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MotoGP Signings: Mir to Repsol Honda; Oliveira and Fernandez to Aprilia Satellite Team

2020 MotoGP champion Joan Mir has found a way to land on his feet following the collapse of the Suzuki MotoGP effort for 2023. As long rumored, Mir has signed a two-year deal to ride as the teammate of Marc Marquez on the Repsol Honda Team beginning next year.

Having developed one of the best bikes in the paddock, Aprilia will expand with a two-rider satellite team next year, RNF Aprilia. The new satellite effort has signed current KTM riders Miguel Oliveira (who has four MotoGP race wins) and Raúl Fernandez. Fernandez caught everyone’s eye with a stunning rookie effort in Moto2 last year when he nearly won the championship after taking eight wins. He has had disappointing results as a KTM MotoGP rookie this year, however.


  1. J Wilson says:

    ALL Mir has to do to succeed at Repsol Honda . . . . is just don’t fall off and break something. Make every race, and it’s only a matter of time until the World’s Greatest RagDoll MotoGP former champ will ride over the edge . . . again.

    He can’t help himself. What a shame.

  2. Todd says:

    Honda and Aprilia did well IMO.

  3. Mick says:

    Looks like Honda noticed that Rins and Mir turned Suzuki’s sky carp into a swan and wants them to help fit an eagle suit onto their turkey.

    I wonder what happened to KTM. Their red bull was looking pretty good there for a while. Lately it has been more of a pink cow.

  4. dt-175 says:

    woulda thought that mir woulda tried to get #2 at yamaha. less $ sure, but less pressure/crashes/puig. a rider can ride a yamaha. ya gotta be spencer/doohan/marquez to survive on a honda.

    • Dave says:

      We don’t know any of that. There are proven winners floundering on the Yamaha. They in the same situation as Honda except their ace is still healthy.

      • 5229 says:

        Dave you are correct. All four Honda riders(including Marquez) are ahead of Morbidelli(factory Yamaha) in the standings as of 8/31/2022. So Mr DT-175’s point is false. What’s going on is in order to battle for the championship you must have your top rider. End of story. Honda doesn’t have their top rider currently. All the other manufacture’s do.

        • Dave says:

          That’s proving to be true for the most part however I can’t recall any factory’s #2 rider being so far off the pace of the #1 rider before as we’ve been seeing at Yamaha and to a lesser degree, Honda. It’s pretty weird.

  5. Gene says:

    Raul Fernandez? Really? Remy has been doing better although not great, at least he tries. Seems all Fernandez has done is complain. Good luck with that Aprilia.

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