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Jerez MotoGP Results

Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati) and Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) left every other rider in the dust at Jerez earlier today. Bagnaia led the entire race with Quartararo on his heels. At the checkered flag, Bagnaia took the win and the pair of riders had roughly an 11 second gap over third place Aleix Espargaro (Aprilia).

Quartararo is now in the championship points lead with a 7 point gap over second place Espargaro. The next race is at Le Mans in 2 weeks.

For full results of today’s race, take a look here. You can find additional details on the MotoGP site.


  1. motomike says:

    I know exactly what Mick is saying. As a youngster I gave motocross my best try. I was at best a 125C class lapper. The proudest I was when I got 2nd in the first moto and had a guy crash in front of me at the start of moto 2. I got up and charged as hard as I could passing many very slow and very frightened riders up to around 10th place. As I picked up my puny trophy, a pro rider was hoisting his three foot tall one saying god, can you believe how cheap these things are? I was beaming with pride on my meager accomplishment! As a late 40 something I decided desert racing would be fun and entered the beer swilling cig smoking “sportsman class” and you know that was the most fun I ever had on a dirt bike. Great people,good times eating faster riders dust and I don’t regret any of the 5 years I did it.

  2. Jeremy says:

    Alright, time to get the Suzuki news posted. The MD comment board clown show needs to discuss this ASAP so that the decision makers can review our wise commentary and and act on our suggestions!

    • mickey says:

      crazy news

    • mickey says:

      Dorna is saying can’t happen

      • Jeremy says:

        Well, they say it can’t happen “unilaterally.” But Dorna won’t prevent it. They can’t really. Both parties will meet, and they’ll come up with some unilateral agreement.

    • Motoman says:

      Was expecting someone to mention it here when I read the news. I am bummed and hope it is another short-term quit like before. Suppose we can only hope that Aprilia enters a satellite team to fill the vacancy. I love Ducati but not 10 bikes kinda love!

      Down to only two Japanese factories is not ideal. I know it’s a pipe dream but it would be great if Kawi stepped up and entered the battle again.

    • Mick says:

      Geez! I thought they were doing quite well.

      But I did say that MotoGP became the hole in daddy’s arm where all the money goes. Support for anything else dried up in a big way. Sport bike sales dried up with it. So why try spend a bunch of money and effort to sell bikes that nobody is buying? You can’t even buy a MotoGP bike. Nobody’s buying on Monday, so why race on Sunday? I get it.

      Maybe they will go back to offering more support for other more regional racing series to promote the bikes people can buy to the actual people who still are buying them. MotoGP is a TV show. Perhaps they want a bigger footprint at the real races where the real people are. Seems like a good idea. If it works and people start buying sport bikes again, maybe they’ll come back.

      Dorna is hilarious. You guys run with that and see where it gets you.

  3. Mick says:

    I am often surprised at the comments here. The few that actually pay attention and comment about the racing one would consider to be race fans. I would argue that.

    I may be checked out on this series due to irreconcilable differences. But I would be all over whatever racing was going on during the event because that’s the exciting part, if you are not riding as part of the event.

    Last summer another guy and I singed up for a class the we really had no business in. Whatever, we didn’t get lapped. I got squeezed on the hole shot and had one heck of a time getting by the other thirty nothing I was behind.

    Finally I got by the guy on the last lap and saved myself from finishing dead last, unfortunately at his expense.

    Why am I telling you this loser story? Because for the rest of the day the crowd and the pits were all over what a good race we had, best all day. They were cheering and whooping it during the race. We may have been in the fast guy class and all. But we were seconds behind and racing for dead last.

    Was that a boring race for those people? No, they’re race fans. They get up on the morning and go to some little place in the middle of nowhere to race with or watch the mortals there. And they love every minute of it. Even if it’s some old has been racing some guy that may have started a little late in life dicing for dead last.

    Good racing is good racing. I raced a turtle against other turtles when I was a kid. My mom eventually put the kibosh on that. She didn’t like to watch me feed the thing. She is obviously NOT a race fan.

  4. motomike says:

    Peccos lap times were simply robotic. Such precision from a human bean is inconceivable!

  5. Delmartian says:

    What an awesome photo of Bagnaia leaned over to maximum angle, scraping both knee and elbow. One of the best photos of this that I’ve seen in a while. Makes Quartararo behind him look almost tame in comparison.

    Runaway races like this, with Bagnaia leading from pole to flag, are somewhat boring. Thank goodness for the battle for third. I was really rooting for Marquez to grab that last podium spot, given all he’s been through. But 5th place was the highest he predicted he could finish, so kudos to him for achieving that. His miraculous save using his knee to push himself off the ground and avert an almost certain low-side was a return to his old form.

    • Dave says:

      Interesting insight on the difference between Pecco and Fabio but I suspect it’s more a matter of which respective phase of the corner they were captured in.

      I found the race for 1st and 2nd very compelling. While it lacked passes I thought the suspense of two aces trading tenths of seconds throughout the entire race, with Fabio almost getting there at the end pretty interesting. Kind of like a competitive, but low scoring soccer match.

  6. mickey says:

    I was rather bored with this one. Quarty never got close enough to show Pecco a wheel. The race for the final podium step was the only excitement. What’s with Miller and the last 5 laps? He either runs out of energy or tire or both it seems. Unbelievable save by Marquez and great riding/double pass by A Espargaro. He deserved the final step. No excuses from Aprilia now. Seems KTM has lost their way again.

    People can afford what they want to afford. They claim they can’t afford to eat, but they can afford tattoos, cigarettes, beer, cell phones and big screen TVs with cable.

    • Kermit says:

      It’s just different set of priorities Mickey. 🤪 Been in a lot of houses(job related) where the owners had that mentality. Dumps!

    • Jeremy says:

      Same here. Were it not for the fight for third, I just as well could have waited for the highlights reel. Probably could have waited for the highlights reel any as even the fight for third only had only about 60 seconds of action.

      I know Miller says he needs to use the rear of the bike to turn, which uses a lot of tire, and can’t figure out how to replicate what Pecco and Enea are doing. His manager has had a few discussions with LCR, and rumors put him in Alex Marquez’s seat next year.

  7. Dave says:

    Another race of razor sharp margins. While Pecco Bagnaia and Fabio Quartararo rode away from everyone it’s easy to forget that gaps like that used to be the normal and the winner would lap well into the top-10 a lot of the time. Now if a rider makes a small mistake it can cost positions. They are literally scrapping for fractions of seconds. Miller, Marquez and Espargaro put on a great show and I was happy to see Aleix come away with the podium. It has been fun seeing him and that Aprilia find their legs. Hopefully Vinales can do the same on it.

  8. Mick says:

    Just try to find anything on the MotoGP website without logging in. That baby is four stroke.

    • Motoman says:

      So I signed up several years ago. It’s a bargain for $150ish per year. Generally they do a great job with outstanding viewing options including multiple camera angles and on-bike footage. And I can
      watch it any time any where. You won’t regret it.

    • TimC says:

      When I log into a racing website, I expect shitty inefficient unburned content absolutely. Typos, run-ons, random lorum ipsum thrown in for good measure, bring it on.

    • Mick says:

      I don’t go there for video content. All I want are the PDF files like the one posted in the link above, which you can now only access through that link. Even those are out. That’s just plain hostile.

      You have to go to third parties to even access current point standings. Pure four stroke by Apple.

      • Motoman says:

        You have the money Mick. Don’t complain about what you get if you don’t want to pay their buy in you cheap skate, sheesh. Get your info somewhere else it’s all over the place.

      • TimC says:

        What? I read a couple free sites for the updates, and CW/Cameron for the analysis.

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