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KTM Will Take Majority Ownership of MV Agusta in Spring, 2026

This is an MV Agusta currently in MD’s test fleet.

As reported earlier, KTM already has a 25.1% ownership interest in the Italian Manufacturer MV Agusta. KTM has plans in place to acquire a majority interest in MV in Spring, 2026, as indicated in the short press release below.

We understand that KTM (part of the PIERER Mobility Group) has long-term plans for MV Agusta that include a dramatic increase in annual production (currently not much more than 1,000 units). It is expected KTM will leave MV Agusta with its manufacturing plant in Varese, Italy, and continue the brand’s focus on ultra-premium motorcycles.

Here is the announcement from PIERER/KTM:

KTM AG and MV Agusta agree call option on majority stake 

In November 2022, KTM AG, a subsidiary of PIERER Mobility AG, by ways of a capital increase acquired a 25.1% stake in MV Agusta Motor S.p.A., based in Varese (Italy). As part of this cooperation, KTM AG took over the supply chain and purchasing for MV Agusta in October 2023. In addition, MV Agusta’s product range is distributed through PIERER Mobility’s worldwide sales network.

The call option granted to KTM AG on the basis of the annual financial statements as of December 31, 2025 to acquire a majority stake in MV Agusta will be exercised in spring 2026.

PIERER Mobility already has MV Agusta on its monument sign outside the U.S. headquarters.


  1. ORT says:

    MV makes some of the most beautiful motorbikes available and they are often a “bargain” if bought used. But the maintenance cost has always kept me away. Much like BMWs and Ducatis, MV is said to be quite expensive to maintain and insure.

    Regardless, they are gorgeous to just look at and beyond my ability to afford let alone use to even half their potential. Unless one realizes that for many of us, the true raison d’etre of any motorbike is to make the owner smile.

    This MV and the new BMW and Ducati Multi are up to that task.


    • todd says:

      Does not compute; oils, tires, chains, shims, etc cost the same whether it’s a Yamaha or a MV.

      • Artem says:

        What about dollar per hour maintenance by MV, Ducati, BMW trained staff at the service station? Of course you can do it yourself if you can.

  2. Mick says:

    MV was a thing when they sold bikes that Massimo Tamburini designed. Since then Ducati, Bimota, and MV have really struggled to fill his shoes. I thought that the Desmosedici was nice for the kind of slabby thing that it was. But then I saw what NCR did with the engine. Wow!

    Anyway, it’s clear that most of the gang here has a rather low opinion of KTM’s designs. But maybe Pierer understands that if you are going to buy a brand like MV you are going to have to find a stellar designer. One would think that it shouldn’t be a major challenge to find a good designer. But a quick look around d the industry seems to indicate that it is. That kind of goes for cars and trucks too. I can’t help but think that there is something wrong with design schools. There are kids out there doodling out some nice looking stuff. Then they seem to go to design school and have all their talent beaten out of them.

  3. motopuff says:

    I wonder if Sardarov will continue to play a role in the company with this change in ownership. Also curious what Kecht has in mind, given how he’s on record with AMCN as saying in August 2023: “We want to be the number one power two-wheeled brand in the motorcycle industry… without diluting the MV brand… there’ll be no copying and pasting what KTM do in Austria”.

  4. Jim says:

    No one is surprised. What will the 4th color KTM be, any guesses?
    Another site said CFMoto is buying up PIERER Mobility Group stock, which would be hilarious.

  5. JC says:

    Just please let MV continue to develop their own engines. The KTM engines are great, but they already share them with Husqvarna and GasGas. Let the MV continue with triples and inline fours.

  6. Wes says:

    I suspect this may solve the chicken and egg dilemma with more motorcyclists purchasing MV bikes. The dealership network is quite sparse, particularly in the US. I bought my MV from a Las Vegas dealership new for a Yamaha price. My nearest dealership is about 8 hours away, which I’m fine with as I’m comfortable doing my own maintenance, as I have always done on my Ducati too (nearest dealership only 1.5 hours away for it.) Related to that is resale, it’s difficult to sell a bike without taking a loss when nobody wants to buy it because there aren’t any local dealerships. Not an issue for me, I ride my bikes into the ground.

  7. todd says:

    MVs used to be good looking.

  8. HS1… says:

    MV’s are highly unlikely to become rebadged KTM’s. MV has contemporary triples and I4’s with lots of product cycle time left. KTM doesn’t need another badge to hang on their twins. The Pierer Group now has every major engine layout under their banner and a brand name from most of the major European national markets.

  9. My2cents says:

    Gas Gas are simply rebadged KTM’s, Husqvarna’s are rebadged KTM’s, and soon MV Agusta will be rebadged KTM’s. Then of course a large part of KTM production is in China. This is the part where the earth cracks open and swallows the whole lot, well hopefully it does.

    • Frank Davis says:


      Well there you have it… bigotry.. the solution to all the worlds problems.

      • dr. ed says:

        Bigotry?! lol No… Chinese stuff is made to a lower standard by an enslaved people. Are you a Chinese bot, a radical socialist, or just a troll?

        • Dave says:

          Every piece of “Chinese junk” you’ve likely ever experienced was made to the standards that an American product manager specified. China also has by far the largest middle class (over half of the world’s middle class in 2017) and one of the largest wealthy populations in the world. China’s wealth distribution is far more equitable than the US.

      • My2cents says:

        Your threshold for determining bigotry is very low. Your ability to bait is poor. Your want to cast the first stone is evident. Stick to motorcycle topics and try not to taint peoples opinion with hate bait.

  10. mickey says:

    If only enthusiasts had long term plans for MV Agusta. Been riding since 1965 and I think I’ve seen one and that was at a Euro bike night event. Never seen one on the road.

    Worked out so well when Harley bought them a few years ago for like 38 million and then sold them back for $1.00

    Good luck to KTM on this one.

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