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Kawasaki Announces Z650RS, Z900 SE and Z900RS SE Coming to U.S. Market; Pricing Surprisingly Reasonable

2022 Z650RS

Kawasaki issued the following press release this morning. Europe had previously announced the 2022 Z650RS, Z900 SE and Z900RS SE, and now it is confirmed these bikes will be available in the U.S.

The press release does not include pricing, but you can find pricing for all of the new models on Kawasaki’s web site. Pricing for the Z650RS and Z900 SE appears pretty reasonable at $8,999 for the 650 and $10,699 for the 900. The Z900 SE, for example, will be available at a $1,600 premium over the base model. For that you get upgraded fork and Öhlins shock, as well as high-end Brembo front brakes.

Here is the press release from Kawasaki, which also introduces the new KLX230S Dual Sport:

Introducing our 2022 street line of motorcycles that includes the all-new Z650RS, the new Z900 SE, the new Z900RS SE, and the new KLX®230S motorcycles.

ALL-NEW 2022 Z650RS

The newest member to join the venerable 650cc lineup is the all-new 2022 Z650RS, a middleweight retro sport that combines timeless looks inherited from the Z900RS with a compact, responsive package that riders will love to enjoy daily. Just like its bigger Z900RS counterpart, the Z650RS tempts the eye with its timeless beauty of an orthodox motorcycle. Distinguishing itself from its bigger sibling is a slimmer fuel tank and a shorter, more compact tail, which express its light handling and approachable character.

Z650 RS Instruments
  • Parallel-twin 649cc engine
  • Lightweight trellis frame
  • Telescopic front fork and horizontal back-link rear suspension system
  • Compact, horizontal tail
  • Dual-dial instrumentation with multi-function LCD screen
  • Round LED headlight
  • Spoke-style cast wheels
  • Disc brakes with standard ABS
  • Assist and slipper clutch
  • Relaxed retro-style riding position
2022 Z900 SE

NEW 2022 Z900 SE

The aggressive, elegant, and inspiring Kawasaki Z900 supernaked gets a fresh variation for 2022 with the introduction of the Z900 SE to the Z line of motorcycles. Channelling the cool and exciting ideals of its Z900 brethren, the new 2022 Z900 SE supernaked comes to life with its aggressive Z Sugomi™-inspired styling and nimble handling that the Z model line is known for. With the addition of an upgraded brake package and higher-grade suspension components, riders are granted improved handling, performance, and excitement in addition to the iconic eye-catching styling that makes this supernaked motorcycle stand out from the crowd.

Z900 SE Brembo front brakes
  • NEW Large-diameter inverted fork with added compression damping adjustability
  • NEW Öhlins S46 rear shock with remote preload adjuster
  • NEW Improved suspension settings
  • NEW Brembo® front brake package with stainless-steel braided lines 
  • All-Digital TFT color instrumentation with smartphone connectivity
2022 Z900RS SE

NEW 2022 Z900RS SE

With the resurgence of retro-sport motorcycles going strong, the new 2022 Z900RS SE is sure to turn heads with its timeless design and integral beauty that pays homage to the iconic old-school Z models. Serving as a high-grade variation of the Z900RS, the Z900RS SE inherits the same upgraded brake package and similar suspension package of the Z900 SE with a new, iconic “Yellow Ball” livery that is sure to pull at those nostalgic heartstrings.

  • NEW Öhlins S46 rear shock with remote preload adjuster
  • NEW Brembo® front brake package featuring M4.32 calipers
  • NEW Improved suspension settings
  • NEW Iconic “Yellow Ball” styling 
  • Relaxed retro-style riding position

NEW 2022 KLX®230S

The Kawasaki KLX® family of off-road recreational motorcycles are known for their rider-friendly character, amazing capability on the trail, and reliability, making them a staple for any adventurous rider. For 2022, Kawasaki adds a new model to its KLX lineup with the KLX®230S dual-sport. . The KLX230S is purpose-built for serious fun on the trails and tuned for on-road versatility. Turn a variety of terrain into the ultimate playground.

  • NEW Shorter two-stage front suspension with 6.2 inches of travel
  • NEW Uni-Trak® rear suspension with 6.6 inches of travel
  • NEW Overall seat height of 32.7 inches
  • NEW Available with Kawasaki’s first dual-purpose ABS

In addition, the following street motorcycles are returning for 2022:

Ninja H2®
Ninja H2® Carbon
Ninja H2®R
Z H2
Ninja® ZX™-10R
Ninja® ZX™-6R
Concours®14 ABS
Versys®-X 300 ABS
Versys® 1000 SE LT+


  1. michael white says:

    I’m starting to think the 650 with full Yosh makes sense for me. It’s true that the CB650 is gorgeous and has more hp, but the group reviews always say that the twins are punchier in normal riding. Looks super comfortable. And I’ve always had a thing for twins, like my RD400 and XS650 back in the day. I actually wish Kawasaki had always done this–balance modern with retro rather than going all one way or the other.

  2. Anonymous says:

    The 900 is a beautiful retro. The 650? Not so much. Sorry Kawasaki, but this bike looks like a cheap knock off of the original, which I had. The 900 is one of the best retro bikes out there, only topped by the Triumph Bonneville line.

    • Pushrod Pete says:

      That’s interesting. I actually like the 650 over the 900.

      I was lusting over the 900 until I saw one in person. The super-wide fuel tank killed it for me. Way too bulbous. (I still own a ’75 H2 and a ’76 KH100, so I’m partial to skinny tanks….)

      Evidently I’m not the only one who thinks this, as the press-release above touts the “slimmer fuel tank” over the 900.

      • todd says:

        I’m with you, Pete. They then had to make the seat just as wide as the tank. The 900 is unfortunately proportioned. It’s almost like they don’t understand the allure of the old bikes so they make a cartoon of it, hoping they get something right. This 650 looks almost spot on the mark.

  3. Jeremy says:

    Quite the premium for retro-ness. I think the Honda is a better-looking bike and a better buy at that price.

    • Dave says:

      Agreed. This bike is nice looking, aesthetically, but the Honda is a level above in too many aspects for a price too close not to go for.

  4. ABQ says:

    The Z900RS SE looks good. Better than the 650, even without a picture of a girl sitting on the 900.
    It is beautiful all on its own without being gussied up. A natural beauty. No beak, no high tailed passenger seat. A round head light. Combined with modern mechanical…stuff. Retro? Right on time.

  5. fred says:

    Well, I think they are over-priced, rather than “surprisingly reasonable”. Here’s my post from the Z650RS intro article: My opinion hasn’t changed.

    If I’m reading the websites correctly, the Z650 ABS is $7749, the Trident is $8195, and the CB650R ABS is $9199. IMHO, the biggest competition is the Trident. If Big K prices the Z650RS @ $9K, it will struggle. If they keep it @ Trident pricing, or at worst no more than $8399, they should dominate the segment. For me, at even money, it would be hard to choose between the Trident and the RS.

    At $9k, lots of people would pick the Honda.

  6. Gary in NJ says:

    “In addition, the following street motorcycles are returning for 2022:”

    What, no Z400? No Ninja 400?

    And since there is no pricing listed for the Z900RS SE, I can assume it’s not “reasonable”.

    • Neal says:

      The 2022 Ninja 400 is on the website if you look for it, but it is weird its not on this list. I wonder if we’ll see an updated 400 for 2023 in the next set of model reveals.

    • Curt says:

      Kawasaki website says the Z900RS SE is $13,449.

      • viktor92 says:

        That price is crazy. A ZX14R cost about 15k, and there is no comparison on anything between both bikes.

        • Stuki Moi says:

          The ZX14R (and 6R by now) are throwbacks to an era of huge development projects, to be recouped over long runs.

          Nowadays, the onus is on new-new, the latest and the need to constantly appear on the font page of magazines and “review” sites.

          Think Shinkansen (fittingly wrt the 14). Vs Tesla.

        • Dave says:

          The zx14 lists at $15,399, call it $2k more. The price is probably irrelevant because very few, if any customers are going to cross shop these two bikes. As you say, there’s nothing to compare between them.

    • TP says:

      I’ve never much cared for the looks of the 400 Ninja even though I loved my 300 Ninja, and bought and upgraded an R3 instead. I was hoping for Kawasaki’s rumored 4-cylinder 400 making 65-70 hp. Maybe that’s for 2023.

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