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Victory Introduces The World’s First SportCruiser™

Victory’s New V92SC SportCruiserâ„¢

Last evening, Victory Motorcycles introduced to the world its new V92SC SportCruiser (a name trademarked by Victory). According to Victory, this motorcycle represents a brand new category of machine, combining the style and essence of a cruiser, with the performance and handling of a sport machine.

The new bike certainly has the heft of a cruiser, weighing in at 657 pounds dry. According to Victory, the bike handles extremely well, however, and includes several non-cruiser features, including (1) 50mm Marzocchi front forks, (2) preload adjustable 4.5 inch travel rear shock (manufactured by Fox), (3) 17 inch aluminum wheels (which will accept modern sportbike rubber in sizes 120 front and 180 rear), and (4) dual disc Brembo front brakes.

Since the original Victory cruiser model handled quite well, this new bike could very well set standards for handling in the cruiser category. Victory also claims its motor (the same configuration and size as the original Victory cruiser) puts out seven more horsepower due to a freer flowing two-into-one “sport exhaust”.

It will be interesting to see how this bike sells, and whether Victory is really on to something. Certainly, Honda, with its blisteringly-fast Valkyrie, might take issue with Victory’s claim that its new bike is “an earthshaking, status-quo breaking superstar”. The Valkyrie is considered a very competent handling machine, as well.

Indeed, several industry observers have predicted that the “power cruiser” category, including motorcycles which are cruisers yet high performers (in terms of both horsepower and handling) will be an expanding market niche in the future. If this is so, Victory is one of the first entrants into this niche and should do well with this bike

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