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Bostrom Breaks Through At Brainerd International Raceway

Ben Bostrom (Ducati) finally won an AMA Superbike race Sunday August 1, 1999 at Brainerd International Raceway. Although Bostrom had beaten all of the World Superbike riders just one month ago at Laguna Seca Raceway, and is the defending AMA Superbike champion, through a combination of bad luck and stiff competition, he had not won an AMA race.

Second place went to Suzuki mounted points leader Mat Mladin (who still maintains a small points lead over Ben Bostrom), and third place went to Bostrom’s teammate Anthony Gobert.

With one race remaining in the championship series at Pike’s Peak next month, Mladin controls his fate – he will clinch the championship for Suzuki by finishing second or better even if Ben Bostrom wins the final event.

Brainerd Superbike Top 10:

  1. Ben Bostrom (Duc)
  2. Mat Mladin (Suz)
  3. Anthony Gobert (Duc)
  4. Eric Bostrom (Hon)
  5. Larry Pegram (Duc)
  6. James Hacking (Yam)
  7. Jason Pridmore (Suz)
  8. Nick Hayden (Hon)
  9. Steve Crevier (Suz)
  10. Doug Chandler (Kaw)
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