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BMW Announces CE 04 Electric Scooter

BMW is bringing a new electric scooter to the U.S. during the first quarter of 2022. Priced at $11,795, the CE 04 will have an estimated range of 80 miles and a top speed of 75 mph courtesy of a 42 horsepower motor.

Here are the details from the BMW press release and video:

Woodcliff Lake, NJ – July 7, 2021…BMW Motorrad USA is proud to announce the addition of the new CE 04 electric scooter to its 2022 lineup. With its electric drive, a forward-looking design and innovative connectivity solutions, the new scooter merges transport and communication functions into a new brand of personal urban mobility.

“The new BMW CE 04 is the logical and at the same time rethought continuation of BMW Motorrad’s electromobility strategy. Urban areas are its element. This is where it sets a new benchmark – in terms of both technology and visual style.” Florian Römhild, Project Manager BMW CE 04.

With a maximum output of 42 hp, the new BMW CE 04 has a powerful motor for an exciting riding experience. A maximum speed of 75 mph means the CE 04 is ready not only for the city but for highways as well.

The new BMW CE 04 has a battery cell capacity of 60.6 Ah (8.9 kWh), providing an estimated range of 80 miles. This enables day-to-day emission-free commuter riding and for smaller-scale fun tours on the weekend – with complete peace of mind.

Additional BMW CE 04 Highlights include:

  • Short charging times and charging technology based on automotive systems.
  • Increased riding stability thanks to slip control by means of ASC (Automatic Stability Control). DTC (Dynamic Traction Control) is available as an option.
  • Three standard riding modes “ECO”, “Rain” and “Road” for efficient, day-to-day use. “Dynamic” riding mode for further riding enjoyment available as an option.
  • Directionally stable suspension with one-piece tubular steel main frame.
  • Powerful braking system with ABS. ABS Pro with banking capability optional.
  • 10.25-inch TFT color screen with integrated navigation and extensive connectivity.
  • Standard LED lighting units all round. Adaptive Headlight Pro optional.
  • Storage compartments at the side and front. The side helmet compartment can now be accessed while seated.
  • Actively ventilated mobile phone charging compartment with USB-C charging port.

Electric Drivetrain Technology

“The new vehicle architecture with flat storage battery in the underbody is what enables the numerous smart solutions that make the CE 04 so distinctive.” Clemens Pinnekamp, Project Manager Development BMW CE 04

The new BMW CE 04 is a practical and forward-looking everyday vehicle for the journey from home to the office or to an evening get-together with friends. In short: it is a perfect vehicle for day-to-day use. BMW Motorrad has worked closely on the design of the ride concept to suit this purpose.

Maximum output is 42 hp @ 4,900 rpm and 44 lb-ft of torque @ 1,500 rpm.  The new BMW CE 04 offers effortless riding in urban environments, as well as on longer trips – even when carrying two people.

BMW Motorrad has drawn on cross-over technology with BMW automobiles as part of the development process. For example, the new BMW CE 04 uses a lithium-ion battery module manufactured exclusively with green power, as in the current BMW iX and i4. Other components for controlling the high-voltage battery system also derive from the passenger car sector.

Engineers paid particular attention to the quality and durability of the batteries so as to ensure the rider is able to make full use of the range even after many years of service life.

One of the main technological challenges here was to achieve optimum cooling of the high-voltage battery. On the one hand it was necessary to avoid excessively low temperatures due to the fact this results in an enormous increase in the cells’ internal resistance, thereby reducing power. On the other hand, high temperatures have to be prevented since this would impact negatively on cell lifetime. In the BMW CE 04, this is taken care of by an air-cooling system. Here, heat is dissipated from the high-voltage battery via a cooling plate with longitudinally arranged cooling fins on the underside of the vehicle.

Innovative Electric Drive

 Drive power in the new BMW CE 04 is provided by a permanent magnet EMP 156 electric motor mounted in the frame between the battery and the rear wheel. The electric motor is liquid-cooled, and the radiator is installed at the front of the vehicle.

Torque is transmitted via a single-stage primary gearbox and from there via the secondary drive with maintenance-free toothed belt to the rear wheel. The total gear ratio is 10.5.

The drive electronics are located directly above the electric motor. This system not only takes care of controlling the electric motor within a range of 100 to 150 volts, it also feeds in rider commands such as throttle position. In addition, it decides whether to recuperate energy and how much recuperation torque, if any, is applied to the rear wheel.

A notable comfort feature of the new BMW CE 04 is the reversing aid. It is activated from a left-hand handlebar-mounted switch, and the rider’s attention is drawn to it by the relevant indication in the TFT display. When the activation switch is pressed down, the BMW CE 04 can reverse at a walking pace, making it easier to maneuver.

Automatic Recuperation During Coasting

 BMW Motorrad conducted extensive riding tests to develop a specific type of energy recuperation for each riding mode, giving the rider a high-level of convenience and choice. The BMW CE 04 is ridden in exactly the same way as a scooter with an internal combustion engine. The vehicle recuperates energy automatically whenever possible. As such, the energy recovery system extends the range and increases efficiency.

For example, recuperation starts when the throttle is closed, kinetic energy is converted into electrical energy and – as in a combustion engine – the generator function of the electric motor creates a drag torque which depends on the degree of recuperation. The drag torque generated by the electric motor is like the familiar “engine braking” that takes effect when rolling off of the throttle in a vehicle powered by a combustion engine.

Automotive-based Charging Technology

 The 147.6-volt lithium-ion battery is charged via the integrated charging device, either via a Level 1 household socket, a Level 2 Wallbox or a Level 2 public charging station. The charging socket is based on automobile standards and is located underneath a cover in the front right-hand leg area. A storage compartment on the right-hand side of the vehicle houses the standard Level 1 charging cable. If the BMW CE 04 is equipped with the optional Level 2 quick charging cable, charging times are significantly reduced. A DC-DC converter converts high voltage to low voltage so as to feed the 12-volt vehicle power system, the 12-volt battery (12 V/5 Ah) and the control units.

Charging times for 0 to 100 percent battery capacity, take 4 hours and 20 minutes with the supplied Level 1 (2.3 kW) charging cable. With the optional Level 2 charging cable (6.9 kW) charging time is reduced to just 1 hour and 40 minutes. From 20 to 80 percent, the charging time is just 45 minutes with the Level 2 charging cable.

Latest Generation ABS and Optional ABS Pro with Banking Capability

 The front twin disc brake ensures secure deceleration, supported by a rear single-disc system. Standard BMW Motorrad ABS ensures a high level of active safety. The front 265 mm twin-disc brakes and 4-piston fixed calipers ensures powerful, safe deceleration. At the rear there is a single 265 mm disc and single-piston floating caliper. In order to achieve stable pressure and optimum controllability, all brake lines are steel-wrapped. The standard parking brake is activated automatically when the side stand is folded out.

BMW Motorrad ABS ensures a high level of active safety. The Bosch 9.3 2-channel ABS allows for independent regulation of the front and rear brake circuits. The optional ABS Pro provides even greater safety when braking. By means of a banking sensor, ABS Pro also controls braking when leaning in corners, thereby offering the greatest possible safety.

Increased Riding Stability through Slip Control by Means of ASC

This traction control system in the new BMW CE 04 is comparable to the Automatic Stability Control in BMW motorcycles with a combustion engine. ASC limits engine torque in relation to rear wheel slip. In order to enable optimum controllability of the drive torque, the power electronics of the electric motor monitors the motor speed of the rear wheel and reduces drive torque when the grip level is exceeded. In this way, ASC supports the rider when accelerating from a stop, preventing uncontrolled spinning of the rear wheel on road surfaces with a reduced friction coefficient such as wet cobblestones. In addition, ASC serves to prevent locking of the rear wheel during times of intense recuperation and the resulting drag torque, especially on roads with a low friction coefficient.

Optional Dynamic Traction Control (DTC), available as part of the Premium Package, provides even greater riding safety resulting from excellent traction. DTC enables safer acceleration, especially in a leaning position.

One-piece Tubular Steel Frame

 The goal of BMW Motorrad in developing the suspension of the new BMW CE 04 was to combine excellent handling qualities and a high level of comfort with directional stability at high speeds and the robustness required for day-to-day commuter use.

The physical proximity of the electric motor output shaft and the swing arm axle minimizes the moment of inertia around the swing arm center of rotation, thereby enabling an optimum

suspension/damping set-up and a sensitive response.

With a wheelbase of 66-inches, a steering head angle of 26.5 degrees and a castor of 4.7-inches, the new BMW CE 04 has basic geometrical suspension data that is similar to that of a motorcycle. On the road, easy maneuverability – especially in urban traffic – and a high level of ride stability when travelling swiftly along country roads or at even faster speeds on the motorway is experienced by the rider.

In urban traffic in particular, the riding experience is characterized by extremely light handling and excellent slow-speed properties.

Wheel control, in addition to suspension and damping, is taken care of at the front by a single-bridge telescopic 35 mm fork. The rear wheel suspension consists of a single-sided swing arm. At the rear, suspension and damping is performed by a spring strut placed on the left-hand side, directly controlled and adjustable at the spring mount. The spring travel is 4.3-inches at the front and 3.6-inches at the rear, thereby offering a high degree of comfort.

At the front, the new BMW CE 04 rolls on a 3.5 x 15-inch light alloy cast wheel while at the rear is a 4.5 x 15-inch light alloy disc wheel. The new BMW CE 04 is fitted with a 120/70 R15 67H tire at the front and a 160/60 R15 56H tire at the rear.

Avant-garde Exterior Design

“The new BMW CE 04 is the link between the user’s analogue and digital worlds. It is both a means of transport and a means of communication for the big city commuter. With its forward-looking design thanks based on an innovative package, it sets out to redefine the scooter segment.”  Edgar Heinrich, Head of Design BMW Motorrad.

The new BMW CE 04 embodies a forward-looking design philosophy for urban two-wheeled mobility featuring an innovative style that showcases the electric drivetrain technology while instantly identifying the scooter as a member of the BMW Motorrad family. It is an avant-garde urban design statement. Not following traditional styling, the BMW CE 04 offers a synthesis between the lightness of a scooter and the technology of a motorcycle.

Clear lines, generous surfaces with elaborate details underscore the future-oriented first impression. The low, long body and the diagonally rising front section form a modern, uncluttered silhouette. At the same time, the flat battery in the underbody provides new freedom of design, such as the side-hinged and illuminated storage compartment with emergency release, giving the rider easy access to the helmet as well as the charging cable. Like the storage compartment at the front of the leg area, this storage space can be reached from a sitting position if necessary – a first among scooters.

A slim rear end – making for an iconic design that is unique among scooters – is possible thanks to the swing-arm-mounted number plate holder with lighting. In addition, the side stand is integrated into the styling.

The avant-garde design stands in contrast to technology that is partially visible yet well integrated into the design. In the rear section of the BMW CE 04, for example, the motor, single-sided swing arm, suspension strut and toothed belt are deliberately designed to be open and visible.

The standard modern surface finish is in a striking Light White, complemented by matt black sections in the front and side areas as well as the “floating” seat. This underscores the visual lightness of the BMW CE 04.

The wheels – in a black matt finish with a disc-wheel look – blend harmoniously with the overall image. The new BMW CE 04 in optional Avantgarde Style is a striking, future-oriented colorful statement of contemporary urban mobility. In this style, Magellan Grey metallic – a warm, refined grey tone – is supplemented with a black/orange seat, an orange wind deflector and several graphics.

Standard 10.25” TFT Color Screen with Integrated Map Navigation

 The new BMW CE 04 comes equipped with a standard 10.25-inch TFT color display screen with integrated map navigation and smartphone connectivity. Its excellent readability and clear menu navigation put the new BMW CE 04 at the top of the scooter segment. For the first time, the new 10.25-inch color display makes it possible to display a navigation map in the instrument cluster, so no additional navigation display is needed.

For day-to-day use, the screen is fitted with a hardened and extremely tough glass cover. It is anti-reflective for optimum display and protected from soiling and scratches by means of an anti-fingerprint coating. The full HD resolution screen with 1920 x 720 pixels offers excellent detail and sharpness.

The display can be used in full screen mode or, alternatively, in a split-screen view which allows several functions to be shown simultaneously. The main display – the “Pure Ride Screen” – shows the speedometer along with the basic functions and selection menu. The navigation map is displayed if navigation is active via the BMW Motorrad Connected app. The additional split screen shows either the on-board computer, the on-board trip computer, arrow navigation, a current phone call or media.

The screen offers a wealth of additional information, including display of the battery charge state (SOC = State of Charge) and the energy balance. It shows whether energy is currently being converted into propulsion or recuperated. This information helps the rider in their efforts to ride as efficiently as possible.

Vehicle functions such as “Settings”, “Navigation” and “Communication” are operated using the standard handlebar Multicontroller. The tiles shown can be used to select the “My Motorcycle”, “Navigation”, “Media”, “Phone” and “Settings” menus. There is seamless integration of the display and operation of the optional extras such the Dynamic riding mode (part of the optional Ride Modes Pro) and standard functions.

With its 10.25-inch TFT color screen provides the perfect platform for using a full interactive map view in conjunction with the navigation system of the BMW Motorrad Connected App. The navigation map is “mirrored” onto the screen via wireless LAN. As such, the new BMW CE 04 offers an unprecedented dimension of map navigation. The 10.25-inch TFT color screen allows a particularly wide range of integrated navigation options to be operated via the Multicontroller. Thanks to the smartphone-based architecture, navigation is always on board: it couldn’t be simpler to make route changes during a coffee break or share a route with friends.

The smartphone app provides the rider of the new BMW CE 04 with the latest navigation software and maps on an ongoing basis, as well as offering the latest functions. The app allows maximum planning flexibility: it can be used for route planning itself, importing planned routes from Basecamp or downloading route suggestions from websites.

The BMW Motorrad Connected App can be downloaded free of charge from the Google and Apple app stores. It also provides additional functions such as route saving and the display of other travel statistics and information. In this way, saved routes can also be shared directly with other motorcyclists via the Rever community.

 Smartphone Charging Compartment

A smartphone can be securely accommodated in a storage compartment on the left-hand inner side that is protected from the elements and ventilated by an electric fan, and its battery can be kept ready for use via USB connection.

The hinged storage compartment lid is automatically locked with the central locking system. Inside the storage compartment there is a holding device in which a smartphone can be securely fastened during travel by means of a flexibly sized fixture. Up to 1.5A charging current (charging capacity up to 12W) is available at the USB-C socket located in the storage compartment, which also enables quick charging depending on the smartphone type. A ventilation system reduces the heat generated when the smartphone is in use, while a seal on the storage compartment lid protects it from outside elements.

Standard LED Lighting. Adaptive Headlight Optional

 The state-of-the art LED lighting technology on the new BMW CE 04 includes the high/low beam headlamp, the rear light, brake light and turn signals. Even greater safety at night is offered by the optional turning light – Adaptive Headlight. The adaptive turning light works by switching on additional LED elements in the main headlight that are fitted with their own reflectors, depending on banking angle. The turning light switches on automatically from a banking angle of more than 10° and at speeds of over 6 mph. The additional lighting effect can be experienced up to a banking angle of 25°.

In the new BMW CE 04, a U-shaped LED light guide, which also functions as the LED daytime running light provides the characteristic image of a BMW Motorrad vehicle, ensuring a high level of recognizability.

The lighting functions on the BMW CE 04 deliver more than just the required excellent down-the-road illumination. There are practical benefits, too: when the ignition is switched on, a “Welcome” light is activated. The main headlamp and rear light go on, remain on for a short time and then fade into standby mode before the motor is started. Here, the transitional fading involves a dimming process in stages. After being switched off, the front and rear lights are switched on to “Goodbye” for a brief moment before finally darkening slowly.

Another new function is the “Follow me home”. After being switched off, the riding light can be activated by briefly pressing the high beam button. Other non-guidance functions and light sources remain switched off. This function ensures optimum visibility at night, for example when maneuvering in parking spaces or opening the garage at home.

Standard Ride Modes “ECO”, “Rain” and “Road”

In developing the BMW CE 04, BMW Motorrad focused on providing the rider with the choice between maximum efficiency and maximum riding fun. Accordingly, the new BMW CE 04 features three riding modes “ECO”, “Rain” and “Road” as standard. An additional “Dynamic” riding mode is available as part of the optional Premium Package, enabling the scooter to accelerate even quicker.

ECO mode: In this mode, drag torque during coasting is significantly increased, while maximum recuperation combined with a limitation on acceleration and therefore energy consumption allows for an extension of the range. The rider feels the increased drag torque as a slight intensification of deceleration torque when releasing the accelerator. This riding mode supports an energy-efficient riding style when there are a few more miles to cover than expected.

Rain mode: In this riding mode, there is a reduction in drag torque while coasting and during acceleration. In practice, the rider benefits from a smoother and therefore very safe response of the electric drive, especially in adverse road conditions – for example when it is raining.

Road mode: Here, full acceleration is available. The standard range is available in this mode.

Dynamic mode: In this optional mode, full acceleration is combined with intense recuperation via a direct set-up of the performance characteristic curve, creating a powerful “motor brake” for highly dynamic riding. In this riding mode, the new BMW CE 04 shows its sporty, dynamic side and exudes all the fascination of forward-looking electric mobility.


 The 2022 BMW CE 04 is available in the following colors:

  • Light White (standard)
  • Magellan Grey Metallic Avantgarde Package ($225)

A Premium Package ($1,650) will be available and will include:

  • Adaptive headlight
  • Ride Modes Pro
  • ABS Pro
  • Level 2 charging cable
  • Seat heating
  • TPM tire pressure monitor


  BMW CE 04
Drive type Liquid-cooled permanent magnet synchronous
Rated powerhp20 @ 4,900 rpm
Maximum powerh42 @ 4,900 rpm
Torquelb-ft.46 @ 1,500 rpm
Maximum motor speedrpm12,000
High-Voltage battery type Air-cooled lithium-ion
Battery capacityAh (kWh)60.6 (8.9)
Battery voltagevolts147.6
Charging capacitykW2.3 / 6.9
Charging time 0-100% 4:20 hours @ 10A / 2.3 kW 1:40 hours @ 30A / 6.9 kW
Charging time 0 – 80% 3:30 hours @ 10 Ah / 6.9 kW 1:05 hours @ 30A / 6.9 kW
Charging time 20 – 80% 00:45 hours @ 30A / 6.9 kW
Generator DC/DC integrated converter
Headlight LED high/low beam, LED daytime riding and parking
Rear light LED brake light and rear light
Drive type Toothed belt
Total gear ratio:110.5
Frame type Tubular steel frame
Front suspension Telescopic fork, 35 mm
Rear suspension Single-sided swingarm with shock absorber and adjustable spring base
Spring travel, front/rearinches (mm)4.3 / 3.6 (110 / 92)
Wheel castorinches (mm)4.7 (120)
Wheelbaseinches (mm)66 (1,675)
Steering angledeg.26.5
Brakes, frontinches (mm)Hydraulic twin-disk brake 10.4 (265) 4-piston calipers
Brake, rearinches (mm)Hydraulic single-disk brake 10.4 (265) single-piston caliper
ABS BMW Motorrad ABS
Wheel, frontinches3.50 x 15 die-cast aluminum
Wheel, rearinches4.50 x 15 die-cast aluminum
Tires, front / rear 120/70R15 / 160/60R15
Lengthinches (mm)90 (2,285)
Width with mirrorsinches (mm)33.7 (855)
Heightinches (mm)45.3 (1,150)
Seat heightinches (mm)30.7 (780)
Unladed weightlbs. (kg)509 (231)
Permitted total weightlbs. (kg)904 (410)
Top speedmph (kph)75 (120)
Acceleration, 0 – 30 mph (50 kph)seconds2.6
Acceleration, 0 – 62 mph (100 kph)seconds9.1


  1. Just Joshua says:

    0 to 60 9 plus seconds? Why? No one buys electric to go slow. Mini Vans are faster than this. Honestly I love the looks of this, I was considering this ride in spite of it cost, range and all that. However that fact that it is so slow in the 0 to 60 is a deal breaker. What are you thinking BMW? Seriously!

  2. EGS says:

    Congratulations BMW, you actually managed to out-ugly the new HD Sportster.

  3. Alan Loo says:

    I’d consider this. No gas, no tune ups, it be great for around the city. Cost per mile is probably less than $0.01/mile. Peformance of a 300 cc scooter. What happens when all MC manufacturers go to all electric. MC polute more than cars so it’s not so far fetched. It’s urban transportation. I’ve owned Burgmans/Majesty/Silverwings. Maybe I’d get the new Zero FXE for the price both are comparable. Just brakes and suspension.

  4. Nick says:

    I guess most of us have decided that this vehicle is not a thing of beauty, whatever its capabilities are. What stands out for me is the afterthought ‘screen’ in fetching anti-UV tint plastic, elegantly bent into shape. Definitely avaunt-guard, I’d say, if I was a BMW marketing executive! Cr*p, would be a better description…

  5. mickey says:

    whether this is the perfect scooter or not, IMO scooters are the perfect platform for electric motors. They appeal to young urbanites who don’t ride them very far or very fast.

    That scooters are not thought of as serious modes of travel whether elect or ice is reflected in most of the manufacturers abandoning the Maxi scooter least here in the states. No T-MAx’s, No big Burgman’s, no Silverwing’s or Integra’s etc

    • red says:

      Its got the price tag and weight of a m/c but performance, looks and range of a scooter.. looks like a hard sell. Why on earth would I not instead buy a pc150, still go 70mph and twice the range for 1/3 the price tag.

      I agree about scooters being a great use-case for electrics. The 75 mile range might be acceptable for urban riders. but not at 500#+ and 12k.

      • Mick says:

        Having lived in Paris for three years. I can’t imagine the average person there wanting to deal with charging an electric unless a considerable amount of infrastructure was installed for that purpose. Gas is much easier to deal with for something that you are going to park on a street or sidewalk somewhere.

        I was lucky enough to have a garage. But it had no lights and you could only run a cord if you were there using it. I would pull the battery out of my motorcycle and would keep it charged up in my bathroom.

        Try that regularly with a battery that weighs a hundred pounds or more. No thanks.

      • mickey says:

        Millenials you must remember are city dwellers determined to save the planet. Right or wrong electric makes sense to them. They will buy an electric car before most of us would. Electric scooters are just a step up from electric bicycles and those electric things they stand on.

        • Mickey, you bring up great points. Kids will take a different path than we took. They must. I’m not going to waste a single minute teaching my grandkids how to clean and adjust a carburetor on a minibike. I will help them build their own electric minibike or electric go kart!

        • Jeremy says:

          I’ve lived in several large metro areas in the US and Europe, and the main problem is that, while there is a large desire for electric vehicles, the vast majority of urbanites don’t have a means to charge a large battery, particularly one that can’t be easily removed from the vehicle.

          I was reading an article recently that said approximately 20% of EV owners (I think the study was in California only) went back to gas vehicles. 70% of the defectors cited no access to level 2 charging at home.

        • todd says:

          Most millennials and city dwellers I know have no desire to own anything expensive and committed like a vehicle. They typically prefer to Uber and take the train or the ferry with their bicycle. Parking is a major chore regardless of whether something needs to be plugged in or not.

        • Mick says:

          I don’t know or care about those mysterious millenials. But I, a boomer, bought an electric motorcycle two years ago and I am planing to get an electric car to use for all the short trips that I take that are bad for my ICE rigs. Everything is insanely expensive here in exile in the northeast. Including exhaust systems that rot from doing too many short trips. Level two charging is not a problem now that I finished my urban living sentance. I installed welding outlet in both of the garages.

          But I’m not about to start figuring out how to haul a mountain bike around on an expensive short leash scooter. Not happening.

  6. Tank says:

    Too bad solid state batteries are still a few years away. 80 mile range and 75 mph is not going to cut it.

  7. Anonymous says:

    It still needs a grid to charge off of and a great many of those are powered by coal. BMW is catering to the pusillanimous, multi-gendered, Woka-Cola crowd. Why? Those fawning, feckless fools are more worried about what noun they should be addressed by or who they should be offended by and worse. They don’t ride motorbikes. They can barely walk and just sit on their asses staring at their InstaHoe account.

    No more Kymco made 650 scooters from BMW? WGAF as they were, like this creature, way OVERPRICED with ‘tard level usurious maintenance costs on top of the BMW (Bring My Wallet) pricing.

    And some here bitch about the “Harley Tax”.

  8. MGNorge says:

    Raising a Ruckus!

  9. Jeremy says:

    I’ll go against the grain here and say I like the design. But for the US market, I’m curious about a few things.

    1) Capped at 75 mph, it seems borderline too slow in US metro areas for commuters that live or venture outside of city centers.

    2) Unless I missed it, it doesn’t seem like the battery modules are removable which means most city center dwellers won’t have a means to charge the thing overnight while at home.

    3) Yet the battery capacity is borderline too small for most other commuters unless they can charge it while at work.

    4) It costs $12K, and you still have to pay extra to get the “Dynamic” riding mode as an option, which is just a collection of software lines that already exists in the on board computer. Not really a US-market problem, but it does chap my arse a bit.

  10. austin zzr 1200 says:

    Love the design. Hate the price and range.

    • Anonymous says:

      Price and range dictated by the design? I’ll stick with my Suzuki Burgman 400.

    • Goose Lavel says:

      Price and range dictated by the design? I’ll stick with my Suzuki Burgman 400.

  11. Mick says:

    In other electric news, Harley spun off Livewire as a new brand and removed the Harley badge from the bike. That badge takes $8000 off the price of the bike when it goes. That’s one costly badge.

    It’s still about ten grand more than this scooter. But it does have significantly more range and power. Too bad they didn’t remove the silly haptic system from the Livewire and chop some more of the price off.

    • Goose Lavel says:

      Where are the Livewire dealers? Have they set up a network for sales and service?

      • fred says:

        IIRC, there are 12 dealers in 3 states, with the intention to add more towards the end of the year.

  12. Dave says:

    Considering all the bellyaching I read on this site about seats on new motorcycles and the desire for flatter, more useful seats, I’m surprised more aren’t celebrating “the plank”.

    All of the moto companies need to get off of this idea that e-bikes need to be some kind of avant-garde concept bike and focus on making something practical and appealing. If the bicycle companies can grow e-bike sales like crazy selling the stuff they do, the motorcycle companies can do it too. Do it.

  13. ABQ says:

    I like big scooters. I have had a Burgman650 and a Honda Silverwing.
    I also test rode BMWs gas scooter, and found that it was smooth and fast.
    BMWs other electric scooter was just a little too tall for me.
    I like other funny looking scooters, so I don’t mind the looks of this one.
    The bench seat would be good for taking passengers.

    My disagreement with the concept is that it is a computer on two wheels.
    When the electronics fail you may as well set it on fire and push it into the fjord.

    So for now, I will stay with gas engines… Putting the 900cc engine in a scooter would be nice

  14. Holygeezer says:

    It’s not April 1st is it? Sure seems like it. What a joke.

  15. motomike says:

    I think it’s genius! When you get to the office you can plug in and iron your suit on that seat! Oh goody another Chinese BMW. Zzzzzzz

  16. todd says:

    at 509 “unladed” pounds, this scooter is heavier than every one of my full-on motorcycles.

  17. Don says:

    When the article uses up that much space to extol all the virtues of this new electron-powered marvel you know something’s wrong here. Then you study the picture and suddenly you understand.

  18. motorhead says:

    I don’t understand. BMW makes beautiful cars, beautiful motorcycles. Yet they made their first electric car as distinctly ugly as possible. Why? Now they make their first scooter pretty darn rough. Again, why? Everyone knows they can do better. It’s like, the handbook for electric vehicle designers, chapter 1 On Design: make it look unappealing. (OK, Tesla didn’t read that chapter.)

    • motorhead says:

      answer my own question. BMW executives hand down the edict: “You must design the electric BMW motorcycle as an ugly bike so customers keep buying the our gas bikes. We already have these gas-bike manufacturing lines which cannot be easily converted to eBike production. Now do it. Ugly.”

  19. badChad says:

    Range does seem a bit short for what it is and the cost. I think what most of us are not getting about this, is it is not meant to appeal to the kind of person who is into m/c or even conventional scoots. It’s meant to be a status vehicle that makes wealthy city dwellers feel good about going green, but still shouting out for all to see/hear LOOK AT ME!

  20. Goose Lavel says:

    I can imagine pulling up to Alice’s and asking if they have a plug available so can I charge my scooter for the ride home.

    No, not gunna do it Captain!

  21. L. Ron Jeremy says:

    I can imagine pulling up to Alice’s and asking if they have a plug available so can I charge my scooter for the ride home.

    No, not gunna do it Captain!

  22. Elam Blacktree says:

    I was at Laguna Seca for the World Superbike Races in 1997. BMW had their new R1200C on display. I remarked to the fellow next to me: “That has got to be the ugliest damn bike I have ever seen.” The BMW rep was none too pleased. I have a feeling that this new scooter won’t even reach 1/10th the sales of the R1200C disaster. Live Wire are selling about 50 per month. This will likely sell even less.

    • Mick says:

      I know a guy who was really smitten by those things. I’ll never understand it.

  23. Todd says:

    I think they would sell better if they were called boat anchors.

  24. falcodoug says:


  25. Lawrence says:

    Nice press release, could use a little more information…

  26. foster says:

    How about that “deluxe” seat??? A 2X8 wooden plank with some vinyl wrapping? I guess that helps to keep the price below $12,000. Eighty miles on that would get you not much more than one hour from home (if you wanted to get back) and a pain in the ass good for a few days!

    Dream on BMW!

  27. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Been looking at this ,trying to assimilate the appearance, and have it ! – – A squatty low, stretched electric Diavel. Should be RED.

  28. Sarcoff says:

    It does look like you could make an accessory seat extension that would reach beyond the rear axle and gain accommodations for a third person. That’s because this is for hip city couples that occasionally bring home someone they picked up from a party to help spice up their relationship. BMW has always seemed to market to swingers and other typical German folk.

  29. Neil says:

    It all sounds great! Too bad they included pictures. That is one butt-ugly ride. Oh my Lord they made being seen on a scooter even worse. Blech

  30. viktor92 says:

    Why so UGLY ???
    Even with an autonomy of 10.000 km wouldn’t be attractive…

  31. michael D says:

    The ugliest thing yet and 0 to 60 in just a tad over 9 seconds, WOW!
    I think for $12,000+ BMW can do alot better.

  32. Marcus says:

    80 mile range. “Smaller scale fun tours” is an overstatement. How about “You start sweating bullets when you go beyond twenty miles from home tours”.
    My Honda Helix dynos at 15-16 rwhp and has a 77 mph top speed.

    • todd says:

      Since it doesn’t have the advantage of a variable pulley like the Honda, they had to decide how to gear its single reduction ratio. They went with a 10.5:1 gear reduction to help get its excessive mass off the line, therefore its top speed is limited.

      • Random says:

        I don’t think it’s the gearing, Todd. Electric motors have full torque from zero RPM and taper a bit at higher revs, so it could be set in infinitely long ratios and low speed would still be fine. The real issue should be the lack of power and/or battery capacity, since motorcycles usually lack good aero and air drag increases to the square of the speed.

        • todd says:

          How do you figure? If you gave it a taller ratio it would accelerate slower. If you went with “infinitely long ratios” as you suggest, the motor would stall and overheat, probably not even moving at all. It’s all a trade off: electric motors do provide more torque at very low rpm but ice vehicles get around that problem with lower gear ratios – most often ending up with much greater torque at low speeds at the rear wheel than what many electric vehicles provide.

          • fred says:

            I’m not certain about EV’s, but my experience with electric RC cars was that going with taller gearing often improved acceleration as well as top end. Obviously, there is a point of diminishing returns, leading to stalls, overheating, etc.

            It was a hard concept to wrap my head around.

  33. schmuck says:

    My god, why does it have to be so ugly?

  34. Moto-Kafe says:

    Let’s see…….closest Starbucks Coffee is 3.1 miles away from my house. I can make at least 2 dozen round trips on one of these on a single charge…..

  35. Nick says:

    I thought the video was a very brave attempt to make it look sexy! The whole thing looks rather like the Brockhouse Corgi that was designed to be dropped by parachute in WW2. At least that didn’t have so much electrical junk on it!

  36. Mick says:

    It seems that every decade or so BMW comes out with some relatively expensive city thing the sells by the tens. I think that this has a very good chance of being one of them.

    It has all the hallmarks of something from a Chinese company that you can’t figure out how to pronounce, except that it costs about two and a half times as much.

    In other news. The Langen two stroke passed euro 5 emissions, and is really expensive. And CCM is celebrating its 50th birthday with a new supermoto and street tracker.

    The Brits get all the cool stuff.

  37. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Interesting technology application, however I will wait to see the aftermarket beauty and performance mods, as they become widely available, pretty soon, maybe, won’t be long now.

  38. gutterslob says:

    Surprise the unloaded (I assume that means kerb) weight is “only” 231kg, because it looks a lot heavier.

  39. todd says:

    42hp but a top speed of only 75mph. I think the “rated” power of 20hp is responsible for the low top speed. It must electrically ramp down (!) as you accelerate. I wonder if there’s a way to keep the 42hp available at all times. Maybe they are worried about over-heating the air cooled battery pack.

    Ugly and expensive; I’ll probably see a few of them in the city.

  40. Anonymous says:

    BMW has lost not only it’s corporate way but their collective mind.

    And soul. They can choke on their woke.

  41. fred says:

    WOW! The electric future has arrived! Hopefully, BMW has ramped up their factories to prepare for the overwhelming demand that surely will come for this paragon. 75MPH! 80 mile range! Only $12k! Only takes about 2.5 hours to top off the fuel supply! (Assuming 20%-80% on 110V will be the normal recharge.)

    With the CE 04’s amazing beauty and impressive performance, obsolete gas-powered bikes no longer stand a chance. When these arrive is a few (6 to 17) short months, the ICE age will be officially over.


  42. Tommy D says:

    I would like to know the target audience is. Those that found the RnineT seat too plush? I get the movie prop looks and the price to match. It’s a BMW i8 maxi-scooter.

  43. TimC says:

    I think I’d prefer a rectal wart.

    • Roadrash1 says:

      Can those be acquired at the BMW dealership too?

      • Bart says:

        Apparently so…

      • L. Ron Jeremy says:

        Yes they can. Unfortunately, they are in high demand and are currently back ordered.

      • todd says:

        42hp but a top speed of only 75mph. I think the “rated” power of 20hp is responsible for the low top speed. It must electrically ramp down (!) as you accelerate. I wonder if there’s a way to keep the 42hp available at all times. Maybe they are worried about over-heating the air cooled battery pack.

        Ugly and expensive; I’ll probably see a few of them in the city.

    • foster says:

      How about a splinter up your arse instead? The seat appears to be a 2X8 wooden plank with some vinyl covering.

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