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Internet Moto Journalism: Too Much Information

Motorcycle web sites are like separate pages of a single magazine. Finding the same information on several pages of that magazine is boring, and even frustrating.

Internet content needs to be unique. Each page of this huge motorcycle magazine has to offer something new and interesting. That isn’t always easy, but it is largely necessary.

On the other hand, readers can become overwhelmed with information. Some web sites try to report the most minute, and even mundane details about this lifestyle and sport. At some point, the reader is overwhelmed and loses interest.

One site, in particular, focuses on road racing. Although its content is actually pretty good, sometimes the level of detail is almost absurd. I begin expecting reports like these: “Miguel Duhamel just sneezed exiting turn three . . .” or “Over in the Ducati pit, Ben Bostrom was just seen speaking with a small breasted woman.” While, on some level, reports like these are interesting, they certainly are not “newsworthy”. The real news gets lost in the garbage, or, worse, the whole thing starts to look like garbage.

MD will be cutting back on the level of detail in its race results reporting. We will bring you the main results, but refer you to other sites for details (other pages in this huge magazine). We want to bring you something unique and interesting — we won’t always succeed, but we will try.

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