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Revolution Max 1250 Will be Featured in New Harley-Davidson Model Launched on July 13

The Revolution Max 1250cc v-twin housed in the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 impressed MD, both with its peak power and torque as well as its smoothness. On July 13, Harley-Davidson will announce another new model powered by this same engine. Pictured is the teaser photo provided by Harley, which looks very much like the Custom 1250 previously displayed (a cruiser model).

Here is the press release from Harley-Davidson:

MILWAUKEE, WI (June 21, 2021) – Harley-Davidson announces a new mid-season motorcycle reveal, “From Evolution to Revolution.” This virtual launch experience will be held July 13, 2021, at 10 a.m. CDT. This new model follows the exciting arrival of the Harley-Davidson Pan America 1250 with its all-new Revolution Max powertrain in dealerships around the world.

“Following the successful launch of our first adventure touring motorcycle, the Pan America, we are excited to reveal another all-new motorcycle, built on the Revolution Max platform in the sport segment, showcasing unmatched Harley-Davidson technology, performance and style,” said Jochen Zeitz, chairman, president, and CEO Harley-Davidson.

The reveal event will preview details of the new motorcycle model and will include presentations by Harley-Davidson leadership, product experts and the passionate riders who are developing and bringing to market another powerful new motorcycle coming to Harley-Davidson® dealerships in 2021.

To take part in the “From Evolution to Revolution” virtual launch experience, register now at


  1. jhw326 says:

    I am waiting this out some. I like the Pan America because it is more modern but the look of a Road King and their touring line is iconic. Tough choice when the prices are the similar. I am curious to see if this motor makes it into some type of HD new touring line. Maybe that is the 7/13 announcement? No one has said the Pan America is good 2 up yet.

    • motorhead says:

      Can we put a beak back onto the Pan America 1250? Somebody amputated the beak and left an ugly stump. Otherwise it’s a great engine in a great bike. Maybe that’s what we’ll see July 13.

  2. Ice Cream Guy riding to Mexico says:

    Harley Builds a few good riding Bikes, Super Glide, and Road Glide comes to mind there fit and Finish is beautiful even on the lower-priced Sportster. They’re not for everyone and most who complain have never owned one! Yes, they do not have fully adjustable Suspensions or superior stopping power after all the Sporty is 600 pounds and their big twins are way over 800 pounds. Some of their Rims alone are over 50 pounds! These bikes are made for Big Americano Men who need not require adjustability but need a Loud beautiful Freedom Machine to meet their friends and ride free in their towns stopping for fast food and beer a Machine that has a heavy-duty Chassis for the Market it serves! The V Rod Machine was ART Created by that Willie G Man who by the way is an Artist the machine was not meant to ride but to admire, The engine alone weighs over 300 pounds can you imagine if Eric Buell got his wish to use the VR 1000 Engine how he would have perfected it but instead Harley made it a Big Lump and added vibration who does that? My Advice is do not knock that Harley Brand they build what the Americano want, There are so many other bikes to choose, You want a Fire Breating V twin buy a KTM Super Duke. You want a great smooth engine buy from one of the Big Four. You want to look good and spend your child Univisty fund on catalog of useless parts Buy Harley and ride the Americano Art with the Loud pipes and big fat tire everything Big like Texas

    • Bob says:

      Spoken like a true snowflake regressive playing identity politics and talking about how he’ll solve the “race problem” if cops just let him “get to work one day.”

      (Yes, i’m pretty sure OP was going for satire, but it’s so hard to tell in this post-fact world. At any rate, OP’s diatribe rings true for the type of folks that gladly went to Sturgis in the middle of a pandemic, or enjoy insurrection as a fun social media exercise.)

    • Large Bob says:

      It is not really hard to imagine the Motor Company used a focus group or sent out invitations like the ones I received to give feedback on new future styles of bikes.

      Most OEMs just bits of style dribble down into production machines but in this case, my wife Karen said it looks like the whole XL every topping pizza got produced! I see it as a cross between a very early flat tracker (Large front Steer Tire)and a modern flat tracker They might sell a few we will have to wait and see but hope they sell a few more than their last styling exercises the FXDR 114 it was a big flop.

      So the Motor company’s new direction is to Revive old models to take care of their core riders it’s nothing new since in a sense they have been doing it since the forties has the style really changed?

      I really felt their last CEO had a Vision with ‘More roads lead to Harley-Davidson’plan with some really promising small and large machines for the future, my Wife Karen said (She is The smart One) when you’re a public company people expect their money NOW!!

      This custom 1250 really grew on me but certain my size could never comfortably fit on this new model without changing the seat to an XXL!

  3. tremoloman says:

    If Harley would bring back the flat-track model from a few years ago, put this engine in it, and price it competitively, I can say it would be the first Harley I would strongly consider purchasing.

    • Anonymous says:

      I seriously doubt you would ever “strongly consider purchasing” any Harley. you don’t like what they have to offer even if they were to offer what you might like. you’d think of something to prevent you from owning one.

  4. CJ says:

    I would think that the exhaust pipes would be too hot (despite the shielding)for the rider’s right leg.

  5. Fastship says:

    The next stage of European vehicle emission regulations, Euro 7, is under way with the intention of creating a package which delivers the lowest possible emissions from any new vehicle. It will apply to ALL new vehicles from 2025. Whilst not yet finalised, in practice, this probably means no ICE. Given the lead times and payback times it is quite possible that this will be amongst the last ICE powered bikes we ever see.

    If ICE are allowed to continue until Euro 8 (when all ICE engines will be banned – from 2030 in the UK) under option 3 of the Euro 7 now being considered, data from emissions would be “collected through on-board monitoring” and would “support market surveillance and in-service conformity testing.” The proposal also says this data “may also be used for roadworthiness tests”. Furthermore, option 3 could allow “automatically enabling a zero-emission mode depending on the location of a vehicle” – a vehicle could theoretically force itself it into electric-only mode with no input from the driver.

    In short, if, IF “the State” allows engines like this to be sold it is quite probable that you and your vehicle will be under constant surveillance by “the State”. You may think this will apply to cars only but no, in Europe we have a system called “E-Call” fitted to every new car and also to BMW and KTM bikes. It was introduced under the guise of a “safety feature” but those of us who saw it as a surveillance device were derided as “tin foil hat wearing conspiracy theorists”. Well, here it is. This is the mechanism they will use.

    Can the likes of Harley et al survive all this? Not in their present form I don’t think. The dearth of new bikes makes me think they all know that too.

    • Grover says:

      Glad is was born in a time before the politicians were in charge of vehicle manufacturing. I see the future of motorcycling to be very different and wonder how long we will be able to hang onto our ICE machines. It been a great ride and perhaps we can squeeze a few more years of combustible enjoyment before the bureaucrats yank our prized possessions out of our garages and make it a felony to operate them.

  6. randy says:

    This article has been posted for two days and there’s been 35 comments. Seems like underwhelming interest and not boding well for The Motor Company. This new model better address one thing…weight. A Sportster weighs nearly SIX HUNDRED POUNDS. That’s ridiculous. If HD is serious about surviving (coming out with new models is good), they need to at least match the competition. And being overweight and underpowered is not going to cut it.

    • Nik says:

      At least match the competition? BMW’s R1250GSA has 136hp and weights 591lbs wet. Triumph’s Tiger 1200XCa has 137hp and weights 590lbs wet. The Pan America Special has 150hp and weights 559lbs wet. Only the KTM 1290 Super Adventure R has it beat with 160hp and 487lbs wet. Now, I think it got beat so hard with an ugly stick that hte stick broke but the Pan America hold its own against competition.

      • paquo says:

        v4 duc multi is 170/92 footpounds and weighs 530 lbs but it’s like $30k, still it’s the pick of the litter

      • paquo says:

        v4 duc multi is 170/92 footpounds and weighs 530 lbs but it’s like $30k, still it’s the pick of the litter

      • Randy says:

        But I’m not talking about the Pan America. The article says there is a new model coming out that, presumably, I know nothing about. So, I was speaking generically. I don’t know what this engine is going in to. I’m speaking of HD’s future and all the models that it will take to save them. Take every model on a current dealer floor. They really are for the dying demographic. I stand by my statement. Harley’s in the future can’t be rehashes anymore.

    • Anonymouse says:

      I bet the majority of those commenting here are overweight and underpowered too. I would win that bet because I live in the real world where people cannot bench race the truth away. Talk about a compensation complex. As for the weight of this bike, what are people going to do, carry it? It carries you.

      And by the way. NOTHING is really selling out in the real world. N O T H I N G.

      Just look at what this Fauvid BS has wrought upon our economy let alone the rest of the world’s. No new model announcements for quite some time and as far as the U.S. goes, enough people have whined so much over the last few decades that the America gets leftovers. Why? Because we whine, not dine. Most here won’t buy a damn thing because what’s on sale is never what they claim to want even if they claimed as much the previous model year and didn’t buy a freakin’ thing then.

      In the 60s through the 70s, motorcycling was about fun. Not it’s about everyone’s personal imitation of life.

      • Ice Cream Guy now in Mexico says:

        You Sir are not afraid to speak the Truth! Your correct to say we are the last to get a new model leftover, Never used to be like that! Read Forums and people speak of Horsepower but only a select few have done a track day and held their 220 HP literbike wide open down a back straight but would rather complain about the lack of heated grips or cruise control or when are they going to turn on the hidden fast food finder in the new TFT dash. Motorcycles used to be cheaper fun than four wheels. It’s sad when the OEMs build a bike only to see it torn to shreds by a y-tuber channel reviewer that has been riding for a year and hardly grasp the concept of two-wheel dynamics. I remember a few years back when Harley released the XR1200X in Europe and people here complained how they finally built the sportbike we wanted and how dare Harley not bring it to the states. Well, they did and it sat and sat on dealer floors we couldn’t sell it, people would sit on it and complain about this our that or how a Japanese 750 was faster! So now we’re getting some form of the above what do you think people are going to do?

      • Bob says:

        You are not just incorrect, you are bleeding delusional.

        Typical COVID-denier bullshit.

        I imagine your weather report is talking about the cold front in Portland right now?

        • Anonymous says:

          Did your parents not teach you to be quiet, little one? Here…Allow me.


          You read like a bleeding libcuck of a Harley hating, sensitive new age guy.


  7. SVGeezer says:

    If there is so little interest in H-D, and it’s so over for them, why does every Harley story get s ***tonne of comments?

    (Need to be able to post an image of popcorn here)

  8. Jeffc12566 says:

    Guess Harley is going through with producing the one and only very Ugly Farm Tractor steer tire going to try and take a piece of Indian Scout sales with their Custom 1250 now renamed the Night Rod! AKA Nightmare. Was really hoping for a New Super Glide Or Sportster with Light Weight Rims and Adjustable Suspension chain drive, Something that could enter the retro market and compete with the Triumph Speed Twin, Kawasaki Z 900 RS, Suzuki Katana, Nope instead we get a Hemorrhoid inducing bar hopper! Your Welcome Harley

  9. David M says:

    I always thought of Harleys as the short bus for riders. Maybe they will finally escape that just as the internal combustion engine sees its twilight in sight.

  10. ABQ says:

    I hope that they put the new engine in everything.
    Old riders are not married to the same old same old. I meet with a large group of old riders that enjoy showing off a wide variety of bikes. Most have had at least one bike of every brand. the idea that the older riders will reject anything that is not traditional is false.

    I just hope that HD doesn’t start off by putting the new engine in a big bagger.
    A new Low Rider, Soft Tail Standard, or Deluxe would be nice. then later the Road King and Heritage…and if they put it in a Freewheeler, I got cash.

  11. TP says:


  12. Yerg says:

    A little too late, show is over for HD!

  13. Grover says:

    The tank in the photo looks like it belongs on a Sportster. Perhaps it’s just a heart transplant….air-cooled 1200 to water-cooled 1250 Sportster?

    • Neal says:

      It would only be a Sportster in the sense that Mustang Mach E is a Mustang… in marketing talk only. This bike will share no significant parts with anything that doesn’t have the new motor, engineering vehicles doesn’t work than way.

      Its power will put this new bike in a different sector than the Sportster ever was. The PanAm makes 150 ho with that motor, tuned for torque it should still make over 100 hp.

  14. randy says:

    Its not the Bronx, so I have no interest in another V rod style bike. Harley is dumb.

  15. John Spoonemore says:

    Look for some sort of standard/super-standard, ala the FTR. The supernaked category is on fire right now, and H-D probably sees an opening to revive sales and nab some of the younger crowd.

  16. Gary in NJ says:

    Where’s the Bronx?

  17. Ricardo says:

    Welcome to the next iteration of the V-Rod.

  18. Dave says:

    “Sport segment”? This could be something similar to the Indian FTR, which ain’t bad for HD. Hope it has a shorter wheelbase. That’s the miss on the FTR, in my opinion.

  19. Mick says:

    I still wonder where the engine is made or sourced. Harley has had close to zero luck sourcing engines and or complete motorcycles. They had better luck making campers.

    My guess is that this next thing will be something to compete with Indian’s Sportster thing, whatever they call it. Harley’s Sportster is getting pretty long in the tooth. There’s not much “sport” left in it for the current market.

    It always amazes me that such crude things sell at all. Same deal with the XR650L and the DR650. Brand new forty somethings.

    • Stuki Moi says:

      Simplicity has it’s own rewards. Doubly so past the end of the road. But while the share of actual wrenchers working on their own Harleys have receded in lockstep with the hairlines of their buyers, in absolute terms, they are still a sizable bunch. And set in their ways by now, too.

      Jeep Wranglers are another throwback which still sells like hotcakes. And that’s nothing compared to how archaic the kind of sailboats held in high esteem, particularly in the US, appears; to those into fast, “modern” boats.

      Ugly little secret is, that almost all means of transportation (heck, even manned spacecraft…..) have been rather mature technology for decades on end. The new stuff is objectively “better” per some measures, but as for operating satisfaction, I’d take an aircooled 911 over far and away most of the newer ones.

      • Mick says:

        I like simple. My two street bikes are a kick start single and an air cooled two valve twin for two up work. All my race bikes are two strokes, or electric.

        I’m just turned off by crude. A bike doesn’t have to be complicated to be light weight and have good suspension and brakes.

        What’s the charm of an air cooled 911? It’s light weight and has decent suspension and brakes. People are willing to spend new car money on them now days. Because nothing is simple in the automotive market anymore. Even the trucks are luxury cars now.

      • Reginald Van Blunt says:

        Someday, when I am all grown up, there will be a 912 with radial tires and a wood shift knob in my carport. Won’t be long now.

    • Paul says:

      Why do people want old tech? Because it’s simple, it’s reliable and it’s plenty to legally ride American roads.
      All that wiz bag crap is just another item to break and spend money to repair.
      No thanks

    • Dave says:

      They claim it’s made in Milwaukee & shipped to York, PA. where it’s built into the Pan America bikes.

  20. motorhead says:

    Guzzi called their “sport bike” the Griso, now they have a V7 Racer

  21. Fmacphee says:

    Who is this bike going to be for?

    Old guys will not buy it, it’s going to be uncomfortable any bagger will be better, middle age guys will not buy it, it’s going to be too small the Indian Chief is going to be better, it will not be fast enough or handle well enough for young riders any sport bike or JDM will be better and ONCE AGAIN it will be to expensive for new riders.

    Put this engine in a spotters type frame with some retro styling make 4 difference trim levels and price it around $8,000 to $11,000 and you will not be able to keep them in the show room and all you need to do is look at what Ducati did with its scrambler line.

    • Dave says:

      The engine makes 150hp that’s enough power that virtually no one will turn away from it for being too slow.

      I was reading the comments under an article.about the new Hayabusa. Most posters shared their age along with feelings about the bike. I don’t think any of them were under 55 years old, some into their mid even late 60’s. Old guys are almost all that’s left.

      • VLJ says:

        I’ll be surprised if it makes more than 125 rwhp, which is the real hp number.

        • newtonmetres says:

          Yeah-we have not seen a Pan-America on a dyno yet.
          I concur-probably around 120-125 hp

        • Jeffc12566 says:

          It’s safe to say looking at pictures of the Custom 1250 with a single disc brake up front this bike will make closer to 80 RWHP and have a Wet Weight maybe 600 pounds. I own different bikes and lean more towards Naked Roadsters. Also, own a V Rod and ride it a few times a week commuting to work. Was really hoping to sell it and purchase a Modern Sportster with this 1250 Engine but it does not look like thats gonna happen this time

      • mickey says:

        Just watched a video of a PA dyno run. 130 hp 79 tq

        Just Google dyno run HD Pan America to watch

  22. fred says:

    I salute Harley for trying. The seem to understand the adventure touring market well enough to score a direct hit with the Pan America, but I have serious doubts that they have a clue about the sport market.

    My guess is that this will be a sport cruiser, but I would be shocked if they build a sport bike next. Considering the facts that sport bikes aren’t selling well, cruisers are selling, and H-D has specialized in cruisers, this would be a logical next step.

    I’ll watch with interest, but still probably won’t buy a Harley in the next 5 years, if ever. I do hope this engine will bring H-D happy customers.

  23. Tom K. says:

    Struggling to not be the fastest-shrinking brand in a declining industry must be a little like striving to be the tallest Munchkin in Oz…

  24. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Sport segment ? Maybe like a more complete Buell ? This a highly qualified tease, if I have ever seen one. – Good going HD.

  25. Viking John says:

    It will be something like this that they have shown in the past, the custom 1250 or whatever they will call it.

    • SVGeezer says:

      That link looks Retro-Future for a “Sport Bike” from, say, 1940.

    • mickey says:

      Boy, that looks like it could be it, comparing that pic to the one above.

    • Schmuck says:

      Hmm, love the ergos on the Custom 1250, pegs and bars way forward, ass way back! But hey, it only needs to be comfortable enough to (barely) make it to the next bar…

    • SparkyK says:

      Wow, that looks heavy, ponderous, and ugly.

  26. mickey says:

    “all-new motorcycle, built on the Revolution Max platform in the sport segment,”

    well, that’s an interesting tease

  27. John says:

    High pipe = Scrambler or flat tracker?

    • Neal says:

      They’ve shown this bike already, its the Custom 1250. It’s a tiny cruiser with big power, a Scout competitor. The high pipes might give better lean angles but the bike is not for dirt racing or off roading.

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