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YouTube Video Compiles Funny Motorcycle Advertisements

Most of these are pretty old (the screen resolution tells you that much), but pretty funny nonetheless. Some might not be currently “politically correct” … you have been warned. In any event, you may find it worth your while to spend a few minutes watching.


  1. motomike says:

    Wasn’t there a Kawi commercial in the seventies with Tom Selleck losing his girl to some spode on a pos KZ750B twin? Tom K., that was friggin hilarious!

  2. Tom K. says:

    It makes me sad to think that I cannot remember seeing a motorcycle commercial on TV in the past few years, not even HD. Am I just oblivious?

    • todd says:

      You still watch TV? I didn’t realize that was still much of a thing. I figured everyone just streams videos now.

      • mickey says:

        lol I still watch mostly TV and mainly the channel I’ve always watched since I was a kid CH 12 in Cincinnati WKRC. Still watch the news every night at 6 while eating dinner and at 11 before bed too lol.

      • Tom K. says:

        I’m so old that I don’t even see a Doctor anymore, I have my own Paleontologist…

      • TimC says:

        The last time I actually watched TV on purpose for any length of time was when Alonzo was in the Indy 500 (and I was on vacation staying with people who had TV actually hooked up). I couldn’t believe just how vacuous the whole presentation is even for something like that. Then the commercials….

  3. Mick says:

    Aprilia is going to take a little heat from Ducati for that ad if they come out with an electric bike first.

  4. MGNorge says:

    I’m surprised this wasn’t included

  5. David M says:

    I can’t believe that Suburban Auto Group never made a Trunk Monkey, Motorcycle edition commercial…

  6. mickey says:

    I liked the 2 Kawasaki commercials

    the high five to the cop trying to stop the ZX6

    and the tractor getting the 163 KM speeding ticket lol

    I remember when both of those came out

  7. Fastship says:

    I’m gonna buy an Aprilia.

  8. Anthony Ketay says:

    Piddling Porsche is my fave

  9. Anonymous says:

    Mom in the minivan was my favorite😊

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