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KTM Will Announce Revised 890 Duke R and New 890 Duke GP This Month (Updated – Duke R Just Gets New Colors)

UPDATE: The new 890 Duke R has been announced and, to our disappointment, features no changes whatsoever other than new graphics. We hope the 890 Duke GP will be something more than a new graphics package for the current base model 890 Duke. We will report on this on February 22. Below is our original story of the KTM accouncement:

It wasn’t that long ago that MD tested the 2020 KTM 890 Duke R, but KTM is already prepared to introduce a “refreshed” version next Monday, followed by an 890 Duke GP two weeks later.

Details are sparse in the following press release, which could mean anything from “bold new graphics” to significant, substantive changes to both the Duke R and the standard 890 Duke currently in the line-up. Stay tuned for a report from MD on Monday concerning the revised Duke R.

Here is the press release from KTM:

KTM is kicking off its “Midweight NAKED” campaign in February, 2022. This will see the launch of two Middle weight titans into this segment.

The wildly contested middle weight motorcycle segment is one that throws a lot of punches. However, the KTM DUKE range has proven to be an undisputed champion in the middle weight arena, boasting impressive performance and unmatched handling with scalpel-like precision, appealing to riders looking for agility, punch, and poise.

February 2022 will see the Midweight NAKED campaign enter the ring, bringing with it some big hitters. Orange bleeders can look forward to a refreshed KTM 890 DUKE R, which sees some fresh new colorways, catapulting THE SUPER SCALPEL to the top step of the Midweight segment. A new DUKE offering also enters the fray, with a Grand Prix-inspired KTM 890 DUKE stepping into the ring as a re-fire title contender.

In typical KTM fashion, Midweight NAKED February will be a no-holds-barred event, unleashing the best middle weight nakeds into the market. Keep your RPM high and your clutch at the ready for the full release of the aforementioned models on the below dates:

7 February
KTM 890 DUKE R – An even sharper iteration of THE SUPER SCALPEL slices onto the scene.

22 February
KTM 890 DUKE GP – A Grand Prix-inspired entry into DUKEDOM.

Keep your visor down, your new ride is about to be unveiled, visit for details on the models.


  1. Jonathan S. Justman says:

    And….the R gets new colors. Wowzers.

  2. Tommy D says:

    Great….. I just put a few grand of suspension on my RS660… Having ridden the 890 in my ADV-R Rally, I can say that its motor is the Goldilocks of street power delivery. The torque is there for corner exits and low end grunt, it builds without any flat spot and hits with bhp as the revs grow as it should. Third gear wheelies like a Supermoto… Yes the Duke is a fun hooligan street bike but this motor does deserve a true sports chassis config for those that want more of a track day focus platform. For the love of all that is holy, use the MotoGP bike as a style reference point and not the current KISKA design.

  3. SVGeezer says:

    The Duke GP version would be very interesting to me,,, except for the expected price tag.

    My name should be a good indicator of how cheap I am.

  4. Donk says:

    Mick I admit the 790 had some teething issues as new model from any manufacturer often do but the 890 has been a solid and reliable bike. Of course like everything else there is always someone on the internet in a pssing contest with their dealer that is trash talking the bike and the brand. My 890 Adventure has been flawless and I like the engine enough that I would consider a Duke R or GP in a heartbeat. The engine is the perfect size for a street bike and the 890 Adventure is one of the most fun bikes I’ve owned on road or off. To be honest I should say unpaved that’s about as far offroad as I go. I for 1 am really excited about the prospect of an 890 Supersport type bike.

  5. Nick says:

    I do rather like KTM’s mention of ‘orange bleeders’. Presumably, bleeders isn’t an old-fashioned derogatory term in Austria as it is in England.

  6. Dave says:

    Not “RC-890”? Interesting…

    And already changing the Duke 890’s? At least the engine size stays the same. Can’t accuse them of sitting on their hands. How does Suzuki stay in business?

    • Mick says:

      A lot of reliability issues have cropped up with the 890s. This is an anticipated move. Expect similar announcements about the Adventure bikes. A lot of the YouTubers have switched to the Yamaha. I’m sure KTM wants them back ASAP.

    • Stuki Moi says:

      “How does Suzuki stay in business?”

      By selling bikes whose potential problems have been found and fixed.

      • Randy says:

        Yeah, about 20 years ago.

        • Marcus says:

          I’d rather have a twenty year old engine with the bugs worked out than the latest technology. A twenty year old sport bike engine can still produce more power than what most can handle.

    • pedro says:

      They make really good bikes for a fair price. Oh the humanity.

  7. Nick says:

    KTM is not a brand I have any interest in, mostly because of the dreadful styling courtesy of Kiska Design. However, their MotoGP bike is quite elegant and devoid of the sharp edges so beloved by Mr K, so could the 890 Duke GP be the first road bike produced by KTM that looks agreeable?


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