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Latest Information on Triumph’s New Bonneville 800

1977 Triumph Bonneville at the Allen Museum><br /><b>1977 Triumph Bonneville on Display at the Allen Vintage Motorcycle Museum.  The new Triumph Bonneville is reportedly a near-exact copy of the original.</div>
Ever since John Bloor resurrected the Triumph marque at Hinckley in 1990, purists have been waiting for a parallel twin with styling reminiscent of the Triumphs of yesteryear.  Their wait is almost over.<br />
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With styling that is reportedly a virtual copy of the original Triumph Bonneville, Triumph’s new 800cc parallel twin will make its debut in early 2000 targeting primarily cruiser owners (that’s right, including Harley-Davidson owners).<br />
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With a dry weight approaching 500 pounds and less than 70 rear wheel horsepower, the new Bonneville will not set any speed records.  It should go and handle well for a cruiser, but enthusiasts waiting for a retro-styled bike with modern sportbike performance will be disappointed.<br />
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Nevertheless, with plenty of Triumph nostalgia to fuel its marketing campaign, the new Bonneville will probably sell like mad.  Keep your eye on MotorcycleDaily for additional information on this new, classic design from Triumph.</p><div class=