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Honda CR125R and CRF450R Receive Significant Changes for 2003

2003 CRF450R

Honda has announced details of its 2003 motocross models. As MD reported earlier, the Honda CR80R will be 85cc for 2003. Additionally, the CRF450R and CR125R receive significant changes.

The 2003 CR125R receives and all-new engine — addressing a weak point in the fine-handling 125 introduced by Honda last year. The 2002 CR125R was introduced with a new, third generation aluminum frame, and is the lightest 125 motocross machine available. It is also known for fine handling traits. Its weakness was engine performance — a significant problem for a 125cc motocross bike. Take a look here for details on all of the changes to the 2003 CR125R.

Honda’s big four-stroke motocrosser, the CRF450R, was introduced last year and immediately set a new standard for light weight in the class. Although the CRF450R won more than its share of motocross “shootouts” last year, Honda has made significant changes to this model for 2003, as well. Among those changes are ergomonic tweaks, including moving the handlebar forward 3mm and raising the seat position 7mm. To aid cornering and ground clearance, the swingarm pivot was raised 7mm versus the 2002 model. Rounding out changes to the ergonomics, Honda lengthened the shift lever 10mm.

Honda also made engine changes to the CRF450R for 2003, including new cam shaft timing and valve lift designed to improve low end power, and changes to the clutch damper. Take a look at this file for a summary of the 2003 CRF450R.

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