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Ricky Carmichael’s Next Goal: 250 Supercross Championship

Ricky Carmichael’s outdoor motocross dominance can no longer be denied. With four straight AMA Outdoor National Motocross championships, including this year’s 250 championship (against world champion Sebastien Tortelli, world and AMA champion Greg Albertyn, Kevin Windham and David Vuillemin), Carmichael has established himself as the fastest outdoor motocross racer in the world. His professional career lacks one thing… the AMA 250 Supercross Championship.

Carmichael is already preparing for the 2001 Supercross season. He is determined to achieve his fifth national championship by dethroning Jeremy McGrath. McGrath and Vuillemin (and, possibly, the inconsistent Windham) will be his main rivals.

Carmichael is extremely fast on a supercross track – as fast as anyone, except through the whoops. In the whoops, his short stature is a significant disadvantage. The taller riders have an extra set of long shock absorbers (their legs). Jeff Ward had this same problem years ago, and has advised Carmichael that he simply must be faster everywhere else on the track to make up for the whoops.

With nothing left to prove outdoors, expect Carmichael to come out swinging for the 2001 Supercross title. Although McGrath and Vuillemin must be considered the favorites, those who have watched Ricky’s career, and witnessed his incredible determination to win, won’t count him out.