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Bimota Is Back, But It’s A New World

Behind new entrepreneurs, Bimota has resurfaced. Initially, it will sell the Suzuki TL-engined race replica that the former firm developed for Anthony Gobert (Gobert won a wet Phillip Island WSB round on the race version). The new direction for Bimota, however, will be to use Ducati engines, almost exclusively.

The Bimota heritage involves exotic chassis wrapped around other manufacturer’s (including, Japanese) production engines. Bimota made its mark by taking those engines and presenting them in a lighter, more “trick” package. That was certainly easier to do 15 or 20 years ago. It is much harder now.

With new aluminum casting techniques (which Bimota may, or may not, be able to employ itself), the Japanese manufacturers are creating lighter and stiffer production chassis – at lower production costs! They also offer virtually all engine configurations, including large capacity V-Twins formerly only found in Italian bikes.

So, the new Bimota has its work cut out for it. If it is to use Ducati engines exclusively in the long run, it will have to, in effect, produce a more exotic Ducati than Ducati itself. All at a price point that makes sense to consumers (although, admittedly, Bimota intends to remain a very small-volume manufacturer).

Nevertheless, we wish Bimota the best of luck, and are glad to see the marque back in production.

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