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Honda Video Reveals the True Alberto Puig

From the outside Alberto Puig, as team manager for Repsol Honda, can appear arrogant and dismissive. A new Honda video called “Behind the Dream: Alberto”, which you can watch below, can change this narrow perspective on the man.

Puig was an outstanding rider in his own right, whose riding career was shortened by a serious accident (discussed in the video). He is a driven man who is living his passion … motorcycle racing. The video is well done and worth your time to watch it.


  1. Paul Mailloux says:

    Excellent, I never knew so much about the character of Alberto, may he win a lot going forward.

  2. Gary says:

    The really great leaders are not jerks. They are the ones who realize that different types of workers need different treatments. Some need a kick in the a$$. Some need coddling. Some need autonomy. The best managers know and respect the differences, and act accordingly. Universal jerks seldom last for too long unless their bosses are jerks too.

  3. Grover says:

    There’s a lot of truth and wisdom spoken in this video regardless of what you think of the man. Managing a team is not an 8 to 5 job that most of us are familiar with, but involves you’re entire being. It’s your life and many compromises are made in the process. Under the stress it’s totally understandable who he is. His total honesty approach will make him appear at times to be a major prick, but that’s the way it is.
    I remember co-workers hating the boss because he expected a full days work from them. Being the boss is never easy and you will have your share workers that can never be satisfied. I prefer an honest boss even I’d he or she comes off stern at times. Another thing….you cannot always measure your team’s success by results as there are other teams that are also putting 100% effort into the game. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. The boss is highly visible so he gets the blame at all times. Glad it’s not me.

    • Motorhead says:

      I’ve worked with several jerk bosses who boast of being tough, and they usually suffer high turn-over and poor performance from below. Some clueless, some asses. Some excellent coworkers escape these proud jerks, and go on to achieve and contribute at a greater level. But they don’t achieve promotions and a higher level because of leadership by the jerk, but because they were good enough to get away from the boss and rise to better opportunities and productive, respectful environments. We can only judge Puig by his team’s performance, the turnover, and how the escapees perform elsewhere. It’s a long haul.

      • john says:

        “they usually suffer high turn-over and poor performance from below. Some clueless, some asses. Some excellent coworkers escape these proud jerks, and go on to achieve and contribute at a greater level.”
        —in some cases poor performance from below means the worker simply is piece of s__t whom spends more time making BS excuses for their lack of performance and (unwillingness) inabilty to meet expectations. they are lazy and ignorrant and the company keeps them on the payroll because the company doesn’t want all of the BS legalities and litigation these POSs will most certainly and wrongly bring if/when they are 100% deservingly disciplined for their garbage work and attitude.
        these POS ‘folk’s co-workers are escaping/leaving to get away from them…not the bosses (whom are afraid to do there job in disciplining the folks whom deserve to be disciplined).

    • MGNorge says:

      Well put.

      • motorhead says:

        Put another way: Why expect a star racer to become a star coach or manager? Is Tom Brady going to become a super headcoach? No. The stars know how to push themselves to the limits but have no idea how to motivate others to push to their limits. Ends up being counterproductive, bullying, or just ignorant. Many former star athletes and racers crash and burn when they become coaches or managers. Best to let them be commentators or do endorsements.

  4. joe b says:

    some of the comments below, name calling, reminds me of the kids in the back of the class, who always failed. They thinks its a good ol boy club, none of them are champions, have championships, or have ever been associated with a team that won championships. They think they know it all. Running the ship at Honda, isnt like sitting on your sofa and criticizing. imho

    • R*Rocket says:

      One doesn’t need to be an “expert” to have a critical eye and make correct observations.

      For example, I don’t have a degree in music nor am I a film director, yet I’m able to be accurately critical of music or films that are terrible.

    • Mick says:

      Strange comment Joe. I don’t watch the races or care about the people behind the scenes. But for quite a few years I have noticed a whole lot of people say that Puig guy is a real jerk. I have long considered Honda corporate jerk. That they would hire a jerk to run their race team doesn’t surprise me at all. If the overwhelming consensus is that Puig is a jerk, then I will tend to believe that. If Honda launches a PR campaign for the guy because he needs one. Well, game, set, and match.

      What does all this championship stuff have to do with it? You spend the most money on your equipment and in hiring the fastest guy and it’s likely that you might win the championship. I have a couple of amateur championships. I showed up at all the races and got good results, I even did it while riding a Honda. Big deal.

    • john says:

      Of course all the resident experts here whom are, as per usual, busily gratifying themselves and feeling so nicely smug via the use of name-calling and hurling insults like mud…well, i trust they have all worked for Puig and came to know him so well. i can’t help but feel sorry for them all having had to endure the hardships of having worked for Puig being that he is obviously a j–k according to all of these long term resident expert’s expert analysis.

  5. Roughing It says:

    Is it working? 11 “rider” championships in the last 22 yrs according to wiki. Next up is Yami with 8. Heck even Suzuki has 2 in the last 22 years compared to Ducati’s 1. I’d say that dude in the blue shades in Yamaha’s camp dosen’t give up much length to this guy. Lotta athletes, coaches, organizations at the top of their fields are kinda filled with these types.

  6. motorhead says:

    If you need to explain how you are not a dick, it suggests you are probably a dick.
    It’s not all about you, it’s about the team. What are you doing to make Honda a better team, and is it working?

    • R*Rocket says:

      You are so, so wrong insinuating he’s a dick.

      In fact, he’s a HUGE dick.

      Details matter. 🙂

      • VFRMarc says:

        Yeah, well he’s a dick in your eyes. How many podiums have you taken? How many teams have you managed? To compete at the highest level takes enormous confidence, also thought of as ego. He has one, no doubt. That’s what it takes to win. HRC obviously believes in him.

        • R*Rocket says:

          One has nothing to do with the other.

          One can be a dick (he’s a dick) and be good at their job. Just as one can be exceedingly nice and not be good at their job.

          And it comes as no surprise to me that he has more podiums than me and has managed more teams than I. It’s his job, after all.

          Just like it’s no surprise to me that I’ve had far, far more success in MY career than he has in MY chosen field.

          So it’s not saying much that he’s better at his job than I am…and vice versa.

      • TimC says:

        Top kek

      • Mick says:

        That’s funny. Yo! Honda! They’re not buyin’ it! PR money wasted.

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