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Great Valentino Rossi Interview Posted on YouTube

Graham Bensinger posts fascinating interviews with sports figures on his YouTube channel. He puts his subject at ease, and visits the venues important in his subjects’ lives.

He recently interviewed Valentino Rossi, and we have embedded four excerpts from that video below. Rossi discusses a number of interesting topics, gives a tour of his ranch and VR46 headquarters, and otherwise opens up to Bensinger (including discussing his F1 tryout with Ferrari). Have a look at the four excerpts we posted below, and check out Bensinger’s YouTube page if you want to find more pieces of the Rossi episode.


  1. John B says:

    My son and i rode a round trip of 6500Km from Saskatchewan to Laguna Seca to see Rossi race. Valentino is one of the greats. Talent, Longevity and personality. I am grateful he got to his race career finish line intact. Perhaps he will return to the Isle of Man on a Ducati in ten years and win like Mike Hailwood. I am told grown men wept.

  2. Ricardo says:

    What an awesome person and true champion. Really one of the best! Rossi is now a big part of the sport history.

  3. Nick says:

    A genuine hero and it’s sad to think he won’t be on the MotoGP grid again, but at least he’s survived the experience and retained his charming character. I so wish he had succeeded on the Ducati though. That should have been the dream-team!


    • Randy says:

      I’m in total agreement. I’m glad he didn’t try another year, or wonder if Ducati would even offer a ride on a now competitive bike. I’m so sorry I didn’t make Austin last year to see his swan song.

  4. RonH says:

    Simply… a good man.

  5. Gary says:

    Fascinating insight. I’ve watched him race for years but it is quickly obvious that there is another side of him that is almost totally unknown.

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