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A sensational result just missed in a chaotic race and a top-10 finish: this sums up the second Austrian round for Aleix Espargaró, skilful and courageous in his decision to stay on the track with slicks when it began to pour in the finale. A delicate situation where a decisive mistake could have compromised the entire weekend, especially on the last lap with the track completely and dangerously wet.

Their tenth-place finish in no way diminishes the work done by Aleix and Aprilia, tackling the second weekend in a row on the Austrian track and confirming a high level of competitiveness.

After a good start, Aleix was able to set an outstanding pace, reducing the gap lap by lap and overtaking all the way to seventh place with the goal of making up even more ground. At that moment, the sporadic drops of rain that had accompanied the first 20 laps gradually intensified, so much to convince many riders to pit and change bikes. However, a few chose to stay on the track, including Aleix, who suddenly found himself in second place. With the contribution of the increasing rainfall and the poor feeling in these particular conditions, the Spanish rider saw a historic result slip away just metres from the finish line.

“I had a good start, but not perfect, and in the early laps I lost a few positions. Lap after lap, I began to feel increasingly better. I was losing a bit in acceleration, but on the rest of the track, I was very competitive. When it began to rain, I decided to make the riskier choice. To be honest, of all the riders on the grid, I think I’m probably the one who most hates riding in the wet on slicks. At a certain point, it was truly difficult. I came into a turn with both wheels locked up and unable to slow down. It’s a pity, because not many riders were faster than me in the dry. I would have preferred a dry race, but that’s all part of the game. In any case, demonstrating this pace on this track gives me good reason to be proud.”

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