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Catalunya MotoGP Sprint and Full Race Results

Courtesy Aprilia Racing

The MotoGP series visited the famous track in Barcelona, Spain this weekend. Saturday’s Sprint race saw hometown favorite Aleix Espargararo (Aprilia) pass championship points leader Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati) and pull away to a comfortable win over second place Bagnaia and third place Maverick Vinales (Aprilia).

Sunday’s main event was red flagged after several riders went down as a result of two crashes on the first lap. Four riders hit the deck in the first corner, and a couple of corners later, Bagnaia, who had gotten the holeshot, had a massive high-side that sent him to the track medical center, and then the hospital for tests. Bagnaia’s legs were run over by KTM’s Brad Binder, who was unable to avoid hitting Bagnaia.

After hunting down teammate Vinales, Aleix Espargaro won the Sunday race, as well, with Vinales finishing second and Jorge Martin (Ducati) finishing third.

Post-race reports indicate Bagnaia has no broken bones or other serious injuries. It will be interesting to see whether he starts the next race, which is just one week away at Misano.

Martin cuts into Bagnaia’s championship lead, but that is still a very healthy lead.

For full results and points for Saturday’s Sprint race, visit the MotoGP site here.

For full results and points for today’s MotoGP race, visit the MotoGP site here.


  1. Mick says:

    I think that it was a fantastic day for Aprilia. Good on ’em.

    Of their products I would really like to see more out of Derbi and I really admire the Moto Guzzi line. Derbi because I just like the things they make and would like to see more options. Guzzi because in a world where street bike are becoming ever more large and elaborate the whole Guzzi line is a study in effortless beautiful packaging. They aren’t my thing. But if I had enough garage space i’d have one anyway. Just because they are the one shining example of something going in the right direction. Smaller, lighter would be nice. But massive credit where it is due. Guzzi sets a compact and beautiful bar thet nobody seems to be able to approach.

  2. Gary says:

    That was one helluva high side by Pecco. He is very lucky to escape without serious injury. No clue how it happened. Looked like his traction control failed.

  3. Doc Sarvis says:

    Binder is rider of the day for not breaking Pecco’s leg.

  4. Dave says:

    Weird and interesting race. Glad to see Aleix and Maverick getting the best out of those Aprilia’s. Interested to hear from the two VR46 guys. They were farther back than usual on a track that other Ducatis seemed to be fast on. Also glad Pecco isn’t hurt too badly. It sounds like he’ll be back at the next race and continue his title defense. Bastaini is just having a cursed year.

  5. Tommy D says:

    Bagnaia’s high side had to be some sort of mechanical/electronic error. There is no way that was on him. That tire was out of spec, compromised with something, or there was something up with his bike for it to launch him like that. I hope they figure out what it was for his peace of mind. He already has mentioned how the bike lacks feel when it gets to its limit. To have it flick him to the moon and not have an answer would have his survival reflex start kicking in and stop the run he is on.

  6. Delmartian says:

    Any theories on why Bagnaia high-sided in the second corner on the first lap? Could he have been aware of the major pile up behind him and that somehow it broke his concentration? Even when he was crashing a lot at the beginning of last season it was never so early in a race.

  7. BeatriceKiddo says:

    Pecco: Marc Marquez 2.0, with new and improved skeleton…

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