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Honda VTX Performance Cruiser Concept Displayed at Rockefeller Center

Here are some photos of a VTX-based concept cruiser (known as “Concept 1”) which was recently displayed at the Rockefeller Center in New York. The bike appears to be a “power cruiser”-style design, and has some interesting features, including a Rune-style fork and a rear wheel with no axle (check out the last picture).

Will Honda produce this bike? It depends on the public response, but remember how quickly the Rune was moved from concept to production once Honda saw how popular it was. If the concept does make it to production, expect it to lose the unique rear hub design and some of the CNC-machined parts. Email your thoughts to us about this power cruiser concept. Here is some of Honda’s info about the bike:

Concept vehicle: design study of a Performance Cruiser
Designed by HRA (Honda Research Americas) in Torrance Ca.
Satellite office of Honda R & D
Purpose: to create a study model to explore future directions and styling trends

Vehicle characteristics

  • Based on a VTX1800 motor
  • Custom billet engine cases
  • Chain drive
  • 2 into 2 exhaust with upswept carbon fiber mufflers One on each side
  • Dual curved “road race” style radiators
  • Trailing link front suspension Milled from billet aluminum
  • Dual shocks mounted behind the integrated headlight
  • Billet swing arm w/ inboard rear shock
  • Split hub rear wheel with custom offset spoke design
  • Front & rear wheels are machined from billet aluminum
  • 240/40-18 rear tire
  • Solo seat with separate back support pad
  • Angular shaped tank is sculpted for leg clearance
  • Carbon fiber tank cover houses the digital speedometer
  • Analog tachometer is fared into the headlight
  • Upswept angular rear cowl houses the LED tail light
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