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Brabus 1300 R – KTM Partners Up With Luxury Brand

Brabus is best known as a luxury customizer of European automobiles … principally Mercedes. The “first ever Brabus motorbike” starts life as a KTM 1290 Super Duke R EVO (reviewed by MD here), but includes many exclusive Brabus components and features (see list in the following press release).

The Brabus 1300 R is a limited edition, available in 77 units painted Magma Red and 77 units painted in Signature Black. If you act quickly, you can have one for 51,467 Euro (roughly 59,000 U.S. dollars). Take a look here for all the details.

Here is the press release followed by a video:




The leading European motorcycle manufacturer KTM joins forces with BRABUS. The world-renowned luxury mobility brand out of Germany’s Ruhr region specializes in the creation of high-end supercars and day boats. This brand-new collaboration sees the merging of two leading brands of their respective industries combining their distinctive brand identities.

Since 1977, the BRABUS name has been synonymous with luxury, handcrafted exclusivity and performance. Known globally among enthusiasts for the creation of high-performance supercars and as automotive individualization experts for over four decades, BRABUS has since also established itself in the marine sector through its series of exclusive day boats. Now, the company is expanding once again – broadening its focus towards high-end motorcycling in collaboration with KTM. 

The BRABUS 1300 R

The all-new BRABUS 1300 R is badass design, exclusive, high-end elegance and confident performance. It is the first-ever BRABUS motorbike – an unmistakable naked bike designed for enthusiasts with an eye for details. Developed to merge both KTM’s and BRABUS’ deeply rooted identities and design styles, the BRABUS 1300 R represents the best of both brands. Key ingredients of the BRABUS ‘Black and Bold’ design language including two signature paint schemes, forged BRABUS Monoblock Z wheels, high-end carbon body elements and a stylish custom made seat, treated with expert attention to detail by the BRABUS interior specialists, define the bike’s exceedingly unique and sporty character and ensure an instant 1-second wow factor.

Experts of both brands elected the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R EVO to serve as the BRABUS 1300 R’s platform. As KTM’s latest evolution in performance-built motorbikes, this remarkable model offers the best in cutting-edge riding experience, uncompromising ergonomics and the BRABUS 1300 R’s beating heart – a massive V-Twin engine producing 180 hp and 140 Nm of torque out of its namesake 1,301 cc. We invite you to experience the beginning of a new chapter in modern motorcycling. The ultimate combination of luxury, power and tenacity. The BRABUS 1300 R.

Making use of the KTM 1290 SUPER DUKE R EVO’s exceptional LC8 V-twin engine producing 180 hp at 9500 rpm and 140 Nm at 8000 rpm, the BRABUS 1300 R provides performance that you would expect from the BRABUS brand. Designed to challenge the limits of forward thrust, this high-performance configuration offers a riding experience unlike any other.

In signature BRABUS fashion, the BRABUS 1300 R maintains the unmistakable ‘Black and Bold’ design identity with a collection of exclusive components. Lightweight Monoblock Z 9-spoke forged wheels, bespoke carbon-fiber air intakes, a distinctive headlight and a custom-made heated seat all share unmistakable styling cues from BRABUS supercars.

To add an extra touch of unique individuality, the BRABUS 1300 R is offered in just two signature color schemes – MAGMA RED and SIGNATURE BLACK. Only 77 of each variant will go into production, with the number 77 signifying the year in which BRABUS was founded.

From a technical standpoint, the all-new BRABUS 1300 R utilizes the latest WP APEX semi-active suspension technology. This allows riders to select between six dedicated damping modes – COMFORT, STREET, SPORT, TRACK, ADVANCED – at leisure or in AUTO mode, which automatically adapts to road as well as riding conditions.

Highlight features and bespoke parts include:

• Sign of excellence with limited-edition number

• BRABUS Monoblock Z lightweight 9-spoke forged wheels

• BRABUS slip-on double-pipe exhaust

• BRABUS custom-made heated seat

• BRABUS start-up animation

• BRABUS color scheme for the dashboard

• UNIQUE black frame

• BRABUS air ducts

• BRABUS headlight mask

• BRABUS carbon belly pan

• BRABUS CNC-machined triple clamp

• BRABUS CNC-machined adjustable front brake and clutch lever

• BRABUS CNC-machined adjustable footpegs

• BRABUS CNC-machined reservoirs and oil tank caps

• BRABUS pillion seat cover

• BRABUS handlebar end mirrors

• Carbon fiber undertray with short license plate holder

• LED turn indicators with integrated brake lights

• WP APEX semi-active suspension

• WP PRO COMPONENTS (WP APEX PRO 7117) steering damper  

• 5 riding modes (STREET – SPORT – RAIN – PERFORMANCE – TRACK)

• Quick turn throttle twist grip

• Heated grips

• Lightweight Li-Ion battery

• Various carbon fiber parts

Beyond offering an extraordinary riding experience, the BRABUS 1300 R makes an unapologetic statement about luxury, exclusivity, and signature BRABUS styling.The BRABUS 1300 R will be available exclusively through the pre-order web page. Click to pre-order – pre-orders will start on February 14th @ 15:00 CET.


  1. L. Ron Jeremy says:

    All 154 that will be made sold in 1 minute and 55 seconds.

    Plenty of money out there looking for a home.

  2. Randybobandy says:

    2003 Kawasaki z-1000 had the same pipes and quirky color scheme. 40K in carbon fiber and a foot of upholstery?? No thanks

  3. Grumpy Farmer says:

    I’m old. I remember when cars and motorcycles were colourful. Black was for police cars and hearses.

  4. Neil Devine says:

    Ab so lutely hi deous!

  5. fred says:

    Well, it appears that Brabus & KTM know their market better than we do. The entire run of 154 bikes was snapped up in two minutes. Hopefully some of them will be ridden and loved, and not just collected and displayed.

  6. newtonmetres says:

    HO HUM! Guess Jay Leno will buy one…..

  7. Staying in Mexico says:

    No disrespect to all the Orange fanboys out there but with the exception of the red upholstered seat this turned out really really nice. The KTM bikes when first viewed are kinda cool looking but it wears off quickly the longer you stare. Were all different Right in our opinions

  8. Reginald Van Blunt says:

    Custom bikes by committee, rather than an individual, make me want to puke.
    Black is not a color, it is a lack of involvement with life.

  9. MGNorge says:

    I’m just not into all the black. It’s black, black, black, and when you think that’s enough let’s add a little more. Well, OK, we’ll add a splash of red here… or maybe there! I know it’s popular and trendy but I like something more colorful, as trends used to be.

  10. Curt says:

    I’m about to bring home my second SDR but somehow I don’t think I’m in THIS bike’s target audience.

  11. rob gagne says:

    When it comes to styling KTM should go to Italy not Germany.

  12. Doc Sarvis says:

    That seat is a metaphor for the person who owns it. It looks like a baboons anus.

  13. motorhead says:

    All-black with a red triangle. Reminds me of a black widow, though the spider comes with two red triangles. Art is not always practical, yet millionaires spend millions on a scarce painting to hang on a wall. Special, limited edition bikes like this Brabus are art, and worth every penny to the person who actually buys it. I guess.

  14. Ralph G. says:

    Munch Mammoth meets a J.C. Whitney cafe racer kit.

    FUGLY to da max.

  15. Gary in NJ says:

    Motorcycle design is a tricky thing…and this bike proves the point. Too much V-Max, too little form follows function. The lines don’t flow and the angles too many. The bike appears 100 pounds heavier then it probably is.

    But this design study isn’t for motorcyclists, it’s for people that want to park the machine in their garage next to other vehicles that cost $25,000 per weird angle.

  16. Pete says:

    F***ng Ugly Joke!

  17. dt-175 says:

    1928 brough superior ss100
    1951 vincent black shadow
    1977 h-d xlcr
    1994 triumph speed triple
    and this thing.

    pick two…

  18. Falcodoug says:

    Well it’s not orange there is that.

  19. Kent says:

    What is a “dayboat?”

    • fred says:

      I guess you and I are not wealthy enough to recognize the term. LOL It appears that a day boat is the hot rod that the yacht owner plays with during the day for short trips, as it has no overnight/below decks accommodations.
      Learn something every year if you’re not careful.

  20. Dave says:

    It’s a very nice improvement in appearance but if someone made the body parts aftermarket I’d think everything else (or it’s equivalent) is already available to anyone with the interest to customize their bike. This feels like $60k for aftermarket bolt-ons, not a custom motorcycle.

    I’m suppose some billionaires’ kids will get them to match their cars.

  21. TF says:

    Wow…..60K for a Diavel with a KTM engine and a round headlight?

  22. Dave says:

    I like the round headlight and ditching the Kiska designed body work helps a lot in my opinion, but not worth anymore than a production version. Ugly exhaust ends. They should probably stick with cars. Carbon fiber is soooo last year….LOL

  23. Dirty Bob says:

    Carbon fiber everything! That drives up the cost. Brabus is exchanging carbon fiber for appox. 60 lb. less weight. Very costly! Just give me the bike stripped down with the engine up grade. No heated seat, heat makes me antsy.

    • Mick says:

      It’s 11 pounds less than the EVO and 11 pounds more than the RR, which costs about half as much and had a 500 unit production run. The RR weighs even less if you sping for the optional exhaust system.

      Whatever. It’s a market that I will never understand.

  24. Mr.Mike says:

    Worth $60k if the seat is as comfortable as it looks.

  25. Jim says:

    Stainless headers with black “tuning fork” mufflers. I hated them on the Z1000 too!
    Honda Monkey headlight. Lol.
    Awful quilted red seat. Just no.

    So much fail for almost 60 large. KTM should be ashamed.

  26. Gary says:

    For when you have mad money to just toss into the wind …

  27. DucDynasty says:

    This will go over big in Abu Dhabi….maybe.

  28. JC says:

    Great. A Superduke that resembles a MT-10 at 3x the price of a Superduke.

    At least it isn’t orange.

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