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Indonesian MotoGP Race Results

Great drama played out today in Indonesia as Pecco Bagnaia (Ducati) salvaged what looked like a disastrous weekend by winning the race from 13th position on the grid. This was not the only drama.

Bagnaia’s main competitor for this year’s championship, Jorge Martin (Ducati) got an incredible hole-shot from 6th on the grid and led most of the race before crashing out of a commanding lead. Martin had taken the championship lead over Bagnaia yesterday by winning the Sprint.

Coming home in second and third today were Maverick Vinales (Aprilia) and Fabio Quartararo (Yamaha) who each crossed the finish line less than half a second from Bagnaia.

Bagnaia is back on top of the championship points battle with an 18 point cushion over second place Martin. There are five rounds remaining, and the Phillip Island, Australia race is next weekend. For full results and points for today’s race, visit the MotoGP site here.


  1. Mick says:

    Won’t Marquez be surprised when he finds that you can unexpectedly cartwheel through the rhubarb on a Ducati too.

  2. Dave says:

    That’s was a pretty interesting race. Seemed like tire management was a bigger factor than usual, making Pecco’s win all the more impressive. Yamaha and Quartararo seem to have found something. Here’s hoping they can keep making progress and bring another team back to the front.

    • john says:

      i was happy to see Pecco come from 13th for the win…i call that racing.
      glad to see Fab get a podium (as did MM in the wet last race weekend) but, like the Honda, in no way was that podium due to Yamaha’s (Honda’s) bike being competitive enough…that was all Fab (and a lot of the usual podium contenders out of the race).

      • Dave says:

        I mostly agree but yesterday Fabio’s bike was clearly fast enough. From mid-race on Fabio was the fastest bike on the track, outright and his trap speeds were on par with Pecco’s Ducati. The only departed rider that could’ve had any effect on his result was Martin. I think he would have won if he hadn’t run out of front tire in the last 5 laps.

        • john says:

          i should have just left it at “glad Fab got a podium.”
          but…i am interested in seeing how well he does next race.
          i watched an recent interview wherein Fab stated if Yamaha could at least give him 50% of what he asked (mechanical iprovements (speed/power/handling) for 2024 and 50% for the next year, he could then compete in 2026. he also said that he knows in that same time the competitor’s bikes will also be improved.
          Fab also said that in it’s current form the bike is not safe to race with as he has to push the limits (of himself, the bike, and the track rules) too much. (sounds like a very similar problem someone else has had for quite some time but will no longer have in 2024)
          i feel for him. i’d like to see him go to a Euro team as well barring Yamaha comes up with what he needs to be competive.

  3. VLJ says:

    Does anyone actually want this championship?


    • Artem says:

      I think it is interesting to watch. Pedro Acosta to GasGas next year.

      • VLJ says:

        If I’m Repsol Honda, I move heaven and earth to replace #93 with Pedro Acosta. Whatever KTM wants to let him out of that contract, whatever Pedro wants in order to ride our wretched sled, I pony up for it.

        Otherwise, I’m getting another Espargaro brother, or Miguel Oliveira, at which point…

        …winter is coming.

        • Artem says:

          Interesting. I think it is tricky to say for all parts at this particular point. Winter is coming. Acosta is not on KTM in fact. Kalex and Triumph.

          • Dave says:

            He is employed by KTM. It is also possible (likely?) that the “KTM” he moves to will have lots of content made elsewhere too.

        • 5229 says:

          I’m shocked that HRC didn’t pursue Acosta. Maybe they did and we aren’t aware of it.

    • Gary says:

      Martin certainly screwed the pooch ….

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