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Has Kawasaki Abandoned the 750 class?

As the number of enthusiasts patiently waiting for a replacement of Kawasaki’s long-in-the-tooth ZX-7R dwindles each year, fewer even wonder whether Kawasaki is working on a new superbike platform.

Now 100 pounds or so heavier than Suzuki’s GSXR-750, the ZX-7R is simply not competitive as a stock streetbike. Has Kawasaki decided to abandon the 750 class?

With rumors that Kawasaki is devoting its relatively small resources (it is the smallest of the four Japanese manufacturers) to the next generation open class sportbike, and, possibly, GP machine, while the V-Twins dominate Superbike racing in Europe, Kawasaki may simply have decided that developement of a new 750 is not an efficient use of its resources. After all, the open class and 600s dominate street sportbike sales, not 750s (although, in a variation of the chicken and egg theme, 750s might sell better if there were more choices in the class).

For now, it appears Kawasaki will not be introducing a new 750 anytime soon. Instead, look for an open class machine from Kawasaki aimed at class leadership, and a newly designed 600, as well.

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