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Honda Auto Technology Coming to Motorcycles

One of the engineering advantages Honda has in the motorcycle business comes from its involvement in the automobile industry. With fuel efficiency a more pressing issue in the automotive arena, Honda has developed many four-stroke technologies to increase the efficiency of its engines. We’ve already seen fuel injection technology and variable valve actuation (Honda uses the acronym VTEC) move from Honda automobiles to Honda motorcycles. What will we see next?

Eventually, we could expect much of Honda’s efforts in the automotive arena to reduce emissions and increase fuel economy to benefit motorcycles. Variable engine displacement (through deactivation of cylinders), hybrid technology, and alternative fuel technology are all candidates for future motorcycle use. Innovative transmission technology (including something similar to Volkswagen’s DSG) may also be in the cards.

As gas prices continue to rise here in the U.S., motorcycle fuel efficiency will become more important to Americans. Honda will have some advantages in meeting the goal of increased efficiency without diminished performance.

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