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European Pricing for Honda XL750 Transalp Points to U.S. Pricing Below $11,000

Honda pricing for the 2023 XL750 Transalp is showing up on Honda’s European web sites. Honda Italy, for instance, shows a price of €10,690. U.K. pricing is apparently £9,499. Comparing other European prices for Honda motorcycles to their U.S. market pricing for the same bikes, it looks like the XL750 Transalp, should it be brought to the U.S., will be priced under $11,000.

Suzuki has previously announced that the competitive 2023 V-Strom 800DE carries a U.S. price starting at $11,349. It makes sense that Honda would undercut the pricing of the slightly larger-displacement V-Strom, which, unlike the Transalp, comes standard with fully-adjustable suspension.

The U.S. market seems ideal for this new adventure model, but no word yet from American Honda on when it will arrive on our shores.


  1. DucTech says:

    54 Lbs less than my 2017 Africa Twin that I purchased new for $9500. I think Honda can do better.

  2. motorhead says:

    Is it wise to use exhaust pipes as skid-plate? Honda could also design a bolt-in a section of replaceable exhaust plumbing for when that section meets a sharp boulder.

  3. Dave says:

    No reason to expect this to be any different than the NC750X re: suspension. They build to a price point and my 2022 NC, even with fork upgrades and a new rear shock, is not close to my 2014 BMW F700GS bought used for less than half the NC new cost.

  4. Jeff says:

    Any ideas if this machine will have cruise control? Doubtful, but one could hope 🙂

  5. Peter Gabites says:

    Comments about “garbage suspension” are not as unfounded as you assume. Look at all the feedback about Honda’s own CRF 250 L Rally.
    Not one single reviewer has said … “Wow, what wonderful suspension!” All comments are about the bike needing suspension upgrades! Even with the newer 300 Rally this weakness hasn’t been corrected! Honda has assumed owners will fork out the money if they want to upgrade their bikes. Little wonder riders are suspicious of the new TransAlps’s ability. Oh, and by the way I love my Rally with its Ohlin upgrades, but then I did buy it second hand.

  6. Bru says:

    Here we go negativity I had a 1990 Transalp put over 243,000 miles on it stock engine 148.000 got another engine when stock one got tired the second one had 52.000 I put another 91.000 On that one and the basic suspension dialed in perfectly never missed a beat take the time to dial in your suspension and even on this bike you can take the time most don’t ride their bikes to full capacity Your not running a Moto go here while your complaining I’ll be out putting on lots of hours of great times

  7. EZMark says:

    I was hoping for under $10k.

  8. Pablo Pozo says:

    Then we will be buying the Suzuki for roughly $350 more…Adj suspension and 50cc are definetly better value for the small price difference

  9. falcodoug says:

    Looks like a fun little do all bike.

  10. endoman38 says:

    $11K for garbage suspension on an ADV bike? I’ll pass.

    • carl says:

      It will be fine to go to Starbucks.

    • Grumpy farmer says:

      Why would you assume the suspension is garbage? Most of us wouldn’t know how to set it up if it was adjustable. I’m sure its fine.

      • joe b says:

        Comments like the above, “garbage suspension… I’ll pass”, make me wonder why they comment that way? He has no idea how good or bad it really is, its a sarcastic short comment to make himself look like he knows it all, I doubt it. Same with so many others, about so many other bikes, how they look, how they perform, its all cheap shot negativity. I wish I could block them like FB. Does he really think we believe him?

        • Reginald Van Blunt says:

          Falcodougs comment “fun LITTLE do all bike” suggests an attitude just as edoman38s “garbage suspension”. We should all be impressed.

        • Mick says:

          It all depends on where you come from Joe. Most street bikes still have Flintstone suspension by dirt bike standards.

          But if you look at lthe level of total content compared to a dirt bike, many of whom cost about the same as the above bike, and the amout of complaints that it costs what it does, well, what do you expect?

          Street bikers are also notorious for doing zero suspension maintenance unless they blow a fork seal. Some of them even ignore even that. They just complain that their bike rides poorly and that they will buy something else next time.

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