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Yamaha Adds Premium MT-09 SP to 2021 Lineup

Shortly after introducing the redesigned 2021 MT-09 priced at $9,399 here in the U.S., Yamaha has now introduced the 2021 MT-09 SP with several upgrades and priced at $10,999.

Among other upgrades verses the standard MT-09, the SP gets premium, fully adjustable suspension (including an Öhlins shock), cruise control and exclusive aesthetic features. These are all described in detail in the following press release from Yamaha:

MARIETTA, Ga. – November 10, 2020 – Yamaha Motor Corporation, USA, today introduces the 2021 MT-09 SP as the newest model in the company’s Hyper Naked motorcycle segment. With an all-new engine and radical design, as well as premium finishes and features, the all-new MT-09 SP is sharper, smarter and even more exclusive. The MT-10 and MT-03 also make their return, wrapping up the Master of Torque lineup for 2021.

The Dark Side of Japan

Since 2014, the Dark Side of Japan has been the inspiration behind the development of Yamaha’s MT models, bringing a whole new level of excitement and dynamism to thrill-seeking riders. Designed and built by people who eat, breathe and sleep motorcycles, Yamaha’s MT models have created their own dynamic Hyper Naked category and have introduced riders to a new kind of two-wheel experience.

With their torque-rich engine performance, agile handling and naked good looks, each and every MT is designed to deliver a sporty, thrilling and rewarding ride that reinforces every motorcyclist’s passion for two wheels. With over a quarter of a million MT models sold worldwide since the first model arrived seven years ago, the Yamaha Hyper Naked series makes motorcycling an even more exciting, accessible and attractive lifestyle choice.

All-New MT-09 SP

With its all-new engine and chassis, and a radical, new body design that exposes its fierce and muscular good looks, the 2021 MT-09 SP is for riders who demand the highest specifications and an even sharper, smarter and more exclusive motorcycle that features an aggressive supersport-influenced finish with a premium suspension package.

Dedicated SP colors and graphics

The MT-09 SP’s exclusive new YZF-R1M-influenced Raven/Liquid Metal color features a blue/black multi-toned paint scheme on the fuel tank and air ducts that give an even more aggressive and exclusive look to this top-of-the-range Hyper Naked. The premium finish is enhanced with seamless water-transfer graphics, and the supersport-style colors reinforce the bike’s pure character and highlight the close technological links with the YZF-R1M – the most advanced high-performance production Yamaha ever built.

Cruise Control system

In addition to the comprehensive electronic rider aides featured on the standard MT-09, the MT-09 SP is equipped with a Cruise Control system that enhances the overall riding experience. For a more relaxed ride on the highway, SP riders can choose to activate the Cruise Control system at speeds of at least 31 mph and in fourth gear and above. After the speed has been set, it can be increased in 1 mph increments with single pushes of the switch, or speed can be steadily increased by continuously holding down the switch. The system can be cancelled whenever the brakes, clutch or throttle are used.

Premium KYB® front suspension package

Featuring 41mm tubes with a tough DLC (Diamond Like Coating) that ensures ultra-smooth and responsive suspension action, the premium specification KYB® front forks feature full adjustability for preload, rebound and compression damping – enabling the SP rider to achieve the ultimate set-up to suit different riding situations. In addition, these premium front forks are also equipped with low and high-speed compression damping adjusters for accurate tuning of the suspension.

Öhlins rear shock absorber

To match the high-grade front suspension, the rear suspension system features a premium Öhlins rear shock absorber. Offering the rider full adjustability for compression and rebound damping – and equipped with a remote preload adjuster that enables quick and easy setting – this SP-exclusive rear suspension brings supersport handling precision to the Hyper Naked class.

Double-stitched seat & rider ergonomics

The MT-09 SP’s exclusive double-stitched seat with its contrasting stitching provides a premium finish. The shape of the seat and fuel tank – as well as the overall ergonomics – have been developed with feedback received during motorcycle performance-based evaluations and test rider perceptions and feedback.

Polished and clear coated aluminum swingarm

The MT-09 SP is equipped with a beautifully finished swingarm that features a special brushed and clear coated surface which perfectly complements the new Crystal Graphite frame color. Together with other unique details – such as the yellow spring on the Öhlins rear shock absorber and black drive sprocket, the SP’s swingarm reinforces the premium feel and pure sport looks of this class-leading Hyper Naked.

SP-specific chassis components

SP-specific features such as the anodized black handlebars and levers, as well as clear-smoked front and rear brake fluid reservoirs and a black drive sprocket reaffirm the MT-09 SP’s status as the most exclusive Hyper Naked in the class.

2021 MT-09 SP Key Features

  • Dedicated SP colors
  • Cruise Control System
  • Premium fully adjustable suspension
  • Double-stitched seat
  • Polished and clear coated aluminum swingarm

The 2021 Yamaha MT-09 SP will arrive at authorized Yamaha dealers beginning in January and will be available in the exclusive Raven/Liquid Metal color scheme for $10,999 MSRP. To learn more about the 2021 Yamaha MT-09 SP visit

2021 MT-10 and MT-03

Bookending the Hyper Naked series, the MT-10 and MT-03 offer street presence with their aggressive looks, distinct styling and agile handling. The MT-10 provides an incredible feeling of acceleration with its potent 4-cylinder engine while the MT-03 delivers strong yet smooth and easy-to-ride power.  The 2021 MT-03 will be available in Storm Fluo or Matte Stealth Black for an MSRP of $4,599, and the 2021 MT-10 will be available in Team Yamaha Blue or Matte Raven Black for an MSRP of $12,999. Both models will begin arriving at authorized Yamaha dealers in January 2021


  1. Jason says:

    For those that don’t like the headlight, there’s always the LSL options (check Spiegler USA) that are both beautiful and very well built. I’m sure GSG (Wild Hair Accessories in AZ) has some options too. The German stuff is very well made, but the price tag will remind you that you get what you pay for!
    As for the pregnant guppy exhaust, that’s one of the first things I change anyway. I’ll get through the break in and do my first service while I swap the exhaust, and flash the ECU!
    If the bike rides as well as the spec sheet reads, it will be a great bike. I can’t wait to get seat time on one!

  2. Fred N says:

    When I expand the photo, what’s the part below the seat and above the frame ?
    It looks all the world like a voltage regulator by it’s finning.
    Surely not, as the riders thigh would be over it.
    Yes, the headlamp looks all the world like an outer painted panel has been removed.
    I wonder if a Cafe windscreen like on Kawasaki Z900 Cafe would fix this blight on our mainly old eyes here ? It would for me, if done in the Factory.

  3. hh says:

    Reads like a winner. However, if I were dreaming of a bike of this style I would want a 2003 designed Ghezzi-Brain Furia to ride past the coffee shop and beyond as well as a 2004 designed Benelli TNT 1130 cafe racer to park at the coffee shop, but then, in all fairness, if I needed a daily yamahauler, I would get this MT. Even if it reminds me of why the latest 2019 Suzook Katana is one of the best bikes of 2005..

  4. Kagato says:

    Okay. I have just spent some time on the Yamaha website. These are engines in search of a motorcycle. These “things” are absolutely hideous. The super sports look much better because they are covered in plastic. This is the equivalent of Dennis Rodman turned into a motorcycle. Please stop doing this. Yes Akira is a cool anime. But please please stop it.

    • Kagato says:

      Am I an evil person for wanting an updated Daytona 400 with this engine? Why are the designers doing this? I was in love with the Speed Triple, then Triumph mutilated and disfigured it. Why? I apologize to the folks that like this stuff, but I am so sad. No I don’t want an Indian or a Harley. I want a Japanese motorcycle that is beautiful. : – (

  5. Jon says:

    An MT-09 with decent suspension? Surely this is illegal.

  6. austin zzr 1200 says:

    Looks like a legit competitor to 790/890 Duke

  7. Jim says:

    When I think about the “Dark Side of Japan” it’s certainly NOT motorcycles that come to mind…

  8. RichBinAZ says:

    I see the bounce-o-matic suspension is being addressed finally. I wonder if they are addressing this issue also…

  9. edpix says:

    Yamaha is getting closer with this new MT-09SP, The styling is finally not completely hideous EXCEPT for the transformer headlight that is… The exhaust is very ugly too between the pregnant guppy muffler and the very poor integration of the C02 sensor and wiring it just looks like a hurried afterthought to the overall concept. Yamaha needs to move beyond these seriously hideous headlights though. Love that it is one of the lightest bikes in its class as well as that triple motor, I’m still leaning towards the Street Triple RS though which is another bike with ugly protruding headlights…

  10. Gary says:

    Well I’ll be. This bike has my name written all over it. Time to start lobbying the missus …

  11. Curtis says:

    I’d think this bike would be very satisfying to ride. The base model is quite affordable, but it’ll be nice to select some upgraded features, pretty much addressing the base model’s shortcomings in much the same way the Tracer 900 GT upgrades improved the basic 900.

  12. VLJ says:

    Strange, that Yamaha is bringing a new MT-09 SP to the U.S., but not the MT-10 SP, which has already been available for years in other markets.

    • Curly says:

      They get a much better return on investment with the MT-09. Cheaper to build and the price point makes for higher sales numbers. That keeps the factory and dealers busier.

    • Bob says:

      Are you willing to spend R1 money on an MT-10?


      Didn’t think so…

      • Jeremy says:

        Speed Triple, Tuono, XB12, high-spec Monster… I’ve always spent near as much money on the nakeds as the “full sport” variants. Why wouldn’t one spend “R1 money” on a spec’d MT-10?

    • Jon says:

      Yamaha Motor Corporation USA makes these decisions based on sales projections and expectations for the US market, which has been slow to accept pricy, blingy, up-market Euro-style models. I too have been waiting to see SP versions of the MT bikes here in the US. I am just grateful we are finally getting the MT-09 SP. Perhaps if it sells well we’ll get the MT-10 SP next year.

  13. Dace says:

    It’s encouraging that Yamaha is seeing enough sales volume to justify bringing on another variant.

    Bring in that FJ07!

    • randy says:

      The tracer 700 would make me go right down and order one today. Hopefully Yamaha will see the light. Affordable and fun, just keep the matt colors in Europe.

    • todd says:

      I would have a difficult time choosing between the Tracer 700 and the Tenere 700. More interested in these than any of the MT-09 versions. Maybe Yamaha doesn’t think it’s worth selling a few thousand of each over here.

    • Mick says:

      Send the engine, with a dry sump system, to the dirt bike guys and have them make a YZ07SM. Make sure they use YZ plastics as well, save for a standard supermoto front fender. If they chassis weighs over 10% more than a YZ450 chassis, it better be close, and they better have a good reason for it. AND DON’T SKIMP ON THE SUSPENSION COMPONANTS!!!

      Send me two. One for MN and one for here. I’ll buy them both in MN. They don’t have to be cheap.

      If you’re going to dream, dream big.

  14. randy says:

    Good job Yamaha. Very nice bikes.

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