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USA MotoGP Race Results

Alex Rins (Honda) won his first MotoGP race on a Honda earlier today at COTA. Rins was hounding Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati) when Bagnaia crashed out of the lead mid-way through the race.

Luca Marini (Ducati) finished second, and Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) finished third.

As a result of Bagnaia’s crash today, Marco Bezzecchi (Ducati), who finished sixth today, continues to have the points lead in the championship. The series continues in two weeks at Jerez, Spain. 

For full results of today’s race, take a look here.


  1. motorhead says:

    Pick the heaviest MotoGP racer on the track. How much does he weigh?

  2. spokes100 says:

    was a great weekend, think I walked all 1500 acres, talked to Marvin Musquin, saw Fabio wave at kid near fence while leaning into turn 2A, kid and fanmily went nuts, Sunday Marquez and Martin crashed in front of me at turn 4, Marquez was squashed between the two bikes and slid til they hit the fence, he walked away after a few seconds, rang his bell good, track crew had area cleared of bikes and riders before leaders came by again, a lap at cota is 2 minutes, a couple of seconds, they put the bikes in low trailers and tow them back to pits, most times strapped and a guy sits on it holding it too, guy on Marquez Ducati didn’t strap it, fell over when trailer hit a bump, he can say he crashed a factory Ducati, crowd was cheering.
    What can you say about Jack Miller? Guy was fast but crashed 5 times before Sunday. Sunday he was going well in 3rd place and seemed really comfortable when he crashed a couple of corners past me (exit of 6 I think), I couldn’t quite see it. there goes his bike on a trailer and here he comes on the back of a scooter, sees two kids at fence, has the scooter stop, gives the kids his gloves, people run to the fence, first a boot, then a knee puck and who knows what else he gaveaway. not only gracious and hospitable in defeat he says he thinks the KTM is going to surprize some people this year. I wouldn’t bet against him and Binder

  3. Topper says:

    The speed of Ducati on the straight is unreal. Felt sorry for Fabio when Luca just rocketed by.

  4. A P says:

    First, the “factories” historically kept a tech-advantage or two over the satellite and privateer teams. A couple examples, Yamaha reduced RPM, the Honda customer bikes were acknowledged as not to the factory standard. Ducati, with KTM and Aprilia in tow are now providing top-level bikes, even if a year “old”, to their non-factory customers. The Japanese factories all missed that boat, preferring to count corporate pennies and satisfy the “win on Sunday, sell on Monday” marketing dep’t.

    Second, Honda was happy with the MM/Pedrosa pairing, MM for the wins and Pedrosa fast enough to take points off MM’s competition. But that strategy only works when there isn’t half the grid consistently capable of wins/podiums. When the top-5 were simply swapping finish places race after race, MM/Pedrosa routinely occupying 2 of the top-5 spots worked. But now MM is not at the top and Pedrosa’s replacements have not been able to put the Honda ahead of the fastest-of-the-rest. Sure, Rins is showing all may not be lost, but one win does not make a championship.

    Third, is the front wash-outs due to the new “tire pressure” regime? Boyle’s Law dictates relationship between pressure, temperature and volume.
    Anyone who has checked tire pressure immediately before and and immediately after a ride will see the effect of temperature… For tires, a rise of 10 degrees F roughly translates to 1 psi. The on-the-grid minimums are 1.9/1.7bar F/R, (27.5/24.6psi) with approx 2.2bar (32psi) being the upper practical limit for traction/proper heating. Perhaps it is time to use the available technology to allow tire pressure changes (within the safe operating range) on the fly. That could solve the “overheating/pressure while following” problem SAFELY, reducing front wash-outs/crashes.

  5. VLJ says:

    People here need to slow their Rins roll. This was CotA. Rins has always done exceptionally well here. It’s his best track. Honda has always done well here, even when they weren’t doing as well at other tracks.

    This was Alex Rins doing Alex Rins things. Get him to other tracks, and he will likely do other Alex Rins things, such as inexplicably crashing like crazy, often when leading or somewhere near the front, and for no apparent reason.

    • joe b says:

      Like Bagnaia?

      • 5229 says:

        Great answer!

      • VLJ says:

        Yes, like Bagnaia, except Bagnaia is on a much better bike, and he kept it together often enough last season to become the world champion. All Bagnaia has to do this eason to repeat as champion is simply keep the bike upright. If he does so, he will rarely if ever finish outside of the top five, and he will cruise to the title.


        Not so much.

    • Motoman says:

      Yeah boy that’s the truth. How many times did he crash out of the lead or a podium? It got so frustrating after a while.

      Then I keep reminding myself how hard it must be to keep concentration while riding the fastest bikes in the world so close to the edge lap after lap. Heck, it took me a while the first time riding on the race track to string a good lap together!

      When Rins is on though he has to be one of the silky-smoothest riders I can remember. Jean Michele Bayle maybe?

    • Gary says:

      You may be right. It may also be that Rins is a maturing rider who has learned his lessons. What I saw at COTA was a master class. Starting strong. Surviving the first few laps without mishap. Riding within himself. Letting the race come to him. Building a lead, then cruising. I don’t see what he could have done better. Maybe he’ll fall apart on other tracks. Maybe not. But I’ve got a lot more confidence in his career outlook.

      • VLJ says:

        That’s fine, but Bagnaia easily wins that race if he doesn’t Bagnaia. When the time comes, Rins will Rins it right back.

  6. Gary says:

    Congrats to Rins and Honda! Looks like they may have finally found themselves a contender. But I wonder … does Rins have the same bike as the factory team? If not, he should. Then again, maybe he should continue riding whatever it is he’s currently on ….

  7. 5229 says:

    Rins and his HONDA looked great all weekend.

  8. Mick says:

    Looks like Honda has a new guy. I think I know the next guy MM is going to be running in to.

    Yo Rins! Wassup with that crazy new aero?

    That’s not aero. MM is back. Those are spikes.

    • dt 175 says:

      “you must hold it (the rollerball) out in plain view at all times.”
      in our game, bradl is #6.

  9. john says:

    geez!!! look how many guys m.marquez crashed out again…unbelievable…and the championship leader too!!! ‘they’ really need to stop mm.
    i’ll say it again…why was Mir given the factory seat and not Rins?

    • Dave says:

      Honda does not want a challenger to Marquez, they want a points grabber. Thing is, Marquez looks less and less likely to return to his best. What to do if he never gets there? When do they decide it’s not going to happen?

      • john says:

        i agree.
        mm could possibly win a swan song championship but he needs a bike to do it and it needs to be soon otherwise not at all.
        I see a problem in MotoGP…I don’t see another star attraction the likes of Rossi or Marquez on the horizon.
        I see a lot of good riders with talent but no stand out.
        I see the trend of no repeat championships continuing and that will affect the sport negatively.
        it’s not good for any sport not to have a star attraction.
        Honda has to let mm off the hook and give his ride to Rins.
        Rins deserves the seat more than Mir.

        • Motoman says:

          Pedro Acosta

          • john says:

            i’ve been following PA for a few years now…i can’t believe i completely forgot about him.
            I hope to see him on a GP bike…if that ever happens.
            i have a feeling MotoGP might soon be defunct/bankrupt and this latest season of crash-up derby is the final show for the big wigs to top up their personal bank accounts before closing the doors.

        • Dave says:

          I’m not sure another Marquez is what GP needs and another Rossi just isn’t likely at all. I consider them to be completely different. Marquez is a prolific winner, Rossi was a cultural phenomenon.

          I think the sport is healthier now that there are more riders with the chance to win. It may take fans a while to catch up and appreciate it.

        • Mick says:

          I don’t understand why Marquez has any fans at all. To equate him with Rossi is a terrible disservice to Rossi or any other decent human being.

          • Dave says:

            People like winners. They’ll even change their opinion of obviously flawed people because they’re winners. Marquez is an exciting, prolific winner who does daring things (sometimes at the expense of others) and people like watching him.

            People loved Rossi in an entirely different way though. I think many still do.

          • spokes100 says:

            I saw many people wearing their Rossi gear proudly this weekend. Rossi will be a MotoGP cultural icon forever. Interestingly I observed many more women than men wearing Rossi apparel

          • Mick says:

            You’ll never get me to understand any of that Dave.

            I do understand that the aura thing exists in some people. But for me people are just people. The racers aren’t any different than the random spectator. Bad people are just bad people.

            You wouldn’t want to see a motorcycle dealership through my eyes. You might see a bunch of shiny motorcycles. I see pieces of equipment.

          • john says:

            it’s a very simple explanation Mick…people like who they are like.
            MM is a humble, hard working, nose to the grind stone person. not a lot of those people left in the world.
            Rossi; a narcissist whom likes nothing more than to hear himself talk and have others fawn over him more than he himself was/is able to do.
            a vast and ever growing population of those people in the world.

          • Silver says:

            I used to worship Marquez because of his bike control and killer instinct. The GOAT in those two respects, I don’t care what anyone says.

            But it gets harder to support him every year, and at this point I don’t really care what he does. He’s addicted to the win and will pay a heavy prince for it.

          • john says:

            very few people like the humble hard workng type of rider such as marquez. most enjoy, fantasize themselves as being like, the narcissistic, loud mouth, blow hard, glory seeking types. no mystery as to why we like who we like and hate on who we hate on.

  10. Tommy D says:

    Curious if that was the most crashes ever in a dry race. Quite the drama. I’m happy for Rins. He did all the right things and it paid off.

  11. TimC says:

    Well THAT is an interesting result.

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