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Styrian MotoGP Results

The first race after the summer break for MotoGP was held at the Red Bull Ring in Austria earlier today. Starting from pole position, rookie Jorge Martin (Ducati) took a lead on the 1st lap that he never relinquished. Martin was hounded by defending champ Joan Mir (Suzuki) for much of the race before Martin took a reasonable gap to cruise home for the win with Mir finishing 2nd.

Championship points leader Fabio Quartarato (Yamaha) finished the race in 3rd position, and increased his points lead over Johann Zarco (Ducati) who was overtaken in the final two corners to finish in 6th position.

The race was restarted after a fiery crash involving Dani Pedrosa (KTM) and Lorenzo Savadori (Aprilia) on lap three that required a lengthy clean-up. Pedrosa was uninjured and eventually finished the race in 10th position, while Savadori appeared to suffer some minor injuries.

The riders return to the Red Bull Ring next weekend for another race. For full results of today’s race, take a look here. You can find additional details on the MotoGP site.


  1. Mick says:

    I’m confused. At first I thought that this was an old article that was being recycled when I saw Pedrosa. But he was on a KTM, that’s new.

    Then I saw the firey crash bit with Savadori on lap three. OK, but if you look at the results, they list Savadori as not starting. How do you not start and have a firey crash on lap three?

    Must be a four stroke thing. Darn things have so many rider aids that even if you don’t show up to start, the bike races itself for three laps before it runs into some guy that retired years ago. They aught to put those things on a lead so they don’t go running off when nobody is looking. 🙂

    • dt-175 says:

      hey, mick, buddy, if it makes ya feel any better, i’ll have you know that i just got grampa’s 1977 johnson 85 horse v-4 two-stroke (premix!) back in the water. lord knows were the spannies are on this thing, and the idle jets are YUGE!

    • Tom R says:

      Ah yes, our weekly dose of four-stroke gaslighting by Mick. 😉

    • TimC says:

      There’s an alternate universe I’m sure you’re happy in

      • Mick says:

        Really. Look for yourself. The results page linked above shows Savadori, and only Savadori, as not starting. You just KNOW that I’m going to make a joke about a guy who “didn’t start” running into a guy who is retired on some Rube Goldberg engined motorcycle with every electro gizmo known to man. That’s just too good to pass up.

        If it makes you feel any better. I bought my 1985 boat in 1987. It replaced a 1971 boat made by the same manufacturer (Correct Craft). Both were cursed with 351 Ford engines, the 350 Chevy option cost $600 more and had 40 more horsepower back in 1985 (280 verses 240 for the Ford). $600 was real money back then. Big blocks were $3000 in either flavor, holy smokes! All those engines, car engines really, are four strokes in case you don’t already know. As four stroke fans, I cannot possibly underestimate how under informed you guys may be. 🙂

        Nevertheless, the boat is out on the boat lift right now and I still waterski behind it all the time. Slalom trick mostly, which I guess is kinda like riding a two stroke.

        • Motoman says:

          It was a two part race and it’s obviously not reflected/understood in what you’re reading or you’d know that. Waste of typing Mick as is this comment.

  2. Grover says:

    What happened to MM?

    • Curly says:

      He rode poorly, ran into Aleix Espargaro twice but somehow managed to finish in 8th just in front of his brother and less than two seconds in front of his old teammate Dani Pedrosa in 10th.

    • Brinskee says:

      What didn’t happen to MM is that he didn’t win. Didn’t even challenge for the lead at all.

      I was hopeful that after a month away, more work on his arm (and psyche) he’d be in better shape than he was in.

      Almost 18 seconds from first, five seconds from the first Honda (and a satellite!) and only 2 seconds ahead of the next satellite. Not looking good for him at the moment… will be interesting to see what he does at the same circuit this week.

      • TimC says:

        I figured he’d come roaring back. I now have to say this take was wrong – it looks like the situation/effects are way more serious than I expected with this alien.

  3. mickey says:

    What a bizarre day of racing.

    Congrats to Martin and Rins who both looked great. Quatararo did what he had to do to stay in the lead.

    • mickey says:

      I meant Mir, not Rins. Duh

    • Curly says:

      The new guard is taking over. Mir at 23 was the oldest on the podium! The quality of the new riders coming up from Moto2 and Moto3 is amazing. We are in for some great racing seasons ahead. Pedro Acosta. Remember that name you will hear it a lot.

      • mickey says:

        it is pretty amazing and also telling that the satellite teams are ignoring old guard riders like Vinales, Dovisioso and Petrucci and signing new kids coming up out of Moto 2 and Moto 3

        • joe b says:

          During the break after the red flag, they interviewed David Brivide, i’m sure i’m spelling his name wrong. very insightful, as his comments were all over, one part where he mentioned some of the teams, knew the old riders, would someday be replaced, and instead of trying to steal someone up and coming like Vinales, teams would work with new younger riders, and all that. much insight, common sense, from him. you might find that again, not sure if it was on TV part. it was on

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