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Triumph Tiger Sport 660 Revealed in Prototype Camouflage

Triumph’s Trident 660 has apparently been a big success. The formula included an inexpensive, basic naked bike with a 660cc triple engine. Now, Triumph is building on that formula, and releasing photos of a prototype Tiger Sport 660 (pictured).

The prototype looks production ready, so we would expect formal announcement of the new model this Fall. With the current popularity of the Adventure category, the Tiger Sport 660 unsurprisingly includes bolt-upright ergonomics, along with reasonable wind protection and integrated luggage.

With 17″ wheels, along with modest suspension travel and ground clearance, the Tiger Sport 660 looks to be aimed at street riding, primarily.

There are no details from Triumph … just the photos. Once Triumph releases specifications and pricing, MD will be sure to let you know.


  1. paquo says:

    I am comparing this with a tracer 9 gt. I am ok with less power, i think. I am definitely ok with less electronic add ons. Hopefully the price will be substantially less, but then again check out 950 tiger prices so maybe not. In the end it will be ergonomics, if this is built for beginners with a 30 inch seat height it wont work, it needs to be spacious and comfortable.

  2. Looks almost identical to my versys 650..with an added cylinder. If they managed the weight correctly and offer adjustable suspension, they’ll have a winner. Otherwise, I’ll stick with my current mount.

  3. Marcus says:

    I can’t tell what with all the camouflage but that looks perfect for those with a long dirt driveway.

  4. ABQ says:

    I like the “camo” more than the rest of it. It’s kind of tribal.

  5. Rhinestone Kawboy says:

    That’s about the poorest job of camouflage that I have seen on an upcoming vehicle. Doesn’t hide much of anything. I think Triumph just wanted everyone to think it is camouflaged.

  6. dp says:

    It looks like previous generation of Yamahas (fours), but so what. As it appears these “road oriented ADVs” will hold the future of biking. Three cylinders are plenty for comfortable touring.

    • todd says:

      BMW should also build one of these and call it the K75S – oh, wait, that was 1986… Maybe they should think about doing it again then.

  7. neil says:

    The the OLD Versys. The seat is dog do. N O. Can’t anyone engineer a seat? Make the darn thing adjustible. Duh engineers.

  8. fred says:

    I like it! Bikes in the 550-750cc range just work great in lots of scenarios. Big enough to tour & take a passenger, light enough to do some easy dirt-road exploring. Decent power, decent economy, etc. I like having removable hard luggage. The windshield would be easy to replace if someone want to go larger or smaller. More wind protection for the hands might be nice, but hand guards / bark busters will likely be available.
    This bike looks like it has good bones, and should be fantastic for lots of riders.

  9. Mick says:

    I applaud Triumph for telling it like it is. This is a basic sport touring bike. It has has a chassis that isn’t afraid of most surfaces, about as much power as a thirty something open bike, or just a shade more than a twenty something cruiser. I don’t know if they will offer a rack. Fashion is stupid enough for them not to. One can only hope.

    What I like about this marketing is what it lacks. They are not calling it an adventure bike. They are making it clear enough that they are making an appliance. Good on ’em. Not everyone wants a motorcycle. Everyone has a refrigerator. If you can make the refrigerator motorcycle, you win.

    I would happily watch smaller displacement twins come main stream. I’m waiting for a premium one that weighs a ton less.

  10. todd says:

    Nowhere do I see Dirck or Triumph call this an “Adventure Bike”. He did mention that it had similar ergonomics to adventure bikes. The street bike styling, short travel suspension, 17” street tires and the “Sport” name suggest that the only ones that think this is trying to be an adventure bike are the people making comments.

    • endoman38 says:

      Since their adventure bike is a Tiger 850 sport, it would seem this Tiger Sport 660 is meant to be an adventure bike.

      • todd says:

        And yet, it’s not. That would be like calling the Mustang EV a Pony Car or the new Chevy Blazer a serious off-road truck. The original use of the Tiger name in the history of Triumph was for sport bikes. Now, it seems, it can be used for whatever genre they want. Never mind the fact that they didn’t even use the “Adventure” tag in this model.

      • Tim says:

        The Tiger 850 Sport is the least off-road targeted model in the Tiger 850/900 line up.

  11. Tom R says:

    Camo on a bike is significantly less effective than on cars. The effort seems more like effort to GET attention.

  12. Motoman says:

    I’ve always ridden like I was invisible and it has served me well over the years. And I adopt an aggressively defensive mind-set when on the bike constantly scanning and looking for idiots and other hazards.

  13. Neal says:

    Looks like it could be the perfect bike for me. I actually signed up for Triumph email updates on this one.

  14. endoman38 says:

    It’s a streetbike.

    • Dave says:

      Looks like it’ll be a really good one, too.

      • endoman38 says:

        But will it be a really good adventure bike? Ummmm, no.

        • Dave says:

          Don’t care. They’re making a bike for how their customers will really use it. Most of those bikes never see significant off road action, like SUV’s and trucks.

          • Motoman says:


            Besides, doesn’t Triumph make different versions of their other adventure bikes? I would expect they will do the same with this one.

  15. motorhead says:

    Yet another comfort bike for older people. Funny how a bike designed for ergonomic comfort and safe street riding can be labeled “adventure.” I’m old, I’m sold.

  16. todd says:

    This is in some ways built in response to the very large demand for a 675 “Tiger Cub” when the 1050 Tiger was available. I don’t know how the Trident engine compares to the Daytona / Street Triple motor though. This *Sport Tourer* definitely peeks my interest as the 1050 Tiger was a bit too boring to ride and I’m not old enough to opt for the psudo-“adventure” styling of the 800s.

  17. Dave says:

    Looks good. I wonder how this will compare to the Yamaha FJ07 that they won’t bring to the US?

    • Stuki Moi says:

      It will have a more engaging to rev engine……

      • Dave says:

        I’ve always enjoyed v-engines (twins and fours). While I’ve never ridden an FZ/MT07, I’m told the engine behaves exactly like them.

        I have ridden a Speed triple and it was fine. Very smooth with a powerful, flat torque curve. It didn’t rouse me like the sound of a good v-engine does.

        • todd says:

          I also found the 1050 Tiger/Speed Triple engine to be boring. However, the 675 triple in the Daytona was a hoot with great noise and awesome acceleration. It’s too bad the bike was immensely uncomfortable to ride otherwise there would be one in my garage.

        • Reginald Van Blunt says:

          Having owned singles, twins (vert and V), and triples, the greatest depth of satisfaction for me was an 885 Triumph T-Bird with its easy motivation. The icing on the cake was the beautiful induction sound, opened up with a 3/4 inch port on the side of the airbox, and rejetting. IMO the window to the soul of an engine is induction sound, lots of it. The 885 on long deceleration rolls sounded like a big diesel 18 wheeler going down hill, right on your arse. Wasn’t too weak a sound on acceleration either.
          The inline triple is the best of both twin and inline 4 worlds, and this latest Triumph ratchets all my marbles with aerodynamics, light weight, and adult egos. Hoo Chi Momma !

        • Stuki Moi says:

          The P-twins are much gruffer and less engaging higher in the revs than the 90 degree Vs. Honda got it right with the NC’s truncated powerband. The bottom end is where the “270 degree” illusion holds up the best.

          I rented an MT-07 two weeks ago. It’s nice for squirting out of slow corners. But above 5K, it’s just an annoying droner compared to an SV650.

          The Street Triple, and Daytona, are really nice higher up. I’m assuming this one will be similar, even if tuned more for down low.

  18. Ichabod says:

    It looks like a previous generation Triumph Tiger. Pass.

  19. TimC says:

    LOL I didn’t even know they did this on bikes! It doesn’t even work without the entire thing being camo’d!

    They should make this an option actually, it’s bad ass.

  20. DucDynasty says:

    I like this….clean, smooth styling. Guess I need to go ride a Trident. I’m thinking if I like it, this might be my next sport-touring bike. Hope Triumph makes cruise and heated grips standard or at least, available. My wife won’t like her perch though.

    • Stuki Moi says:

      I was thinking there could be a lot worse bikes out there than a Trident designed for more normal sized Americans as well…….

      The triple’s such a neat engine, and the format of this one looks very much “Goldilocks” (NC, 650Strom, Versys650, Tracer…..).

  21. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Looks good to me as a practical bike except for the forward flip at the top of the windscreen. A forward flip does NOTHING except induce turbulence. It is a marketing ploy.

    • Nick says:

      Totally agree, Mr Van Blunt! Not so much a marketing ploy though; just a default styling exercise by those ignorant of aerodynamics.

  22. Brinskee says:

    Where’s the beak!?

  23. Gham says:

    The luggage even looks ok….cool!

  24. The luggage looks ok from this angle too….cool

  25. L. Ron Jeremy says:

    I like the camouflage paint scheme and it should be a factory option.

    • ilikefood says:

      Camouflage paint scheme? On a motorcycle? Sure… I guess it makes sense if for some reason you DON’T want drivers to see you?

      Personally, I prefer bright, loud colors on my motorcycles (and helmets as well). Anything I can do to make myself MORE visible, rather than, you know, camouflage myself.

      • L. Ron Jeremy says:

        You’re invisible on a motorcycle anyway, so I don’t think it matters if the bike has camouflage paint.

        Actually, this type of camouflage is very eye catching, don’t you think? Certainly better than a all black motorcycle.

        • Motoman says:

          I’ve always ridden like I was invisible and it has served me well over the years. And I adopt an aggressively defensive mind-set when on the bike constantly scanning and looking for idiots and other hazards.

  26. Tim From Texas says:

    Excellent – this looks like a Triumph version of a Kawasaki Versys 650. Glad to see this available and can’t wait to see it without any camouflage

    • johnny says:

      Good comparison! If this bike has the handling chops of the Versys it could be a winner – that and a suspension that can handle my overweight butt….I like it!

  27. larlok says:

    Wouldn’t trade my Tiger 800 for it, but for me this would do the job just fine.

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