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Will Carmichael Dominate?

Just three days after Ricky Carmichael won both motos of the opening round of the AMA 250 National Motocross Championship in San Bernardino, California, the industry, and the Internet, is buzzing about Carmichael’s performance. Could Carmichael really dominate the series over riders like Tortelli, Albertyn, Windham and Vuillemin? In his first year in the Outdoor 250 class? It’s going to take some luck, along with his tremendous skill.

Carmichael expects to win outdoors. He expects to win every single moto. He’s planning on winning every single moto. In the 125 class, he could occasionally go down (even ride from last place after a first turn pile up) and come back to win. The difference this year is he can’t come from deep in the pack against the competition he faces in the 250 class. Carmichael won’t win every moto this year, but, if he gets a good start, on a track that suits his style . . . well, nobody will catch him.

Tortelli got a close look at Carmichael’s speed in the second moto in San Bernardino. I wonder if it reminded him of following Stefan Everts a few years ago in Europe? Tortelli won’t get psyched out by Carmichael, however, and he will win motos this year as well.

We have already predicted that Carmichael will take the championship in our 250 Outdoor National preview article. His performance in San Bernardino in Round 1 only reinforces our thinking.