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Thursday’s Entertainment Video: Free Ride Star Axell Hodges Travels to Tavullia to Play in the Dirt With Valentino Rossi

California free-riding star Axell Hodges, a winner of seven X Games medals, travels to Valentino Rossi’s hometown of Tavullia, Italy in a fun and entertaining video. Get an interesting perspective on Valentino’s famous Ranch as the two stars play on the motocross track, and then move over to the flat track. The video is well produced by their common sponsor, Monster Energy.


  1. motorhead says:

    I’d like to buy a used tire from Axell. Seldom touching the ground. Though the back tire wears quickly.

  2. kpinvt says:

    Nice drone work at 0:16.

  3. john welch says:

    Remember Bayliss?

  4. Marcus says:

    The guy is living life for sure. A lesson there for all of us.

  5. Mick says:

    On a video note. Check out Pol Tarrés and his many alien behaviors aboard a Yamaha T700. He has been riding hard Enduro events on one also. The guy is smooth.

    • Curt says:

      Seeker and Seeker 2 are amazing. Trials skills (and more) on a T7. INCREDIBLE! I thought the Tarres name was familiar, he’s Jordi’s nephew!

  6. Mick says:

    I wonder if Rossi or Roberts before him learned any tricks about grooming the cushion on their dirt tracks to make them fun to do power slides on. It would certainly be an excellent training tool.

    The addion of the guys standing around with a bunch of helmets on the fence was odd considering that the tracks were freshly groomed. Where where those guys supposed to have been riding?

    I thought it was irresponsible to sex up riding wheelies through towns. You just know that some kid somewhere is going make a mess of things riding wheelies through their town. Maybe I just have a bone in my head. Even when I was a juvenile I thought that riding wheelies was a juvenile behavior.

    • joe b says:

      your asking did Rossi or Roberts think that dirt tracking little bikes could be used as a training tool? Wow, something there I think. just when Rossi entered the track, about 1/3 the way in the video, when the music went bonkers, i bailed.

      • Mick says:

        No. That is a given. Top level road racers have trained on dirt track for decades. I am wondering if they groom their tracks differently from what the typical dirt track racetrack owner would. I’ve trained a little and raced a few dirt track events. There is a lot more going on there than meets the eye.

        And if those are Ross’s dirt track bikes. They probably weigh less than 250 pounds androck around 60hp. They are not “little”. Dirt trackes and road racers also train on XR100s and the like. They are little and you can learn a lot riding them.

    • Bruce says:

      “I thought it was irresponsible to sex up riding wheelies through towns. You just know that some kid”….
      I miss the the old days when we could ride motorcycles and have fun.

  7. Dino says:

    Great video.. It’s always fun to watch a couple of talents just playing around!

  8. Roger Barfell says:

    love it

  9. Gary in NJ says:

    Great riders are great riders – regardless of the surface.

  10. dt-175 says:

    maybe it’s time for VR46 to take on mees/bauman and indian in flattrack?

    • Brinskee says:

      As much as I’d love to see that, it’ll never happen. Rossi is done with two wheels as far as professional racing goes, just too much risk of injury and not enough to gain. In my opinion, of course.

      Very entertaining video, Rossi is still so charismatic.

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