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125 East/West Shootout in Vegas: Stewart Versus the Western Four-Strokes

This Saturday evening in Las Vegas, Nevada, the final round of the AMA 250 Supercross championship series should result in Yamaha’s Chad Reed taking the crown. Perhaps, more interesting, will be the 125 East/West Shootout race.

Featuring the best riders from the Eastern and Western regions, Eastern champ James Stewart will be the favorite on his Kawasaki 125cc two-stroke. He will face more competition than he has all year, particularly from Western Region champ Ivan Tedesco (on a Kawasaki four-stroke) and from Nathan Ramsey (on a Honda four-stroke).

Stewart is not only the favorite, he is virtually the last of the top riders to compete on a 125cc two-stroke in AMA Supercross competition. Stewart is the only rider to win an AMA 125cc-class race this year on a two stroke. Other riders finishing at or near the front have predominantly been aboard four-strokes. If Stewart can dominate all of these fine, four-stroke pilots during the shootout, it says something about Stewart and the competitiveness of 125cc two strokes, both.

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