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Formula Extreme and 600 Supersport Results From Brainerd

Another 600 Supersport spectacular occurred at Brainerd last Sunday, August 1, 1999. Indeed, this seems to be the most exciting racing class in AMA roadracing.

Yamaha’s Jamie Hacking won his second 600 Supersport race, just edging out Honda mounted Kurtis Roberts in the stretch for the checkered flag.

Honda’s Nicky Haden finished third, with Nicky’s brother, Tommy (Yamaha), finishing in fifth place after a poor start.

Nicky Haden has stretched his lead in the championship points race, and should win the championship barring some sort of disaster in the final race in Pikes Peak.

Nicky Haden won the Formula Extreme race on Saturday, July 31, 1999, over Yamaha rider Paul Harrell (second place) and Suzuki’s Josh Hayes (third).

Haden’s teammate, Kurtis Roberts, finished in fifth place.


  1. Nick Haden (Hon)
  2. Paul Harrell (Yam)
  3. Joshua Hayes (Suz)
  4. Chuck Graves (Yam)
  5. Kurtis Roberts (Hon)
  6. Grant Lopez (Suz)
  7. Michael Barnes (Yam)
  8. Mike Sullivan (Kaw)
  9. Andrew Deatherage (Suz)
  10. Clint Brotz (Yam)


  1. Jamie Hacking (Yam)
  2. Kurtis Roberts (Hon)
  3. Nick Haden (Hon)
  4. Josh Hayes (Suz)
  5. Tommy Hayden (Yam)
  6. Brian Parriott (Hon)
  7. Tom Kipp (Suz)
  8. Sean Kowalski (Hon)
  9. Jason Pridmore (Suz)
  10. Damon Buckmaster (Suz)
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