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KTM Introduces 2021 890 Adventure R Rally and 890 Adventure R

Just a couple of years on from introducing the 790 Adventure models, KTM has today introduced the 2021 890 Adventure R Rally (limited availability) and 890 Adventure R models. The big news is an increase in displacement to 889cc courtesy of added bore and stroke, but there are additional changes as well. The standard R model is set to arrive at KTM dealers next month, while the 890 Adventure R Rally (200 of which will be available in the U.S.) must be pre-ordered starting November 2 (as described below).

Here is the press release from KTM:

Two years ago, KTM funneled track experience, premium technology and race-inspired design into some of the most versatile and exciting Adventure motorcycles to roll off the brand’s production lines. As a result, the KTM 790 ADVENTURE lineup quickened the pulse in the midweight segment. For 2021 and beyond, KTM is raising heartrates further with the launch of the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY and KTM 890 ADVENTURE R machines, a pair of new bikes based on new engine platforms with more power and torque, that are ready for extreme escapes off the beaten track.

In the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY, KTM is crafting one of the most desirable Adventure offerings out there thanks to a series of components and settings derived from the efforts of the Red Bull KTM Factory Racing Rally team. The data recorded across landscapes around the world has been analyzed and applied directly to the form of the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY. 

Top of the range WP XPLOR Pro Components suspension allows riders to push harder with full adjustability, while the power output of the new 4-stroke, twin, DOHC engine is boosted by an ultra-light Akrapovič silencer. The KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY is truly an unparalleled, specialized motorcycle for the hardcore Adventurer with a number of race-inspired details like specific rally-proven chassis settings, Rally footpegs (larger footprint and mud-free), flat offroad seat, clear screen and winglets, racing graphics, along with Quickshifter+ and RALLY ride mode as standard.


  • Limited-edition, 700 units [500 INT and 200 U.S.]
  • Updated engine and electronics
  • WP XPLOR Pro Components Suspension
  • Akrapovič exhaust (35% lighter than standard)
  • Flat racing seat (with 910 mm height)
  • RALLY mode and Quickshifter+ included
  • Narrow anodized wheel rims with tubes
  • Clear screen winglets and racing graphics and colors
  • Carbon fiber tank protectors and Rally footrests

The KTM 890 ADVENTURE R improves and accelerates the riding sensation that many have come to love with the KTM 790 ADVENTURE model family. The new engine generates increased horsepower and torque over the bike’s smaller brother. The crankshaft features 20% more rotating mass and the overall effect of the engineering around the powerplant means a more stable and consistent output, noticeable with low RPM torque. The added mass also means added cornering stability for long distance riding on the throttle. Fully-adjustable WP XPLOR suspension, overhauled ABS software and new traction control algorithms are just three aspects that mold the KTM 890 ADVENTURE R as the company’s refined definition of an exhilarating ‘all-rounder’.


  • New 889 cc engine with an added 90 cc of displacement
  • Engine featuring 20% more rotating masses
  • More power and torque
  • Reinforced clutch
  • Improved ABS and Traction Control
  • Reworked shifting for faster gear changes
  • Updated Quickshifter+ (optional)
  • New handlebar switch for Cruise Control function
  • Chassis upgrades with aluminum steering head tube and lighter subframe
  • Reworked front and rear brakes
  • New suspension settings 

The exclusive KTM 890 ADVENTURE R RALLY will be available in limited quantities beginning this fall and can be pre-ordered on starting November 2, 2020. Purchase and delivery will go through select KTM dealers listed on the pre-order page.

The KTM 890 ADVENTURE R will be arriving at authorized KTM dealers from November 2020 onwards. For more info visit


  1. Thomas DeLoriea says:

    As a 790ADV-R owner I only care about one item from this press release. “The crankshaft features 20% more rotating mass and the overall effect of the engineering around the powerplant means a more stable and consistent output, noticeable with low RPM torque.”

    The 790 is an excellent powerplant with tons of bhp but it lacks the flywheel effect that flat trackers and thumpers have. The ability to slide the rear in a corner predictably is not a feature of the 790ADV. The lack of flywheel produces a bike that has traction and then spins easily but without the finesse common to bikes that allow you to use your right hand for spin control rather than some ECU.

    You can slide the 790 but it’s like a pipey two stroke. An all or nothing switch that is fun but better suited to a machine that weighs under 235lbs. The ADV-R has a mass of double that. When you get tired and your traction control ECU in your head slows down a 20% heavier flywheel is welcome.

  2. Swingset says:

    Recently got back from a 3000 mile trip on my 1190R to Utah and Colorado. By myself I ended up looking at some of the tougher dirt mountain passes and the thought of dropping the fully loaded bike and passed. Its for sale and the 690/701 is now on the a la carte list. I finally realized how much I dislike pavement.

  3. Kermit T Frog says:

    Is it any wonder that nearly all manufacturers seem to cater to the “ifonly” and “less and more” folks?

    Suddenly, the 790 Adventure is no longer the “perfect” bike. The 890 is because it’s bigger. And some were just about to upgrade their own bike along the lines of what Dirck is doing with his now plebeian 790 Adventure. Foolish children!

    I say no one buys anything and we all just sit and wait for the next upgrade ad nauseam, ad infinitum.

    Ad ridiculoso 😉

  4. Buzzard says:

    I hope they make a Adventure, for the shorter guys. I have a 790 adventure and would move up to the 890. Does anyone know what the horsepower/torque is on the 890 adventure is? Great bike, just want a little more hp.

  5. Jolly says:

    Give me the KTM 490 Adventure R Rally. I’ll pay $10-13K for a sub 400lbs dirt/ADV capable bike that is ALSO street capable and comfortable for the distance (read: smooth engine and 200 mile range, can carry camping gear).

    For the record the Husqvarna 701 Enduro LR is currently at the top of my list to replace my 2016 Africa Twin.

  6. Tom R says:

    When did Woody Woodpecker become a motorcycle?

    • Jodyz says:

      So many young 25 and unders are asking themselves, “What is a Woody Woodpecker?”

      • Tom R says:

        If any of them “youngsters” bother to Google it, they should also look up the Thrush Exhaust logo. Even as a kid I wondered how and why someone came up with that.

  7. dt-175 says:

    when will Dakar go back to twins?

  8. todder says:

    I think what you’ll see is KTM dropping the standard 890 Adventure which will be taken up by the Norden 901. Based on the latest photos, the Norden suspension looks in line with the same 790 non-R model. Hope not because I want a higher Spec Norden 901-R as well, but it doesn’t look that way.

    KTM 890 Adventure Rally would be some ride…

  9. Kermit T Frog says:

    Nice bike. In a few years we can expect to see an “all new” KTM 990 Adventure. Imagine that…It’s deja vu all over again, i.e., 2006 to 2013.

    We just got the 790s in Duke and Adv models, alas, we hardly knew them…How long before KTM brings us the 490 Adventure – “Because bigger ain’t always better. But it is bigger”.

    Like I said, nice bike. What goes around comes around. At least KTM doesn’t make fake Harleys. 😉

    • Grover says:

      I could do a 490 adventure @ 60% of the price. These things are still priced a little steep for a glorified dirt bike.

    • Dave says:

      As fast as they moved on from the 790, we can expect the 990 before the weekend.

      What is the world is the point of a 900cc off road bike? Make something heavy and wildly overpowered, then pile on tech to make it “possible” to ride off road?

    • Kermit T Frog says:

      I forgot to say the obvious…

      “Narrow anodized wheel rims with tubes” is not a “feature” I want in a modern motorcycle capable of sustained highway speeds. I seriously doubt this bike will see much off road adventurizin’ in comparison to highway touring. Tubes are anything but modern. Some here feel otherwise but I think, not feel. 🙂

      Maybe in a week or two when they come out with that “all new” 990 model it’ll have tubeless spoke wheels. 😉

      Otherwise, it’s a nice bike and until it gets upgraded again, people will find it desirable.

      • Steve says:

        Not so obvious, but the narrow rims are for running real dirt tires and Mousse’s (per KTM’s website).

        • Dave says:

          I wonder how well mousse’s hold up under a bike this heavy, and what percentage of buyers will ride off road seriously enough to consider them?

          • Bob Krzeszkiewicz says:

            Well, 450cc rally bikes are not light. With the 13.5 gallon Panamax tanker fuel capacity, 1 gallon of spare water, tool kit, emergency kit, crash protection and front fairing assembly with all the navigation doo-dads, they weigh in between 400-415 lbs. Mousse, IMO, is hit or miss with durability. 1st, I’d never use it for over-the-road riding, 2nd, it isn’t meant to be a replacement for a tube for road riding. They take abuse but the lifespan is short.

            The pics of professional riders jumping this bike everywhere is nice and it shows what it can do and take. But, I agree that it isn’t what buyers will be doing with it, so what’s the point. Truthfully, there’s better adv bikes out there for 99% road work. The KTMs are just nowhere near as comfortable for 4 hour days mush less 12 hours.

  10. motorhead says:

    This looks nice! It would be interesting is see a breakdown of how closely Dirck’s upgraded KTM 790 project bike resembles this new 890. I was leaning towards cloning Dirck’s but now I’m torn.

    • Tim says:

      Huh? The pic looks like the R model is pretty much the 790 R with a slightly bigger engine to me. Same 18/21 wheel sizes, etc. I’m not following how it could be more similar to Dirck’s Special (which I also may be copying in a year or two if Yamaha won’t bring the 700 Tracer to the States) than the previous model. What am I missing?

  11. marloweluke2 says:

    Dear KTM. Please make a Duke 890 GT with 17 inch wheels. The Superduke GT is great but too much. That would be the goldilocks for me.

  12. falcodoug says:

    This is the perfect bike. Nice work KTM.

  13. Matt says:

    This is the goldilocks machine that I was hoping KTM would build. Not too much, yet not too little. I cant wait to get a closer look at one, then convince SWMBO that it needs a home.

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