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Preview: 2003 Honda VTX1300S

Honda is set to expand the VTX family to include a 1312cc, liquid-cooled, 52 degree, v-twin — the 2003 VTX1300S.

Did you ever think a 1312cc v-twin would be considered a “little brother”? Well, Honda is about to launch a little brother to its VTX1800. With the tremendous success of the VTX1800, Honda has decided to add a smaller, less expensive version, but still loaded with performance (performance likely to be on par with yesterday’s big-bore v-twins). The styling of the VTX1300S, shown here, is more “classic” than the original VTX. By the way, the VTX1800 will be joined in 2002 by a classically styled version, which looks similar to the 1300.

The 1300 has an interesting engine design involving off-set cylinders (off-set by 13.5mm, to be exact) intended, according to Honda, “to reduce piston fluctuation at the time of combustion chamber ignition, enhancing the strong feeling of each cylinder’s power stroke.” Honda claims this is the first time this technology has been used in a mass produced motorcycle. Honda is also claiming that the 1312cc engine puts out plenty of exciting power, despite being little brother to the monster 1800.

The “classic” styling is evident in the valanced fenders, tank-mounted instrumentation, floorboards, and other queues. These same styling elements can be found on a new 1800 classic, as noted above.

There was lots of news at the Honda dealer show (that I just arrived from), and we will bring you more information in the days to come. We had already previewed major Honda introductions, including the new Interceptor and ST1300 (which will be a 2003 model, released in the Summer of 2002), as well as the CBR954RR. Nevertheless, we now have all the details on these bikes and information on other new machines that were not revealed to the press in Europe. Stay tuned.

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