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Portimão 2 MotoGP Results

The MotoGP series visited the Portimão circuit for the second time this year, and Ducati’s Pecco Bagnaia came away with the win. Together with points from other Ducati riders, including teammate Jack Miller, who finished third today, Ducati earned the MotoGP Constructors’ World Championship for the second year in a row. Finishing second today was Joan Mir (Suzuki). With just a few laps remaining, the race was red-flagged when two KTM riders, Iker Lecuona and Miguel Oliveira, came together and crashed.

Newly crowned champ Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) crashed out of the race with three laps remaining (unhurt). Next weekend, the 2021 MotoGP series ends with a final race at Valencia.

For full results of today’s race, take a look here. You can find additional details on the MotoGP site.


  1. Paul says:

    another Pole and a win for Pecco.
    Yep, Pecco for sure does not own FQ.
    No pressure FQ was how many light years behind lead and in what place when he fell down with how many laps remaining ?
    Funny the other three riders in line at the same corner managed to make it through that very corner with FQ falling down unpressured.
    FQ who won the championship with the bike and is now already resorting to blaming “Vinales-ing” the same bike…not enough power/speed. hahahaha!!!!! What class.
    Even Rossi (team Yamaha)said Pecco is ready next year. Doesn’t appear FQ is.
    FQ was gifted the 2021 by points earned early in the season when there was no other consistent points earning challenger. Period.
    who is betting 2022 is not Peccos championship to lose?

    • Jeremy says:

      Fabio was “gifted” this? The kid almost always qualifies on the front row, is fast at nearly all the tracks, and rarely ever crashes. (This was his first DNF for the year I think.

      Bagnaia has it dialed in and is going to be a legit contender in 2022. But so will Fabio.

      • Paul says:

        Gifted, yes.
        Tell me, had Pecco had “it dialed in” from the beginning of the season would you still have FQ as 2021 champion win?
        That’s a hard no obviously, and why the no?
        Also, whom has the momentum going into 2022?
        You think FQ is happy and ready for 2022?
        Another hard no obviously.
        I’d wager pecco is a lot more ready and eager for 2022 than anybody.
        I’d wager FQ is nearly likely dreading 2022.
        Mir stated he had no pressure to defend his 2020 championship. WTH?

        • Jeremy says:

          For the second half of Pecco’s dialed season, Fabio outscored Pecco in four out of eight races, and Pecco outscored Fabio in four races. Cumulatively, Pecco only scored four points more during than same period than Fabio.

          “Hard no?” I think not.

          As far as momentum into the next season, I think both riders will be highly confident and motivated.

          • mickey says:

            Since the 1/2 point in the season, the Dutch GP, PB has out scored FQ 118 to 111. Had PB not lowsided while leading race before last his lead would have been 143 to 109 in the last 8 races.

            PB has had 5 poles in a row, and won 3 of the last 5 races. I’d say momentum is on his side, and lime Mir FQ should be thankful for the title he won.

            Next year will definitly be interesting, especially if Marquez is healthy

            … and if Aprilia builds Vinales a bike worthy of his talent, since Yamaha couldnt lol

          • Jeremy says:

            And had FQ not crashed during this last race, he would have racked up more points than Bagnaia during those races.

            FQ crushed him during the first half of the season. Perhaps it’s because those are traditionally better Yamaha tracks, or maybe Pecco truly found something in the second half he didn’t have before, or maybe the Marquez factor coincidentally had more influence when it was Pecco’s time to shine. Who knows for sure? There are many tracks from that first half of the season though that will still favor FQ and the Yamaha next year.

            I fully believe that both FQ and Yamaha intend to come out of the gates swinging in 2022. Bagnaia will probably do better in this last race because it isn’t a good circuit for FQ or the Yamaha. Bagnaia will have plenty of momentum going into next season. But I still don’t think he has the monopoly on momentum.

            I think 2022 will be a very interesting season for both Baganai and FQ. There will be a few other sharks in the water with them.

          • paul says:

            “For the second half of Pecco’s dialed season, Fabio outscored Pecco in four out of eight races, and Pecco outscored Fabio in four races. Cumulatively, Pecco only scored four points more during than same period than Fabio.”
            —again…when the lead rider(s) crash out of a race then the lagging FQ is “gifted” extra points and the lead rider gets no points for that race…correct?

            “Hard no?” I think not.”
            —sure, sure.

            “As far as momentum into the next season, I think both riders will be highly confident and motivated.”
            —your serious?
            so when FQ just now claimed his bike having no power/speed (obviously heading into 2022), …that says “highly confident” to you?
            why the constant going in circles with you (guys)?
            every time someone, ahead of FQ (the 2021 champ), crashed out from a race is a GIFT of points to FQ. PERIOD.
            FQ qualified well for a lot of races because there was less consistent folks managing to qualify well.
            Another GIFT for FQ. Period.
            FQ did not DNF (until now) because he did not have to push the limit in the first half, as there was no competition and no reason to.
            when it came to the second half of the season FQ still did not have to push the limit, so no DNFs, because of his (gifted) points lead. Period.
            I am in no way saying that FQ could not have won a true to form, typical gritty, slice and dice, hard fought championship.
            I am saying 2021 (like 2020) was in no way, for FQ, a hard fought challenging championship win. Period.

          • Jeremy says:

            I agree that it wasn’t “hard fought.” The challenge came too late in the season.

          • mickey says:

            FQ is an extremely talented rider on a great handling down on power motorcycle. I think the Ducatis are some 13 km faster on top speed than the Yamaha and have seemed to have cured the handling woes that plagued Dovisioso during his competitive years.

            FQ’s saving grace is he is a great qualifier and therefore generally races from the front. When he doesnt, he doesnt do particularly well.

            That Ducati has dominated the front 2 rows lately doesnt bode well for FQ next year, Unless Yamaha somehow manages to find more straightaway speed without messing up the cornering speed and handling advantage they have, FQ may end up being like Mir, a pandemic with no #93 competition champion.

  2. Burtg says:

    Pecco is legit. He’s learned how to ride the Ducati. 2022 could be his Championship year.

  3. mickey says:

    Bagnaia ran a flawless race. Starting to remind me of Lorenzo and Pedrosa with his smoothness. Going to be a real threat next year. Probably moreso than Quatararo.

    Miller stayed on 2 wheels which is good.

    I hadn’t realized 2020 champ Mir had never qualified for front row before.

    A. Marquez rode really well too.

    KTM wasnt so lucky today.

    • Curt says:

      Bagnaia is getting it together, and seems like a threat next season (but who knows what will develop?). Quarteraro showed today the same pattern Jorge did back in the day – the Yamahas are fast when they can run their lines alone, but struggle coming through traffic, esp when it’s the Ducatis which can park it mid-turn (and they seem to turn better that before!) then scamper away out of reach down the straight. Other riders have to over-ride their equipment and risk disaster at every turn. Front row starts essential for non-Ducati riders, if they want to be successful. Very interesting!

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