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World Supercross: McGrath Wins Battle; Vuillemin Wins War

Jeremy McGrath (Yam) won the final round of the World Supercross Championship Series in Germany
tonight, but David Vuillemin (Yam) won the short, three-race championship with his fourth-place finish
in this round.

Sebastien Tortelli (Hon) finished second in the race and in the championship, while
Larry Ward (Kaw) was third in the race and fourth in the championship.

McGrath finishes third in the championship after a poor finish in the first race of the series destroyed
his chances for the title.

Tortelli, who looked very uncomfortable on a supercross track last year, has improved dramatically and may
be a factor in the AMA Supercross Championship series this year.

250 Main Event

1. Jeremy McGrath (YAM)
2. Sebastien Tortelli (HON)
3. Larry Ward (KAW)
4. David Vuillemin (YAM)
5. Ezra Lusk (HON)
6. Ryan Hughes (HON)
7. Marko Kovalainen (HON)
8. Mickael Pichon (SUZ)
9. Mike LaRocco (HON)
10. Jeff Emig (YAM)

Final Point Standings

1. Vuillemin – 46
2. Tortelli – 36
3. McGrath – 35
4. Ward – 32
5. Pichon – 32
6. Emig – 32
7. Lusk – 31
8. Hughes – 20
9. LaRocco – 16
10. Lamson – 13