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Marc Marquez Undergoes Third Surgery on Right Arm – Updated With Post-Surgery Report

A press release from Honda last Thursday confirmed what many suspected. Marc Marquez’ right arm has not been healing properly from a break he suffered during a crash at Jerez at the start of this year’s MotoGP calendar, necessitating a third surgery on the arm.

The press release sites “slow healing of the humerus bone, which has not improved with specific shock wave treatment.” The surgery performed on Marquez included a bone graft, removal of the old plate and placement of a new plate.

The surgery was performed successfully, but evidence of infection in the fracture was found, necessitating antibiotic treatment.

Here is a short press release from Honda, followed by a second announcement regarding the infection:

Marc Marquez has undergone a new operation on his right arm as a result of the slow healing of the humerus bone, which has not improved with specific shock wave treatment.

Today the rider has undergone surgery at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, in Madrid, for a pseudarthrosis of the right humerus.

The surgery, carried out by a team made up of doctors Samuel Antuña, Ignacio Roger de Oña, Juan de Miguel, Aitor Ibarzabal and Andrea Garcia Villanueva, consisted of the removal of the previous plate and the placement of a new plate with the addition of an iliac crest bone graft with a corticoperiosteal free flap.

The surgical procedure lasted for eight hours and was uneventful.

Here is the second announcement:

Marc Marquez’s post-operative clinical situation has been deemed satisfactory by his medical team at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, in Madrid. However, the cultures obtained during the pseudarthrosis surgery have confirmed that there was a previous infection in the fracture, which will see Marquez undergo specific antibiotic treatment in the coming weeks.

Marquez will remain at the Hospital Ruber Internacional, in Madrid.


  1. Jay says:

    These guys are super human. Remember what Mick Doohan did to keep racing?

  2. Snake says:

    I wish him all the very best in recovery and health.

    Don’t worry about the Negative Nancy’s and the haters. Get better soon!

  3. Hot Dog says:

    They told Mark he’d go blind if he didn’t stop but nobody said a word about messing up his arm.

  4. Anonymous says:

    He looks like an old man contemplating his retirement in the picture.

  5. Michael F Cusick says:

    Finally the poor man went to a real doctor.

  6. bmbktmracer says:

    Where’re Oscar Goldman and Dr. Rudy Wells when you need them?

  7. motorhead says:

    Youthful exuberance and ambition in sporting activities will always lead to aggressive behavior. We’ve all been there. Some of us remain there. We count on luck to get us through to old age without discomfort. Lately I’ve been drifting in and out of discomfort and disabilities, but so far still lucky. Let’s wish the best of luck for Marc Marquez and everyone racing with him!

  8. Trackday17 says:

    I’m not so sure there isn’t some nerve damage too.
    If there is it can be a long time healing.
    I knew someone with a brachial plexus injury and after surgery it took a long time to heal and years to return to any sort of normal, their throttle hand simply would not work.
    I hope that’s not his case but who knows.
    Riding right after surgery was a terrible plan, no one believes he damaged it opening a door.

  9. Grover says:

    He’s paying a price for playing a dangerous game, but certainly not the ultimate price. He’ll be back and probably lead the pack like he always does. Too soon to boohoo about it. Remember Kenny Roberts?

  10. Tom R says:

    The impulsive decision to attempt a return to the track so soon after the injury has been a disaster for Marquez. Did he have nothing but “yes men” around him?

    Hw will probably never again compete at his previous level.

    • Scarecrow800 says:

      I’m certainly not going to belittle the “yes men” theory but I really can’t dismiss the “young dumb kid” possibility either. MM has pulled off incredible saves and has had spectacular crashes with no significant damage, so, he himself may have been responsible for his own problems. He may have thought this was just one more minor inconvenience and hurried back to the track too soon. Of course, the ironic thing to me is, with the late start of the season, he had plenty of extra time to heal and then , almost the first thing he did was fall and damage his arm again.
      At this point, I think there may be the very real possibility of MM not participating in this entire season at all. We may have to wait until the 2022 season to see him back in action. And yes, that may slow him down in the future. At least we got to see some amazing stuff when he was in his prime.

  11. Mick says:

    Poor kid’s having a tough time. I can’t say that the racing series really misses him. This season was more interesting than any season in a long time.

  12. VLJ says:

    Somewhere in a hilly field back in Forli, #04 takes a break from motocross training to check his phone for the latest news…

    “Hmmm,” he thinks to himself, a sly grin forming. “‘Going on sabbatical in 2021,’ my ass. Everything is coming together perfectly….”

  13. joe b says:

    Not good news, wishing the best to MM93. MotoGP was not the same without him this year. Speedy recovery Marq.

  14. mickey says:

    Man what a bummer for Marc. He has got to be disappointed. Hope him the best and hope to see him back on the track as soon as he is truly fit.

  15. Rhinestone Kawboy says:

    Simply wishing Marc the best of luck with his healing. Broken bones can sometimes (and usually) take quite some time to heal. Hopefully, this will not be the end of his racing.

    • fred says:

      Well stated. I hope and pray that he heals completely. Returning soon to racing would be a nice bonus.

      • Goose Lavel says:

        Returning to racing too soon could be a disaster that we don’t want to see.

        • fred says:

          Agreed. I said “soon”, not “too soon”. The latest news is that he is still in the hospital, as there was an infection, apparently unnoticed, from prior that was discovered during the 3rd surgery. Marc has given interviews that he intends to return when back to 100%, and not sooner as he did last time.
          It’s still a rough spot, but there is great reason to have confidence that he will heal completely and return to racing.
          My wild guess is that “soon” would mean within the first 3-5 races of next season.

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