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Everts vs. Carmichael

Ricky Carmichael answered the final question in his professional outdoor motocross career this year. Could the fastest 125 motocross racer in U.S. history ride a 250? He can, and he can dominate on a 250 as well as he did on a 125 (proving it by winning nine overall victories this year — a new record in AMA 250 motocross competition).

Carmichael also impressed at the Motocross des Nations. In the critical second moto, Carmichael dominated — pulling away from Honda’s former World Champion Sebastien Tortelli (as he had several times during the U.S. series). In the final moto, needing to ride conservatively to protect a huge lead, Carmichael finished second to Tortelli.

How would Carmichael fare against a healthy Stefan Everts (the multi-time World Motocross Champion)? Tortelli, who has raced both men, would only say that Everts is smoother than Carmichael. No surprise there, but who is faster?

We have to admit we have only seen Everts ride on television, and have seen Carmichael ride several times in person. Carmichael knows how to ride right on the edge of control (sometimes crossing over). His speed is phenomenal, of course, as it had to be to dispose of a talented 250 class this year in such a convincing manner.

What do you think? Who is the faster outdoor motocross rider? Is it Carmichael or Everts? Send us an e-mail with your thoughts.