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Cannondale Working Hard to Improve 2002 Dirt Bike Line-Up

Cannondale has had its share of start-up problems, but 2002 (its third year of operation as a motorcycle manufacturer) should see significant improvements in its two wheelers.

The innovative, reversed cylinder head engine is now 432cc (capacity was increased last year) and, in most models will have new fuel injection mapping from Optimum Power Technologies (a Cannondale partner) and a new, high-powered, programmable Sagem ECU. Along with a stronger clutch and a new throttle control system, Cannondale claims increased reliability, performance and drivability from its off-road engines.

Also, for increased performance, three of Cannondale’s four 2002 motorcycle models will have a new, larger air box for more power. The chassis improvements include higher radiator placement, lower seat height, raised foot pegs, lighter and narrower plastic, lighter frame spars and re-calibrated suspension systems.

Approximately one year ago, Cannondale indicated we could have a test unit. This was just prior to the development of some production problems, and our test never occurred. We certainly hope we get a chance to test at least one of the 2002 models.

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