills, reserved for the most advanced and demanding consumer.

Considering the fact that, since its birth in 2011, the Tuono V4 has been deemed the best hypernaked on the track, you can just imagine the credentials of the Tuono V4 X, capable of lapping with a pace of 1’50” at Imola in the able hands of Aprilia rider Lorenzo Savadori, during development entrusted to him: “It is the most fun bike I’ve ever ridden. In my opinion, the mix of comfort and performance is unique. The insane engine is also easy to manage, both for experts and novices, and the aerodynamics package provides incredible stability for a naked. I think that the Tuono V4 X has once again created a new segment.”

With the performance and thrills that Tuono V4 X is capable of providing, Aleix Espargaró also caught the fever, the Aprilia Racing team MotoGP rider who put it through its paces on the Austrian Red Bull Ring circuit: “The Tuono V4 X is out of this world. I had never tested a high-handlebar bike on the track and I was surprised at the feeling of stability. The engine is insane, but the chassis architecture doesn’t struggle – to the contrary: the riding position and the electronics make it extremely fun. You can ride it cleanly, but you can also drift with it if you want to. It is a pure sportbike with a hooligan side!”

The experience that the Racing Department from Noale has in the top championships contributed to the development of the Aprilia Tuono V4 X: for the first time on a bike of this type, the generous front aerodynamic appendage in carbon has been introduced, clearly derived from the one fitted on the Aprilia RS-GP used in MotoGP. This choice contributes to increasing stability at high speeds and in the critical phases of braking and acceleration.

The goal of making this special Tuono a true high-handlebar racing bike exclusively for track use was achieved in full, thanks to a skilled job of general lightening, which reached the exceptional landmark of 166 kg dry weight on the scales, specs that are rather close to those of MotoGP prototypes.

All the fairings are in carbon, enhanced by the dedicated “Bol d’Or” graphic, inspired by the Aprilia RSV 1000 R Factory which participated in the 2006 edition of the legendary French endurance race. The fuel tank is the same shape as the original, but it is lighter, while the factory electrical system has been simplified. Another obviously sports-derived element is the racing panel via which to adjust the main electronic controls of the Tuono V4 X. There are numerous billet aluminium parts that contribute to lowering the weight, such as the clutch lever, the brake lever guard, the engine crankcase guards, the adjustable footpegs and the fuel cap. The Marchesini wheel rims in forged magnesium, shod with racing slicks, provide the added value of handling that is out of reach even for fairing-covered supersport bikes.

The engine is derived from the unit that successfully equips the RSV4 1100 Factory. The Akrapovic exhaust system features titanium collectors and a carbon outlet, while the air filter is a Sprint Filter element, specifically the air filter that offers the highest permeability of those available on the market (as well as being waterproof), the same unit that Aprilia Racing uses in MotoGP.

Electronic fine-tuning is guaranteed by the ECU which has been revamped in terms of logic and functions, featuring engine control and vehicle dynamics maps developed by Aprilia Racing. The engine maps are all “full power” and optimised for the racing exhaust system. The engine brake, traction control and anti-wheelie levels are specifically designed for use on the track. It comes standard with the electronic gearbox (including downshifting) and the colour TFT instrument cluster reprogrammed with lap time display using the built-in GPS sensor.

The maximum power of the V4 from Noale increases from the 217 HP of the factory unit to the value of 221 HP measured at the crank. Performance that can be fully exploited thanks to the proverbial quality of a frame which is heir to a dynasty that won 18 titles and 143 Grand Prix races in the 250 class and the advanced semi-active Öhlins Smart EC 2.0 suspension system.

The Brembo braking system is also entirely racing, thanks to the use of refined and extremely effective GP4-MS billet aluminium calipers that grip a pair of steel discs with T-Drive technology and are controlled by a 19×16 radial master cylinder, also made in billet aluminium.

Each Aprilia Tuono V4 X unit, available at a price of €34,900, can already be reserved exclusively online by going to the Aprilia website. Buyers will be able to pick up their unit directly from Aprilia Racing, simultaneously with an exclusive tour of the racing department in Noale, and they will receive a dedicated KYT NX-Race helmet with a graphic inspired by the bike’s graphics.

Tuono V4 X is part of the Factory Works program launched by Aprilia Racing: unique in the world, it takes the same technology developed in competitive racing and makes it available to those planning to compete at high level in factory derivative championships or to those who want an RSV4 or a Tuono V4 with performance optimised for track use.


  1. Uffe says:

    I’m disappointed in the way I’d be disappointed if a girl texted me a photo of herself “naked”, wearing a semi see-through negligee, stockings and suspenders. Not bad but not naked either.

  2. Kermit says:

    I bought a new VF705F Interceptor in ’83 and the fairing setup was similar. Never thought of it as a naked because all the bikes before had zero fairings. I like this but could do without the lavender.

  3. Anonymous says:

    It takes a while to get used to high bars, but you do and they work. The leverage is great and no matter the bars, the rider on this bike or with clip ons make the difference, not the bars!!!

    As far as the fairing, they’ve added more and more plastic each model, as it gains more and more HP. As a tracke bike, it will like those wings so it’s fine. And I’ll have mine with the bars please, never helped me pass anyone and never caused me to get passed by slower riders either!

    Lavender… ummm must be different; go with it!!!

  4. Jim Logan says:

    Kind of reminds me of a hammer head shark.

  5. Mick says:

    Is that the real paint? Or are the 60s playing games with me again?

  6. VLJ says:

    Come on, Aprilia, it’s an Italian bike. Replace the stupid lavender with proper Italian green.

    Why lavender, anyway?

  7. TimC says:

    I’m thinking riding this thing is like dating a porn star. Probably fun but face it you’re probably seriously inadequate.

  8. Lynchenstein says:

    “naked”…with a fairings and wings. Sure!

    • TimC says:

      It’s 2020. “The New Naked.”

    • fred says:

      It may be a lot of things, but “naked” isn’t one of them.

      When I was young, I had the desire, but not the money or the skills for such a bike. As I got older, I had the money, but not the desire nor the skills. Now, I have none of the three. Still enjoy riding quick bikes, but that one is way above my pay grade.

  9. Hot Dog says:

    Two things would have to take place before I could own this beast. 1- my bank account would have to be overflowing & 2- I’d have to have nadds so big I don’t think I could sit on it. One out of two isn’t bad though.

  10. Matt says:

    Such glorious overkill. Too bad its reserved only for those with lots of digits in their bank account and not us mere mortals.

  11. Bart says:

    No factory carbon fiber milkcrate? Would not buy.

  12. Wendy says:

    Oooooh! A custom helmet!

  13. Anonymous says:

    They build the best street / track bikes for sure. Beautiful. Though the plain r version is more than enough, 368.xx pounds is a miracle.

  14. mickey says:

    You too can have your own copy of the slowest motorcycle in MotoGP

    Just kidding…..

    the thing has got to be a missile and the price (shocking myself) seems pretty reasonable these days.

  15. Marcus says:

    At $42,000 for a track only naked bike 😳, yeah, I’d say it is a new segment.

    • Bob Krzeszkiewicz says:

      Hardly a naked bike. Only needs 2-3″ of plastic to connect the belly pan to the upper fairing to make it a full fairing. Only difference between a Tuono and a RSV4 is the higher handlebar and a larger windscreen. The higher bar is crap for a track only bike. I’ve tried.

      But I agree, this is a definitely a new segment. That justifies itself for its own sake.

      • Marcus says:

        Well, let’s call it “a sport bike missing a piece of the side fairing”. 🍻

      • Nick says:

        Yes; the riders hands do look completely ridiculous being up around his ears. Fine if you are riding it to the shops, but this is track-only bike so build it to suit. Or perhaps it could have a back rest and forward controls and be called a track-dedicated cruiser? Awesome marketing, Aprilia!

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